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    Which Gpu and 27 inch monitor?

    I own the Dell S2716DG and an EVGA 980 SC ATM. For all of those TN haters, this monitor actually looks pretty good compared to my Dell U2515H. Sure the blacks aren't as true but for a TN, it's damn good. Playing Overwatch lately at 1440p/100(ish) and loving it. OP - I say go for a 1070 for the...
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    Asus Strix RX 480 preorders are open on Amazon.

    $300 for a RX 480?? Hard to compete with the 1060 at that price point.
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    Kaby Lake finalized, shipping to OEMs

    Me too. Been waiting to pull the trigger on a new GPU with Kaby Lake around. Going for a whole new build once we get some news on the 1080 Ti.
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    EVGA 1070 FTW or Gigabyte G1 1070

    I assume he means rebate. EVGA has top notch support, I buy all my PSUs and GPUs from them. My only gripe with the 10 series is the hideous design on the 1070/1080 but to each their own.
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    Benchmarks Titan X (Pascal)

    Looking forward to seeing the OC/Temps under a custom loop. The temptation is strong but I'm waiting to see what the 1080 Ti will deliver.
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    NVIDIA Announces The New Titan X

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    NVIDIA Announces The New Titan X

    This is too good lol.
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    GTX 1080 boost clock stuck at low speeds after PC has been on for a while

    Something similar happened to me recently when messing with my EVGA 980 SC through Precision X. I just reset my OC profile then reset my computer. Worked out for me.
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    AMD Launches RX 470 and RX 460 – Starting at $149 and $99

    Agreed. SFF with blower style cooler is ideal for HTPC builds.
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    1070 or 980ti?

    If you're not opposed to buying used a 980 Ti could be a better buy. I've seen them go as low as $325.
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    GTX 1080 ..... is SLI useless at 1080p?

    Definitely overkill.
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    Im stuck with Freesync and it sucks....suggestions?

    To put this simply. Sounds like you'll either have to wait for Vega or sell your monitor. Kinda shitty that a monitor purchase ties you to NVIDIA/AMD but that's the way it is.
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    What GPU maker has the best RMA policy?

    I've dealt with EVGA a few times and they've been stellar. I've also heard good things about MSI.
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    650w PSU good enough for a 980 Ti?

    I find that PCPartPicker's estimates are pretty solid. I usually take that and add about +150w for overclocking, to be safe.
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    650w PSU good enough for a 980 Ti?

    I currently have an EVGA P2 650w PSU. Would I be pushing it with a EVGA 980 Ti SC? Will I still have room for overclocking? I'll be pairing it with either an i7-4770k or i5-4670k, haven't decided. Not too knowledgeable with PSU's so some advice/reassurance would be helpful. Here are my specs...
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    I just bought a 980ti

    Killer deal, congrats OP. I'm still bummed for missing out on this same card from a guy on Craigslist. Was selling it for $450.
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    PlayStation VR on PC?

    Although I'd love to have a VR system I can use with my PS4 and PC, I highly doubt it'll come to PC either. However, this is a totally different scenario for Sony. Only time will tell.
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    what is the best power supply brand?

    PCMR posted a pretty good info-graphic last year. I'm all for EVGA. I own a 1000w and 650w P2's. Silent mode on them is awesome too. Plus they offer 10 year warranties.
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    NZXT Manta Mini-ITX Case Review

    It looks nice but I'd prefer to keep my Corsair 250D.
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    390x or 980 gtx?

    The only reason to go for a 980 is if you find solid deal on a used one. Otherwise, the 390x seems like the better investment right now.
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    SAMSUNG 850 EVO 2.5" 500GB - $109.99 ($134.99-$25 with CODE: CSPRING25OFF125)

    I ended up picking up the 1TB version. Ended up totaling $257.59. Either way, both versions are price very, very well.
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    EVGA 980 TI FTW w/Backplate - $609.99 (after $ 20 MIR)

    EVGA 980 TI FTW w/Backplate - $609.99 Pretty solid deal here. Free copy of The Division as well.
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    Is G-Sync worth it?

