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    Freesync + fixed refresh on same card

    Dumb question, but is this possible? As in one monitor is Freesync and the other is fixed at 60. Card is GTX1080.
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    CPU upgrade from E6400?

    Specs on existing box in sig. Would it be worthwhile to pick up a newer CPU? Thinking primarily Q9450 or 9550. Most strenuous thing it does is gaming. BC2 is the thing that hits it hardest CPU wise. Opinions please?
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    Giagabyte GA-EP45-UD3LR

    Have one of these on the way to replace a P965 S3 that decided to go into the endless reboot thing. Any opinions on this board?
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    Am I SOL for Vista on Inspiron 4150?

    On the above laptop, the compatability tool calls out my RadeonM 7500 as not having a driver. I have searched hi and lo, and not found anything that is both Vista and that vid card. Anyone have any ideas on this, or do I just need to leave it at XP? Nick
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    XP 32 / 64 and Conroe OC

    I noticed in the OC database that no one was running 64 bit XP-is there areason for that? Does 64 not overclock as stabley? (25) You are allowed one signature per post. A signature section is supplied for that usage. No one wants to see your name on your posts multiple times as it is annoying.