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    ACEPC Compute Sticks?

    Has anyone here used any of these? I have a number of VIVOSticks deployed that are rotating out and it seems ASUS has not stayed in this market. So, looking for a replacement. The specs of some of the ACEPC ones are what I am looking for but obviously less than Intel's offerings. So, I'm sure...
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    Tesla Model S "Spontaneously" Erupts

    It seems a Tesla Model S was having a day much like any other six year old and just randomly melted down yesterday in a Shanghai parking garage. While Tesla fires have happened before, this fire also took out the Audi parked next to it thereby preempting it from self-immolating as well...
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    New Office Desk (Budget less than 10K)

    I would usually post this in GenMay but, since we have a new forum, here goes. Looking for a new two person desk (side by side) and a depth of no more than 27 inches (adjustable height would be nice and some sort of built in wire management). Similar to attached photo, but of course less...
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    New PC Power and Cooling Units...Now with 140mm Fans!,2531-2.html
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    XFX XXX 650W/PC Power & Cooling Silencer 610 :eek: Well I guess we see where Seasonic is selling these off to now that PC Power isn't selling this particular Seasonic model anymore and claiming it as their own.
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    Windows Home Server Install Issue

    So I finally got around to trying WHS that I have had siting here forever. Right out of the box the install fails. Sigh. Anyway, the main culprits for the failure I have found are Disc not in drive after second reboot (it was), and not enough hard drive space (there was). So any ideas on a...
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    BFG ES-800 $69.99 after MIR ($109.99 w/o MIR) and Free Shipping

    These have been on and off of deals at Newegg the last couple of months but as far as Iknow this is the lowest price yet. Get them while they last. Deal: Review...
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    Corsair 2GB DDR2-800 $9.99 AR/Coupon+Tax or $19.99AR+Shipping

    Screw it. Since Golden Tiger and PC User have problems with rebates I am deleting this Deal.
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    Powercinema is unable to detect DVD-Rom or DVD Error

    So powercinema has decided to start throwing up this error message "powercinema is unable to detect dvd-rom or dvd......". Which I wouldn't care too much about since I don't use the DVD-Rom on the HTPC to watch movies, the problem is this interupts EVERY aspect of power cinema after being on...
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    Looking for Half Height Wireless PCI Adapter

    I am looking for a half height wireless PCI adpter for a thin desktop so I really need the half height back as well. Anyone got a favorite? This is not for a critical system so cheap works.
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    BFG ES-800 Power Supply $99.99 after MIR Free Shipping

    Newegg has the BFG ES-800 800w power supply for $99.99 after MIR (rebate good through 10/31) with free 3 day shipping here: Review here:
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    BFG ES-800 800w PSU $129.99 After MIR

    Link: Review:
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    OCZ ProXStream 1000w $99 After MIR at ZZF

    Deal here: Review here:
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    ITC has Opened Investigation into Ultra Patent Complaint

    It seems that the ITC has seen fit to open an investigation into Ultra's patent infringement complaint in regards to at least: Aerocool Advanced Technologies Corporation of Taiwan; Langears, Inc., d/b/a Aerocool US of Fremont, CA; Andyson International Co., Ltd., of Taiwan; Atng Power Co...
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    Ultra Attempting to Enforce Modular Patent

    This was posted over at last night but it appears Ultra is attempting to enforce their modular patent finally: link:
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    Accessing Setup Menu Toshiba HD-A30

    Ok dumb question time....anyone know how to access the Setup menu on the HD-A30? When I turned it on the menu never showed although the display said it was displaying the menu....after a while it just skipped to ready. This was over component using the optical audio out. The unit auto detects my...
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    Why Capacitor Selection and Cooling Matter

    This particular power supply just came out service due to bad caps as can be seen by the two leaking and the three bulging caps which have all failed on the DC side. The unit tests dead on all rails. These are/were Fuhjyyu capacitors from a lightly used PC that had been in service for about 2...
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    AT Article Predicts SoundCards Demise?

