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  1. F Has good deals on EasyStores - are they legit?
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    $1700 investment already borked after 1 day? eyefinity fails

    So I was running arkham city last night fine on my xfx 7970. 1080p eyefinity landscape @ 120hz. 2 BenQ XL2420T by mini-DP to DP and 1 Samsung S23A700 by dual-link DVI. I leave my computer on over-night and I wake up and the left BenQ screen looks borked, and the eyefinity group appears...
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    CRT Dead.. LG w2363d is really my only choice?

    So the LG w2363d appears to be the only 120hz monitor with 100% verified <4ms input lag. Unfortunately you all say the PQ/colors are awful. Problem is there is no other monitor that does what a CRT can in terms of response and lag. So it looks like I'm stuck with buying this until something...
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    Best Buy "selling at a loss" but it's not even in stock??

    So I went to Best Buy with my friends to help them buy a TV, specifically they wanted a Samsung d7000 LED. Best Buy had a pretty damn good price on the UN55d7000 ($1799) (~50 more than Amazon). I tried to get them to price match anyways and they said they don't match online retailers. We...
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    Another Office Build

    Need two computers for a family member's office 1) What will you be doing with this PC? Gaming? Photoshop? Web browsing? etc word processing and web browsing 2) What's your budget? Are tax and shipping included? around 300-425 each including tax and ship, not including monitors 3) Where do you...
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    Bing Replacement?

    Now that BingCB is gone is there anything similar to it I should try?
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    Alien Breed Impact -2pack

    I've been curious about this game because I like challenging games but I can't find a single review. Was wondering if anyone had an opinion or wanted to go in on a 2pack with me. (11.24 each) EDIT DAMNIT I meant to put this in hot deals discussion I could of sworn I was in that sub-section.
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    Critic My Office Computer Build Plan

    Building a computer for aunt's office All they will be using it for is corel wordperfect, the internet, and "funny videos" they e-mail each other. But they want it fast, no hiccups. Budget is ~$500 after shipping & tax > including monitor but NOT including mouse, keyboard, OS. Office is in...
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    Help me decide between these two laptops

    Buying this for my sister. The most important differences between the two: HD 4650 ; Vista ; 2 year warranty; T6400; 8-cell battery; $710 VS Intel Graphics 4500MHD; Windows 7; 1 year warranty; T6600; 6-cell battery; $640 She doesn't PC game much but she MIGHT...
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    Need Mid-Range Receiver Advice ~Help!

    EDIT ~ THANKS I MADE MY PURCHASE I have a ps3 and a Samsung ln52A550 (52" LCD) (Both recently purchased) The speakers on the TV just don't cut it; sometimes I plug-in my Sennheiser 595 headphones just so I can hear people speaking more clearly in movies. I was originally just going to go with...
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    Sound Card Noob Question

    Are there half-decent sound cards that can be placed in PCI-E x16 slots? The only reason I haven't bought a UD3P mobo yet is I need a slot for a wireless card and a slot for the sound card. After I place my cooling system I will only have one PCI slot left as well as the other PCI-E slot...
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    Arctic Accelero Twin Turbo - space issues

    I want this thing for my 4870, but it looks like it will render only one PCI slot usable on a gigabyte GA-EP45-UD3P - can any1 confirm this? I would get the UD3R instead, but newegg is being retarded and selling the UD3P for $5 cheaper with the promo code and is offering free shipping only on...
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    Why is every1 selling their Velociraptors?

    These seem to be great drives. Yet they also seem to be one of the, if not the most common item found in the Trade/For sale section. Am I missing something?
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    Can I cram it?

    I'm getting an HD 4870 1gb and putting the artic twin turbo on it. Eventually I may want to double up on this and crossfire. Will 2 hd 4870's with artic twin turbos fit on either a P5Q-Pro or EP45-UD3P? Inside an antec 300 with 2 HDs in it? Just need one pci slot to survive
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    1 VRaptor - Best Solution For Gamers?

    Based on what I've read on these forums, I want to see if I've reached the right conclusion. conditions: primary system performance concern is gaming (loading game, loading maps) rarely perform video editing and such high end of 'bang for buck' (nice system, but no throwing away money)...