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  1. The Titan

    Klipsch Promedia 4.1s just went wrong

    I am kind of in the dark about new speaker systems since I have had these speakers for five years. They are no longer sold, or made, and klipsch seems to be discontinuing their whole line. I cannot fix my speakers and I am reasonably sure no one else can that I am willing to trust. Somebody...
  2. The Titan

    Question about 2560x1600 res

    Alright. I have always been a CRT man, I love my 3 year old NEC FP 2141 the same as the day I bought it... But the thought of a monitor far larger with a resolution to match, even if it is an LCD, intrigues me. How does one get a 2560x1600 resolution from a normal video card? I honestly...
  3. The Titan

    Sudden artifacting

    I have a 9800 pro old 128 MB edition from visiontek, and today after a lovely 5 hours of gameplay (not contiguous), I came back to play WoW again and now my video card has a serious artifacting problem, and it isnt the game, this happens on the desktop randomly. Unfortunately the only thing I...
  4. The Titan

    What s up with this... (printer driver)

    I just installed my moms old HP deskjet 660c on her "new" machine (built all from old parts I have discarded) and the computer, each time I reboot it, say that its found the printer again and wants to install the driver all over again. The printer works perfectly, and the driver is already...
  5. The Titan

    What do you do when your temperature controlled fan doesnt do its job...

    So yeah I have a nice Intel processor with a temperature controlled fan. The fan is supposed to step up its speed when the processor gets hot, and it used to very well. Ever since I came back to college this year, though, this piece of shit isn't doing its fucking job. I am thinking I should get...
  6. The Titan

    Cant install new drivers? (5.1 live)

    You know how creative has the "latest" drivers on their website... I downloaded the installer and instead of installing it decides to throw up some random unnecessary error about it cant find the card when the goddamn thing is already installed on the system and is active as i type. I know...
  7. The Titan

    The simplest problem is the biggest

    For the life of me I cannot get my main machine to talk to the machine on my network that has the printer connected to it. Its funny because I have my secondary machine sitting right next to this hunk of junk and it can see the computer with the printer just fine. Instead of doing what its...
  8. The Titan

    Unable to stay logged in upon return

    Several times now I have had to log in again and again with the check box to remember me checked. Just a head up. I hope I am not the only one with this issue.
  9. The Titan

    Some help for my familys PC back home

    Sup people. I need some ideas on what could be wrong with my familys PC back home. Unfortunately I stand 250 miles away from being able to help them. Heres the scoop: My mother was doing something on the computer, and all of a sudden the PC stopped dead on her, with a constant high...
  10. The Titan

    Question about custom stronghold maps

    Anybody have this game? I would love to build a nice player castle vs computer player castle but I have no way of getting the AI to build stuff and fight. Anybody even heard of the game? Honestly I think its awesome, but I get tired of knocking down wave after wave of enemy soldiers that I...
  11. The Titan

    *** Official Catalyst 3.10 Thread ***

    The 3.4's work for me. I know I should try a more advanced driver, but I havent had good luck with anything above 3.4.