    I didn't see this posted here so forgive me if it is somewhere but when I read this page in the article about Creative at AT it certianly made me think that calling soundcards dead may be a bit Monty Python'esque. This obviously is not my...
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    Ultra Carbon Fiber Case

    This popped up yesterday...and I didn't see it mentioned with a quick search:
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    Gigabyte RMA Dept

  21. [Spectre]

    NVIDIA GeForce 8800GTX Power Consumption-Whole System

    Radeon X1950 XTX Idle 184 watts Load 308 watts GeForce 8800GTX Idle 229 watts Load 321 watts A 13w delta isn't to massive. ________________________________________________________________
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    SilverStone 400W ST40EF Review At Techgage

    Looks like someone has gotten a loadtester :D
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    May Finally Get Some Boxen Back Up!

    So after an afternoon of work the first part of the rejuvinated network are in place and I am testing: Next week I will move in the UPS's, other switches, and the clients....then do some actual wire management.
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    Looking for Image: Rod of Asclepius

    So in all of my pics nowhere do I have a high res version of the Rod of Asclepius. Does anyone have one by chance that I could use for a template for a laptop paint job?
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    Cisco IAD 2421

    Seems Cisco has EOL'd this little bugger (along with support I believe) and I am looking at inheriting one here in a bit :rolleyes: Anyone know of a place that I can grab some documentation on it? Cisco's site is been not so great. Thanks.
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    Sharp MP30 or Other ~3lb SubNote/Ultraportable

    Currently we have a mm20 and an MP30. Now both have been discontinued by Sharp and I am in need of another subnote/ultraportable in the ~3lb range. So anyone know where I could find someone still selling the MP30 for close to what it retailed for new (1600 not the one place I found trying to...
  27. [Spectre]

    Client Side Software to Backup/Send Files to Network Drive

    So I am looking for a client side windows piece of software that can be scheduled to backup/copy/send data from a field laptop directly to a mapped network drive. Ideally the software would do it whenever the laptop was reconnected to the network drive. I know there is probably something...
  28. [Spectre]

    WGA=Windows Kill Switch? If true that is not a pretty thought.
  29. [Spectre]

    Upgrade Your UPS With Car Batteries (an expansion on DIY UPS)

    From the front page and Dan's data
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    Corsair to Rebrand PSU's

    Found this little link over at jonny's place
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    New SuperFlower Modular Supply

    From the front page jonny....did you see this? Lovely 14cm fan again it looks like. :D
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    VIA DP-310

    Anyone know where these can be found in retail? I may be blind but I don't find anything with a quick google search.
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    Running 2 Powers Supplies at Once

    or another commercial method Remote/Secondary Power Supply Starter Cable
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    DFI PSU Issues

    When using a DFI baord the first thing one should looks at for the problem should be the motherboard/RAM. DFI makes boards that violate spec....which is why overclockers like them....but the spec's exist for a this is also why you see so many problems with DFI boards and DFI boards...
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    30 P3's in the FS/FT Forum

    Not my for sale thread....but it may be of interest:
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    Active PFC and a UPS

    Thanks to Ice Czar UPS Nonlinear Loads Most end users are oblivious to the problems encountered when an online UPS interacts with nonlinear load, such as a switchmode power supply. Fig. 3, on page 42, illustrates the...
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    UPS/SurgeProtector FAQ/Information

    Under Construction I will be working on this over next week or two. if anyone has any constructive info or questions that need addressing let me know. Right now this is just being roughed out. UPS Basics UPS Definitions Types of UPS (Topology) What is inside your typical cheap UPS? The...
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    Resolution over Component Out Changes Upon Reboot

    Many apologies if this has been asked but my brief search did not yeild the answer to my question. I have been having a problem with my HTPC "losing" it's custom HDTV resolution when it reboots. The videocard is a Visiontek x800 128mb PCIExpress using the component output and the resolution...
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    PSU Buying Guide (Consolidation of Previous Stickys) Includes PSU Calculator

    Many of your basic questions about basic PSU sizing, features, brands can be found in the following links: How to Buy a PSU Includes PSU Calculator (Many Thanks to Ice Czar who started and previously maintained this thread) PSU's to Avoid (As compiled by davidhammock)