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    What can I do with...

    I obtained a late 2010 Mac Pro with 64gb ram and dual AMD 5770 video cards. I’m updating the macOS on it as far as it’s letting me. What can I do with this beast!? Apparently the highest it can go is Sierra. Guess those cards don’t support metal.
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    Need some good xbox360 games for 5 yr old girl

    I just hopped on the xbox 360 bandwagon for cheap and am looking for some kids games a 5 year old girl who's into dancing and girlie games. I'm about to get a kinect as well if that helps. I don't have a problem with older titles as I can get them cheap for used. I got lego star wars clone...
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    Look at my box of ElitePad 900's

    Snazzy! These will soon be put to use in a very public setting!
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    Changing PC name, remove PC from domain first?

    Back in the old days (pre Windows XP) you couldn't change a PC's name unless you removed it from the domain first. (if it was joined to one that is) But I came accross a training room full of PC's I had to change their computer names. So for kicks instead of removing it from the Domain...
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    Anyone ever play Derby Owners Club?

    This might also be known as Derby Ownder Club World Edition or DOC WE. Has anyone ever played? We have a Dave and Busters here in Kansas City and I am totally hooked on it. I know I'm throwing my money away but its so damn entertianing. is a good fan site for...
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    Picture quality difference between DVI and VGA

    I am in charge of leading a team of folks who are deciding standards where I work. We have a situation where we have Dell PC's that by default come with a single VGA port. There is also a DisplayPort and there is an option of using a "Dongle" that outputs to DVI. We have LCD panels that...
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    Anyone have issues with MS08-078/kb960714?

    We applied it to 4000+ PC's and we are experiencing some issues with folks using intranet websites that use Mixed Mode security... The settings in IE are set to "enable" which shouldn't prompt them to click OK to display the page, but it is anyways. I had to completely default those security...
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    Changing Internet Explorer Homepage

    Background: An XP image is created and a local policy is setup (via gpedit.msc) to point the IE homepage to http://intranet (for example). Is this possible? A new intranet is created and the question is posed to pinpoint specific regions for the switchover to point to http://newintranet...
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    Burn in software recommendation

    I'm troubleshooting some PCs that I'd like to stress the CPU to 100% for awhile that are internal network PC's. I'd thought of using the Folding software but that would require a link to get work and I don't have that option. Anyone have any recommendations? I'd prefer something free if...
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    Anyone ever change RAM on a Dell inspiron 1000?

    There's 2 chips, I talked my father in law through swapping the one that you can get to by removing the plate on the bottom. But I think the other one is under the keyboard? Can someone confirm? I searched here and googled and didn't see any obvious answers. Figured I'd ask here. Thanks!
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    Question about Peer-to-peer wifi

    So I'm at work, doing some testing on some laptops and upon bootup of one of them I see XP telling me theres a wireless network to connect to. My company is not friendly to wireless networking yet (parnoid financial institution), so I drop net stumbler on it, grab the Data Security manager...
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    How to disable a device in the registry with xp

    Does anyone know how to disable a device in the registry? As opposed to going into device manager and right clicking/disable device? I have a laptop with Bluetooth that I want to be able to flip a switch in a batch file to disable it. This is part of an automated script that once it...
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    Is it safe to delete the local admin profile?

    Here's some background on why I'm asking this question: I'm renaming the administrator account and changing it's password on over 4000 pc's via a "package" I'm making and will "push" out to all the PC's. That's not a problem, I got that right here and it works. I'm torn though because...
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    Building Vista Images *Offical Thread*

    This thread is for the [H]Enterprise folks out there trying to build a Vista Image. Pre-Build downloads The key is the document called "getting_started_itpro.rtf" that came in the AIK Users which can be found here...
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    C-Cor 4 port network amplifier

    Anyone know what these things go for? (Cost/value) Or what the heck they even do? A buddy of mine I haven't talked to in 4 months emails me out of the blue that he has one but has no idea what it's worth. I googled it and still have NO clue... looks pretty high-end and expensive.
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    Strange Personalized Settings message

    So I build images here where I work for those of you that don't already know. I haven't updated the image with Microsoft patches (or for any reason) since April of '06 so there were obviously quite a few I needed to put on the new one I'm working on. (And don't worry that I don't update it a...
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    Free O'Hare Airport Wi-Fi? Nope

