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    Intel i7-3770k $159.99 on eBay I'm not sure about the rules on this, but I figured this was a good community to share it with. It appears to be a shop that parts out PCs and sells the parts. I've been looking for...
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    Newcomer with HD650 + Modi2 + Magni3

    I'm pretty new to this; I finally decided to dabble with a decent set of cans and I managed to grab a set of HD650s in the recent Massdrop order for December, and I grabbed the Magni 3 / Modi 2 Schiit Stack to go with it. Mostly I'm looking for anything obvious to do/look out for. So far, it...
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    Safe Voltages for 2500K?

    So I've been out of the loop for quite a while. I've been looking around at my current options for LGA 1155, and it appears I could go 2600K or 3770K for an upgrade, though the latter costs $150-200 or so. Best I can tell, the 2500K is worth like $75 now if I can find a buyer for it. Any...
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    Folding Setup Question

    Here are my current stats: (Note: currently down!) So a little background. I folded for a good long time, and at some point, just fell out of it (mostly because I just stopped maintaining instances and didn't run as many...
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    Grandfather Passed

    Hey guys, I just wanted a quickly share a little bit of why I've gotten back into crunching numbers for the [H]orde. Around the time there was a push to oust the #1 team and take the spot, my grandfather's cancer came back. About a year ago, he was diagnosed with colon cancer and had it...
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    Warm: Crucial M4 128GB - $185 Shipped $185 shipped from the egg. :) This is the lowest price I've seen on what I consider one of the best (if not the best) SSD on the market. It's not the cheapest per GB for SATA III SSD, but for this model of drive, this is the best...
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    First Home Theater Setup - Need Help

    I recently received the Sony DAV-DZ170 setup from my girlfriend for Christmas. :) It's a great stereo and I am loving the improvement over the built in speakers on my Samsung LN52B630N (full model # is LN52B630N1FXZA). Even better, the DAV-DZ170 supports optical audio input and my TV supports...
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    Warm: eVGA 560 Ti 448 core FTW: $279 Shipped NewEgg

    Promo code: EMCJHKB24 Lowest price I've seen for this series of card, and the FTW has the highest stock clocks of any series at this price. A decent deal considering. :)
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    nVidia 600 Series Launched

    ...sadly, nothing too exciting here, just like AMD;
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    [WARM] ModNation Racers for PS3 - $26.99

    Free shipping with prime, not sure about it without. Probably one of the best games to have for "local multiplayer" with friends on the PS3. :) Played it a week or so ago and had a blast at a friend's house. Getting it to add...
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    Free s754 3200+

    Figured I'd post here if anyone could use this before posting it in a global free thread or putting it for 99 cents on eBay or something. :) If you can use this, let me know via PM and I'll happily send this your way for the cost of shipping. If you live in or near San Antonio, free pickup...
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    Spirit Jailbreak Released Jailbreaks pretty much everything out right now, including the iPad. :) 3.1.2/3.1.3/3.2 iPhone OS, and it allows untethered jailbreaking of new iPhone 3GSes and iPod Touches. And the iPad, obviously.
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    PM Pop Up

    Is there any reason this doesn't work? If you are browsing the forums when you receive a new private message, the system can pop-up a notification box informing you of the new message. Show New Private Message Notification Pop-up There's a check box to enable/disable this, and it used to...
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    Sound Card Question

    Okay, so I consider myself rather acute in hearing differences in audio. I use the phrase audiophile loosely, but when it comes to hardcore decisions and following stuff, no, definitely not there. As long as I'm 80-90% of the way there, I'm cool. I do appreciate clear sound though, but minute...
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    blackra1n released

    Posting since no one else has yet. :) geohot released a jailbreak for anything running iPhone OS 3.1.2 (pretty sure it works on 3.1 as well): For those that need it, enjoy. :)
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    Different Text Sizes? A bit confused how the domain/sub-domain have different text settings. :confused:
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    VCP 410 is no joke.

    Just took the test today and failed sadly. :( Score of 250 outta the required 300. It could be worse, but it still sucks not getting it the 1st time. Mainly due to storage types and such being out of my scope (haven't worked with them much) and the lab given for testing had local data stores...
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    iPhone 3G S Security Hole

    Just posted this up on my blog and submitted to other blogs, figured I'd share here since I know there's a good # of 3GS users in here: For those who don't want to click, I'll copy/pasta. "I just noticed something today when using my iPhone 3G S. I was...
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    Saw this and thought I'd share...

    :D Not sure what it's for, but I saw that and was like "Man, I should take a pic of this and post it up on [H]", so I did haha. I was going to post this in the funniest pics ever thread in GenMay, but yeah, I don't think they'd appreciate it nearly as much. :cool:
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    iPhone cover ideas?

