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  1. scoobert

    Need 2.1 Stereo / Dac Recommendations

    This is really just for computer audio but the gear leans more toward this crowd, so I thought I would ask here as well. I have decided to go with a older integrated amp (onkyo, sansui, kenwood, technincs etc: etc: ) looking for ones with pre out - main in connections so I can have more...
  2. scoobert

    Need a Stereo/DAC recommendation

    I have decided to go with a older integrated amp (onkyo, sansui, kenwood, technincs etc: etc: ) looking for ones with pre out - main in connections so I can have more options on subwoofer hook up. I found a Techincs SU-V98 local I can get pretty cheap...
  3. scoobert

    Need an amp. New little one or a "vintage" receiver?

    My setup is a Harman Kardon 10" 200 watt powered sub and pair of Paradigm Atom v.5 speakers. Currently being driven by a old harman kardon AVR144 (40 watt x 2) receiver which I have grown to hate in just the 2 days of trying it. So I have started the quest to acquire something I will hate...
  4. scoobert

    Hoping somebody knows these brands M&K vs Paradigm

    Asking for computer but since this equipment is mainly for home theater I am hoping somebody on this sub will know the answer :) Looking at going away from my klipsch 2.1 and thought I would start with bookshelf speakers and then down the whole rabbit hole of amp, sub and dac. Anyhow I am...
  5. scoobert

    Hoping somebody knows these brands M&K vs Paradigm

    Looking at going away from my klipsch 2.1 and thought I would start with bookshelf speakers and then down the whole rabbit hole of amp, sub and dac. Anyhow I am starting with my little Denon RCD-N7 ( ) because it is...
  6. scoobert

    Will a DAC help a non audiophile ?

    Since I am building a new computer and am going to try a couple different sound set ups, starting with dual klipsch promedia sets. Would it help at all to put a optical connection from the mobo to a DAC (maybe Modi 3) then a splitter to the 2 klipsch? I game and listen to music only with...
  7. scoobert

    Would I be better off with a AVR ?

    OK, so currently I have a set of Klipsch pro media 2.1 and I have a second complete unit as well and was thinking of hooking both up. Then while cleaning the basement I found some stuff laying down there for years I might use instead . I have a Denon RCD-N7 (...
  8. scoobert

    How long do PSU's last?

    Let me start with i know nothing about psu's. My last build was early 2017 and to find my psu i went to johnny guru website and looked at the top tier list and found something on sale at the egg that was on the list. I ended up with a evga 850 G2 gold. Its been great but now i am starting a...
  9. scoobert

    Asus X570 QVL memory 2 vs 4 sticks

    Hello all About to start on a build with an Asus x570 and 3900X and found the memory I want. Its non rgb Gskill 3600 16-16-16-36 and its on the QVL but only for 2 sticks. Should I decide later that I need/want more ram would 2 more sticks of the same memory run in 4 slots if I relaxed the...
  10. scoobert

    X570 Strix E/F vs Prime Pro

    Hello All Its been years since I built a machine and am down to the last choices (mobo/ram). So a little help would really be appreciated. This machine will spend most of its life editing pictures and the occasional game of Farming simulator 19 Pro level Overwatch match play. I dont overclock...
  11. scoobert

    Lian Li 011 XL and front USB with X570 boards ?

    Hello all About to start a X570 build based on this case. My question is that with 4 front 3.1 USB connections , what are you all hooking them to if you are building with a X570 ? Since I can only find one board that has 2 onboard front usb headers. That's the MSI Ace and I am not a fan of that...
  12. scoobert

    A-RGB powered splitter

    Has anybody used one of these type splitters? I am going to start a new build in a week or two in a...
  13. scoobert

    Bottom intake fans, that look good from the back?

    Starting a build in a couple weeks based on a Lian Li 011 XL. Wanting to put a couple 140's in the bottom to bring air in (through the filter) to feed the triple 120 rad (exhausting air) out the back side. Also going to put 2 low speed 140's in the top to bring air in as well. Are there any...
  14. scoobert

    Laptop screen 4k Oled vs 4k IPS

    Looking at picking up a new lenovo and wondering if anybody has the OLED touch screen. About half the life of the laptop will be used when outside camping and am wondering if the Oled touch is going to have to much glare for use outside. Or if I should go with the Matte non touch 4k. I have not...
  15. scoobert

    2K or 4K Monitor. Is 27" to small for 4K ?

    I do mostly single player games (tomb raiders/far cry's type) and capture/LR/PS.( Photo editing) Currently I am running 2 X 27" Dell S2715H 1080P monitors and my wife has decided that they would work much better on her desk. My concern with 4K is that with 27" monitors everything will be to...
  16. scoobert

    Built a new computer and thinking about Win10, worth the switch?

    SO, I built a new gaming machine and have plenty of Win7 pro keys I can install but it seems like most of the friends I game with are running win10 pro. Is it worth the $199 to purchase? I dont want to upgrade since all my keys are pro OEM and would really prefer to be running the retail...
  17. scoobert

    Cas 14 vs Cas 16 DDR4

    If the memory speed was the same (ie DDR4 3200) would you notice any difference in gaming with the faster cas timings?
  18. scoobert

    External raid enclosure needed esata or ???

