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    price per gig.

    Is 44 cents a gig for a ssd drive a good price? (crucial mx100). Generally what should I expect to pay for a decent ssd in the 512 gig sizing?
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    bose alternative

    My wife is interested in getting these Bose AE2W bluetooth headphones, but I'd like something without a $300.00 pricetag, what are good cheaper alternatives?
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    xp from desktop to laptop

    If I no longer use my old computer that has windows XP home retail on it, can I install it on my wife's laptop?
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    What is the best alternative to an ipad? My wife was thinking of getting this: Apple iPad with Retina Display (4th Generation) 32GB, but she's not so sure anymore. (Because supposedly its the best, but maybe the best is too expensive if she's not going to use all of its features).
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    what is this?

    Was playing some FC3 last night and noticed these lines in the lower right corner of the screen, figured it was a graphical glitch in the game. The lines are still there today. I'm running a 3570k processor, asus maximus gene IV mobo, asus 7950 card with 3 gig vram. Non-overclocked system...
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    sata cables?

    I want to purchase non-angled sata 3 cables but I don't know which are good quality. The choices from my vendor are: 3WARE ACP Bytecc Elite Silverstone StarTech Vantec Velocity
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    AMD video card game promo

    Wondering if many people have had problems getting their game codes to work with steam.
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    web browsers

    IE 9 or chrome? which is generally better? is 9 more unsafe?
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    which win 7 updates?

    Just installed Win 7 with service pack one, there is 107 available , which ones do I actually need?
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    alternate drivers

    What are your suggested alternate (latest build) AMD drivers and why do you like them?
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    new parts

    Putting together a new computer, what order should I follow when installing OS,bIOS, software and firmware updates?
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    sapphire 7950 cards

    I'm looking through their website on amd 7950 cards and I'm confused on the order in which it goes from reference to top of the line, looks all mixed up to me. Can somone shed some light on this?
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    gaming machine

    1. What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, Web browsing, others less important, I don't Photoshop, but I don't plan to upgrade within 5 years. 2. Will you be overclocking? Later when I have time. 3. What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included in this budget? Is your budget...
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    660ti or 7950

    Cool and efficient 660ti non-reference or ati 7950? I only game at 1920 x 1080.
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    what's a good price for ssd's per gig?

    70 cents per gig OK, or should I wait for Black Friday?
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    excellent matx boards?

    Are there any boards similar to Asus Maximus V GENE Socket 1155 Intel Z77 in a micro-atx format?
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    Phenom II X4

    Would I be crazy to build an AMD AM3(+?) system since prices are good on phenom II x4 cpu's, and if so which should I go with?
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    Which ram combo?

    For an intel z77 board ram slots, what is better for 16 GB, 4 x 4 or 8 x 2?
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    when buying parts..

    What is the best time of year for discounts on computer parts?
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    flash player choppy.

    YouTube and related style video players are choppy while in full-screen mode if I'm using Chrome, but I've noticed its fine in Internet Explorer 8. Netflix is not affected. What's going on?
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    'nother barebones

    How good is this system?
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    'nother barebones

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    'nother barebones

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    error reporting for ati

    How do i find the vpu error report that would be sent to ATI/AMD in the event of a major error?
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    agp voltage

    The agp voltage in the bios, when would one change it? Options are 1.5V and up
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    space sims

    Are there any other space sims/space games that are similiar to Freelancer or Black Prophecy? Any mmo types out there?
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    Unknown High cpu usage?

    Just idling my CPU usage is hovering between 50 and 80%, opening task manager doesn't show which process is using that much. there are a few little programs such as Google sidebar using around 4%. Is there a reliable way to figure out what is using so much CPU?
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    ati driver removaltool

    can't find it on amd's website, anyone have a link?
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    HIS hd 4670 agp

    I have this: HIS HD 4670 IceQ Native HDMI 1GB, driver disc that came with the card has xp 8.65 drivers on it, a little dated. For those with this card, which are the best drivers (don't have to be official ati) that work?
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    300 bucks barebones

    Tiger Direct has a hot buy, wish I had waited before upgrading my system.
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    Old Asus board and 64 bit athlon ?

    I have a Asus K8V basic mobo, 754 pin, will a mobile 4000+ (Newark @2.6 Ghz, these had 1024 L2 cache) work in this board?
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    need help choosing ddr1 ram

    these are my options: RAM : DDR : 1GB : PC3200 : Patriot : PSD1G400 or: RAM : DDR : 1GB : PC3200 : Corsair : VS1GB400C3 would like to get 2 or 3 of each.
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    Oblivion and combat

    What graphical variables with video cards affect FPS in combat? For example just wandering around I'll do 24 to 30 FPS, but get into combat drops to 12 (at night). I have shadows shut off, settings such as objects and trees are at about 25% AA at 2X, my resolution is at 1200 x 800 widescreen.
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    speedfan in bootup

    I have speedfan 4.43 configured for my setup, I have cpu, ram and system show up on my taskbar when I bootup windows xp. the settings saved but I have these additional windows on my desktop also. One is a system information window (NFO), and the other three are speedfan related *.cfg files...
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    ps3 external hdd

    Would like to backup my 120 gig PS3 on an external harddrive, it would have to be USB(?) and I'd like another to use as movies/music. Any recommendations for reliable ones? Size doesn't matter as capacity is cheap.
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    winxp sp3 + .net frameworks?

    I had a corrupted file system so I reinstalled winxp sp3, doing all required updates and last thing on the list is .NET framework. I'd like to know what is included with sp3 (if any) and if anything is required for general/gaming use which should I have installed before I back up system drive...
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    754 pin cpu overheating

    quote from another site: "A CPU that overheats even if all fans are working (and assuming all cleaning, location and environmental temperature recommendations have been met) could need new thermal compound between its heat sink and processor. This eventually happens in all machines as the...
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    GHost 14.0

    I want to make a backup of Elder Scrolls Oblivion, it is the only game installed on my main hard-drive. Would it be enough to backup the My Documents\My Games\Oblivion folder in Windows XP?
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    as the title says, is 5 mbps enough for general gaming?
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    critique my build?

    1. What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming, Web browsing, 2. What's your budget? Around 2000 canadian 3. Where do you live? middle of nowhere, I usually order from 4. What exact parts do you need for that budget? it would be a new build, the parts I do have are from...