    I ended up doing this over the weekend. I cranked RotTR to max and I definitely noticed G-Sync kicking in. I did have the Steam fps counter on but those drops to 40ps were unoticable. Looks like I'm not a weirdo afterall :)
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    EVGA 980 Ti Classified - $591.99 (After $20 MIR, $68 Rebate code EMCEHFM22)

    The "visual differences" everyone is reffering to is because this 980 Ti has the ACX 1.0 cooler, not the 2.0 cooler. And as far as I know, this does not include the backplate.
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    Is G-Sync worth it?

    There was an option in the NVIDIA Control Panel to allow G-Sync in windowed mode. Thought I was covered. I'll try your suggestions and see if it makes a difference. Thanks.
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    Is G-Sync worth it?

    I bought mine for $510 from Newegg last week. My previous monitor was a Dell U2515H (IPS, 1440p) and the S2716SG isn't that bad for being a TN panel. I don't really notice the antiglare coating but perhaps I'm just used to it. Well I thought about it and it's hard to put into words. I think...
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    Is G-Sync worth it?

    I'm interested in hearing from other about their opinion on G-Sync. After long debate, I decided to pick up one for myself and I must say my first impressions aren't that great. I know I have everything enabled in the control panel but it just doesn't seem to be the high level upgrade I was...
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    warm? Samsung EVO 850 ~$139.99 shipped

    Definitely warm.
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    ITX help with Graphics Card

    Just from taking a quick look it doesn't look like the Hybrid has much room in that case. Maybe the front 120mm fan slot. Did you already make a move on this? Post is a bit old.
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    Looking for some Nvidia help

    Well the nice thing about G-Sync is that it actually helps with the FPS drops that running games at 1440p/144hz will create. Depending on what games you play, you might not even need a 980 Ti. I would look a used 980 or 970 to hold you over until Pascall comes out. You can easily find a used...
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    Fractal Design Define S Window Mid-Tower Chassis @ [H]

    Love the 2.5 and 3.5 mounting options but would like to see a PSU shroud/cover. I can't be the only one who likes to hide their PSU.
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    DOOM Minimum And Recommended PC Specs

    Looks like my 4GB 770 will do just fine. Seems that the 970 is becoming a popular recommended card for AAA releases these days for NVIDIA.
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    Need PSU replacement on a budget. 600-800w, bottom mounted, modular, quiet.

    I currently have a 1000w P2 in my current build and it's pretty quiet. The fans only kick on when needed. The cables are very nice as well. All braided, black cables.
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    Corsair TX750w(v1) to EVGA Supernova P2 650w? Any point?

    I just bought the Supernova P2 650 from NCIX. I see you're in Canada so it'll obviously cost a bit more but mine will come out to $78.98 after shipping and MIR. Great price for a 650w platinum rated PSU, especially from a top tier brand like EVGA.
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    Need PSU replacement on a budget. 600-800w, bottom mounted, modular, quiet.

    EVGA all the way for me. I just bought the EVGA SUPERNOVA 650 P2 from NCIX. It comes out to $78.98 with shipping and $20 MIR. JonnyGURU Review
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    Going from a 780 to either a 970 or 390x need advice.

    Newegg has the XFX R9 390X for $340 after MIR right now.
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    Sandisk Ultra II 960 SSD $199.99 @ Amazon

    Mushkin just had their 1TB SSD for $210 but this is still a solid deal. Similar read/write speeds too.
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    (03/18 - Deal dead) MicroCenter i7-6700K $314.15 (3 days starting 03/14/2016) Pi Day Sale

    Definitely a good deal. the 6700k is usually $350 at Microcenter.
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    Zen hype getting over the hill now

    I don't know what to think.
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    Sli gtx 770, what's it worth?

    I have SLI 4GB 770's. Also have 16GB DDR3 2400 and an i7-4770k. Some benchmarks below.. Bioshock Infinite: DX11, DOF, Max settings @ 1440p - 102fps avg Shadow of Mordor: Max settings (no HD texture pack) @ 1440p - 78.53 avg Firestrike - 11586 These cards have been pretty great in SLI but that...