    Need this for backing up pictures and video files. NAS is to slow, USB seems to be too slow when I back up to an external USB 3 HD. I was thinking of going to an esata type connection unless there is something that's a better/faster choice. Will be running raid 1 or maybe raid 1/0. 3-5 drives...
  19. scoobert

    2 wired networks on one computer?

    Long story short we have a out building that we have several wifi camera's in along with an wifi router that they all talk to and one cat5e cable running to our building with a win7 computer where we control camera's and store their files should they see movement. We have treated this as its own...
  20. scoobert

    Decent mic for use with speakers

    Hello Guys/Gals I am searching for a mic that will work well with my gaming system that I can use with the speakers. I cant stand to wear a headset so I need a mic that will pick up things only right in front of it without spending a small fortune. Prefer to be under $75.00 I have tried a...
  21. scoobert

    24" IPS Gaming FS2434 or Ev2336WFS ?

    Trying to choose a new 23-24 IPS for some FPS gaming and light photo work. I was looking at replacing my asus 248QE with an IPS due to the horrible colors on this thing The first was the eizo gaming monitor FS2434 my only concern it being a 60hz monitor might have some ghosting playing fps...
  22. scoobert

    IPS gaming monitor in sub $300.00 price range?

    My old LG died that I have loved for years. So I bought a Asus VG248QE and while very smooth (@120hz) I find the colors horrible. I have adjusted, changed color profiles and it just never gets right. I even borrowed a friends color matching software (for photography) and while better its still...
  23. scoobert

    VG248QE height question.

    They list the height in the specs as 19.68" w/stand. Is that with the monitor raised on the stand or lowered. Does anybody that has one willing to measure it for me in the full down mode? I am looking at getting this because of its rave reviews but its to tall to fit in my hutch. Where the...
  24. scoobert

    Does the 890GX offer anything better?

    Being I am the never happy always upgrading kind of guy. The puters in my house are a upgrade just waiting to happen. I have pretty much left the HTPC untouched other then putting in a couple bigger hard drives. Currently I am running a Asus (8300) AM2+ board with a 9950BE quad core(125 watt)...
  25. scoobert

    Anybody going to get the new PowerDVD 9?

    See it came out today. Is it worth the purchase price?
  26. scoobert

    Is .MKV the best container?

    I have ripped down a couple movies so far both into MKV. But quickly noticed what a pain it is :) I had no idea that it would not keep the chapters and that the mce remote would not do fast forward or rewind. After finally getting MCE to even see the movie. I am bringing the BD down to about...
  27. scoobert

    OK time for my next Noob HTPC software question

    Following the last advice I purchased ANYDVDHD (wow has that gone up) also donated and downloaded my movies. Now I am on to what player is better? Power DVD Ultra or Total media? I tried MPC and really didn't like it that much. After something that integrates good with mce. My wife has always...
  28. scoobert

    AnyDvd or DVDFab

    If you were only going to buy 1 program to decrypt blue rays would you purchase Anydvd or the DVD fab platinum? Is one any better then the other? Thanks Scoob
  29. scoobert

    Looking at receivers, is 50 watts enough?

    I am going to buy a receiver with my tax return and am stuck between the Harman Kardon 347 and the Famous Onkyo SR606. I really like the Harman Kardon for the price. The refurb 347 straight from the factory usually goes for around 325 but the big difference for me is the sr606 runs 90 watts and...
  30. scoobert

    Any difference between OS's

    I am building my HTPC today and have a spare copy of WinXP Pro. I was going to install win7 but I kept running into problems on the install and would really rather wait to run it. Will my XP Pro do everything for a HTPC that is only going to play and rip movies (and Blue rays)? Should I...
  31. scoobert

    Difference in Mobo's for a htpc?

    Looking at ordering the final parts for my htpc project and got to the mobo. Is one brand "the best" for a htpc ? I really like the Asus and DFI brand throughout my building years, but I am new to this htpc stuff and many site recommend the gigabyte boards. I was looking at using this Asus...
  32. scoobert

    HTPC CPU Coolers, reviews and comparisons

    You can find cpu cooler reviews all over the web for tuniq towers, thermalright blacks and other huge coolers. Is there a place where they compare the smaller coolers that would be found in a htpc against each other?
  33. scoobert

    HTPC Proc, 9950 quad 125 watt?

    This is the only spare proc I have to build my HTPC with. Should I try and under clock it to try and make it run cooler? Or sell it and buy (e) series? The board is ASUS M3N78-VM and the case is going to be Antec Fusion Or is going to be ok and run cool enough with a decent hsf, any...
  34. scoobert

    Another first time HTPC person

    I want to build a HTPC for my plasma tv. This will be for storing and playing HD and BR movies ONLY. No gaming, no recording as I have other devices to handle those tasks already. My questions which way to go. I must use audio over HDMI though I have a 939 board that I thought of mounting a...
  35. scoobert

    Any good PC games (not port overs) coming out soon.

    Real PC games? Seems like most of the games I have bought lately have been nothing but crappy port overs from a console. The Vegas and Far Cry 2 type of game have been real disappointing to me. Not that Crysis was the best game ever but it was at least nice to be playing a that you could tell...