    I know I'll be getting a cover of some variety for my iPhone (getting my 3G S tomorrow, wooo!). That said, I want to protect the back part (glass I don't care about, it's designed to be tough). I see lots of rubber covers, and initially, I wanted something like this...
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    [H] Mobile Smiley Issue

    Not sure if anyone else is seeing this, but I do. Phone: Treo 700wx Windows: XP-based ver (not sure off the top, not the latest) Basically, when ANY smiley is rendered (such as :D :) ;) and so on) it adds the following after it (without the dots) :.-.) Basically, a normal smiley in text...
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    [H] Title Bar Icon

    Just thought I'd say the Red [H] icon for the URL bar is back to the stock vBulletin blue V. I miss the [H]. =(
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    PM Stuck As Unread

    Not sure what's up, I got a PM today and I read it, but now my welcome box on the top right says Unread 1, Total xxx. I've re-opened it like 10 times, I've checked the box and clicked Mark As Read, nothing works. Not sure if this is a glitch or if you guys were working on something. Dunno.
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    FREE: s478 Pentium4 2.4GHz Proc

    I've had this processor laying around for a good while now. I was going to use it with a mobo I ordered online that I got shafted on (PayPal got me my money back though), but since I never got the mobo, I never put it to use. So here it has sat for probably a good two years. It's kinda old...
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    Great Gaming Non-TN 24" LCD?

    Okay, so, I've decided it's time to upgrade my LCD from a 19" Sony X-Brite 1280x1024 LCD to something, well, widescreen. :p I'm not bias on company, I just want something good. For reference, here's what I'm packing now:
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    Some Actual Barcelona Benchmarks

    Well, I posted these over on another forum, but I might as well toss them here since I don't see anyone else posting any. :) Take note that this system is running in Single Channel, DDR2-533. The single channel mode is being reported in CPU-Z, so I'm assuming it's correct. The memory is clocked...
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    Penryn Benchmarks

    Just figured I'd share. :)
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    HardFolding Website Error?

    Well, it's not so much an error as much as it is a misconfiguration of sorts. If you go there and click on my threat/attack list: It takes me to 201-400, when I'm...
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    Question About Windows SMP

    Okay, I could/should research this, but since I have one of those new fangled full time jobs, it'll be much easier to just post the question and check back later. :p From what I understand, the SMP client pushes out far better PPD than two instances of normal F@H. I'm also under the assumption...
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    Anyone else have one of these? I assume this was someone who attempted to fold for me and either typo'd and I fixed it, or did it for a week or two and quit. Anyone else find something like this under their username?
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    So I lost a 3000+ Folder...

    ...but I got this instead! :D Yeah, dual 2800+'s over a single 3000+ is definately a win. Oh, and I just noticed I dumped a unit somewhere that was over 1,000 points! :eek: 10am 02-26 1,161 1 Insane.
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    Huh? Note the 0 point 1 WU? Does that mean I got an early end somewhere? I'm going to investigate all of the computers I have setup, but I recall someone on these forums being able to look up what box threw that error, hardware wise. :( Don't wanna...
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    Strange Problems With Tyan Dually 2200+ Rig

    I've had this issue with my system for awhile, but I'm not entirely sure what is to blame. I have a fileserver setup with the follow components 2x AthlonMP 2200+ (XP modded MP) Tyan TigerMP s2460 4x256MB PC2100 ECC/Registered 3ware 7506-4LP running RAID-5 4x200GB Maxtor 7200RPM...
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    Mage Down, Rings In My Sights...

    So who's next. :D
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    My New Toy

    SourceKills upgraded it's hardware. :cool: tsuehpsyde@opteron ~ $ uname -a Linux opteron 2.6.16-gentoo-r3 #1 SMP PREEMPT Fri Apr 28 16:12:33 EST 2006 i686 Dual Core AMD Opteron(tm) Processor 265 GNU/Linux tsuehpsyde@opteron ~ $ processor : 0 vendor_id : AuthenticAMD cpu family : 15...
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    What do you guys think of this? Someone posted this under a "budget" thread, stating it was a re-badged OCZ PSU (and it sorta looks like it, but not entirely). The power rating to dollar ratio is also very nice, but....never heard of the company, and the PSU...
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    In the top 200, what what.

    :p Idunno, getting into the top 200 felt like an accomplishment. Rank 199 and on the rise, and with the addition of my (recently lidless) 165, nothing can stop me. :cool: Not even Moose. Top 100, here I come!
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    Monarch Computer [H]ot|Deals OEM Opteron Results

    The Opteron 165 Saga! Welp, I figured I'd chime in with my results, since a good number of people were asking, and apparently discussion about it is forbidden within' the thread itself. :rolleyes: Anywho, here's my story so far with my recent OEM Opteron 165 from Monarch's deal. I ask you...
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    Opteron 165 folding on the horizon...

    Assuming I get a decent chip. :cool: Hopefully that gets here early next week, so I can play around with it. Finally bit on the $280 shipped 3-day deal through Monarch, but sadly I'll probably have to sell my 144. :( If the 165 sucks, then off it'll go to classifieds/eBay, and I'll be able to...