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  1. Mister E

    Evga CLC 120 CPU cooler

    I’ve never water cooled anything before. The other day I get a coupon from evga saying I can get 30% off certain items. Among them is the cooler in the thread title. So I looked around and found very little in the way of reviews. What I did find suggests this cooler will at least be a tad...
  2. Mister E

    Destiny 2 ad on front page.

    Destiny 2 ad is messing up the main page in Safari on iPhone. I can post a pict if you'd like.
  3. Mister E

    Going from 8GB to 16GB. Would like some input please.

    As the final upgrade to the sig rig I'm going to update the ram to 16GB. I want to buy a new set of 2x8GB sticks since my CPU cooler won't let me add another matching set to occupy the other two available ram slots. One slot is completely blocked unless I get a really low profile ram. So I'll...
  4. Mister E

    Upgrading to 980ti, question about DX12 and an older card.

    I'm going to purchase an EVGA 980ti for my 4k monitor. Is there any reason to keep my original EVGA GTX 670 FTW card and sell the second one to recoup some cost for DX12? Should I keep an older card for off loading certain game processes in the future under DX12 and optimized games? Sell them...
  5. Mister E

    Recommendations please.

    So I'm in the market for a new monitor. See sig for reason lol. I've been searching around and I've seen the good, the bad, and thee insanely expensive. I'm looking for the best rez/response time/quality for the buck. Here's my must haves: - Low response time. 5ms or less. - 24" at...
  6. Mister E

    Hard main page not playing nice with Safari

    I've been experiencing a lot of page reloads due to errors while browsing on my iPhone 6+. Is this a known issue or just Safari being a pos?
  7. Mister E

    Upgrade Time - Advice Wanted

    Hello [H] members. It's time to upgrade my aging PC and I would appreciate your opinions and input on a new build. Current Rig - Q6600 @ 3.2, ASUS P5K Deluxe Wi-Fi, Crucial 6GB PC6400 (2x2GB, 2x1GB), EVGA GTX 670 FTW, Thermaltake 750W PS (info updated in post below), Acer 24" 1920x1200...
  8. Mister E

    XP --> W7

    Who here has gone from XP 32 to W7 64 with no issues at all? I ordered 4GB of ram to go with 7, same type I have now only lower latency. I'm a casual gamer, no need for expensive high end parts. Rest of system - Intel Q6600 @ 3.2, ASUS p5kdeluxe, evga gtx285 (very overclockable), SSD...
  9. Mister E

    Need a cable for an old x800xt-pe

    Hey all. I want to hook an old Dell Dimension 8300 to our Pioneer plasma TV. The flat screen is over 3 years old so it doesn't have a VGA or DVI connection. Best I can hope for is a S-Video to component connection. Can you guys help me find a cable or adapter for this purpose? Thanks...
  10. Mister E

    Force Unleashed 2

    What do yall think of this game? The trailers and cinema look good, but how's the game play and story? Steam has it for $40 and I'm considering getting it based on what I've seen, but I'd like your input before I hit 'add to cart'.
  11. Mister E

    GHOSTBUSTERS bench please [H]

    I, plus many others, would love to see this game benched on the main [H]ard|OCP site. What's the word bird?
  12. Mister E

    1.5GB sticks

    I can't find a couple 1.5GB sticks for a total of 3GB's anywhere. My system wouldn't fully use 4GB's so what gives? Did they stop making those sticks a while back or am I hallucinating their existence in the first place?
  13. Mister E

    Thanks [H]

    For linking the physics section to Video Cards again. I hope both companies can still do something incredible with this tech.
  14. Mister E

    Very warm Q6600!! Need fan/heatsink opinions please.

    The story is I'm REALLY pushing my B3 stepped Q6600. 8x400 and the voltage is 1.325v. Temps wander with A/C on and off all the time. My small office heats up easily. Idle - 46,44,36,42 (70°F room) 48,46,39,44 (74°F room). Load temps, lol, I shut down Prime when the hottest core hits 70...
  15. Mister E

    So is Far Cry 2 the next 'big thing'?

    I haven't heard much about any new games that are gonna be must haves. What you guys think?
  16. Mister E

    Quick Question

    My new board (see sig) occasionally gives me an 'overclocking failed' message at power up and asks me to enter the set-up or to run default values. Funny as I'm not overclocking one thing at the moment. What could be the problem? I'm thinking I'll replace the battery on the motherboard...
  17. Mister E

    Any particular reason.....

    That we've lost all stickies in this sub-forum? No driver threads or anything stickied. While in the Nvidia sub-section all their stickies are still intact. Just something I noticed with all the new mods floating around now.
  18. Mister E

    AquaMark3 error

    Is this software or hardware related? Happens at the very end of the test. Instead of displaying a score, I get this error on the desktop. I've reinstalled, loosened memory timings, tried all I can think of and nothing. I do not get this type of error, or any error, with any...
  19. Mister E

    Zalman VF-700Cu

    Instead of putting this in Overclocking & Cooling, I figured it would recieve more appropriate attention here. I'd like to hear from those of you who have purchased and installed this cooler on medium-high to high-end cards. Including x800xl's, x800pros, x8X0xtpe, 6800gt & ultras. And also...
  20. Mister E

    Post your X800XT-PE stock cooled overclocks!

    What the title says. I'm interested to see the overclocks that some of you guys and gals get. Stock cooling overclocks only please!!! Please post the manufacturer of your card and you system specs (including your case) if they aren't in your sig. I've hit 560/580 but its not completely...
  21. Mister E


    Did some1 hack teh boards cause it says "Kyle Bennet molests little girls" all over the place! LOL