    So I was traveling through O'Hare airport last night and saw the signs for their wireless internet. I figured of course it's one of those "pay/login" types. I open my available wireless connections and there's one that says "Free Airport Wi-Fi" Oh wait it's a "Peer" connection type... that's...
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    Disable IE on NT4 Workstation

    I have a situation where we are running Windows XP/SP2 and have the VMWare Player application running an instance of NT4. This is due to the fact we have a VERY old antiquated program that only runs on NT4 (boo hoo for us). We've got the app working in the VMWare instance just fine. But I...
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    Can't get XP Image to work on SATA Native Mode enabled drive

    We just got the NC6320 HP Laptop as a replacement for our NC6120 HP Laptop and it of course has a SATA drive in it. WELL I'm not having a lot of luck thus far. I was able to update my BartPE boot disk by adding some things to the txtsetup.sif file based on this afticle...
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    20% off at

    If you use coupon code MLBTV06 Covered more than shipping for me... (Free shipping if you spend over $100 on the site too) Now back to your regularly scheduled Tech Deals
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    Sorry to bother but I've lost GenMay

    I checked my user subscriptions and it says I don't expire until 2036. I just re-upped from a 1 year on the 11th and was set to expire on the 13'th... so I just think the lifetime didn't take effect yet... any help would be appreciated, thanks guys! (and gal if Lethal helps :) )
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    Some suggestions/opinions on my storage dilemma

    I need some advice… At home I have a Dell 600SC. It’s got a 2.4Ghz P4/533fsb, 1GB ECC/Parity RAM and Server 2000 Advanced. It works great! This motherboard has 3 IDE Channels and currently on it I...
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    Microsoft Virtual CD Drive (ISO Mount)

    So I have an image file I tried burning to a DVD and was going to use but the burn failed (don't know don't care). So I figured I'd go get some app that can mount .ISO files as a virual drive. I've never had the need until now but I know they are out there. I've occasionally used Nero's...
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    Silly Microsoft Word problem

    Word now looks like this for me: When I have a document open... where's the option to turn that silly spacing view off and get me the normal view back!?
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    G5 Logitech Mouse

    I did a few searches and couldn't find a G5 thread so I figured I'd start one. I just got one last night for my birthday and WOW does this thing rock... I've barely used it but for 5 mins in Windows, can't wait to hit up some Quake 4 I just got last night to and put it through it's paces...
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    Using a 3com 3300 Switch

    So I'm at my desk. I have 2 lines (100MB Cat 5) comming into it and I can plug them into PC's and they get an IP fine via dhcp. I have a little 5 port auto-sensing switch that I can plug in one of those 2 lines into it and gives me 4 more ports to plug other PC's into just fine. WELL I...
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    Nissan Concept car with XBOX 360 Nissan gets Urge for gaming January 9, 2006 Email this Print this BY NANCY NALL DERRINGER FREE PRESS SPECIAL WRITER That's one way to get it -- Nissan's Urge concept three-seater features an...
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    Deploy non Microsoft patch to Enterprise?

    In 10 minutes I have a meeting with the "Patch Management Committee" to discuss the plan for the Microsoft Windows Metafile (WMF) vulnerability. There is an "unoffical" patch that is out that some experts are saying to deploy to enterprise environments and I'm very suprised by this. I work for...
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    New vid card to replace my 9800 Pro AGP 128

    So the wife's PC is a Barton Core 2600 and she's got an old 64MB AIW Ati card and it's past it's gaming prime. (The Sims 2 doesn't work as good as it used to since upgrading the drivers!) And I hate $100 cards that suck. So I have a 9800PRO AGP 128 and saw a Geforce 6600 OC 256 DDR2 AGP for...
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    Office 2003 Features unused?

    I had my weekly meeting with my manager today and the overall discussion was about version control of office apps from Microsoft, Adobe, Exceed, Crystal and what not. I mentioned to him about a review I read about the new features of Office 2003 (We use XP). Here's the link if you're...
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    Local Administrator request form?

    I've been tasked with creating a form to have people fill out requesting local admin rights on the XP pc's. I'm curious if anyone out there has one at their place I could template from? Any of you Desktop Support/Data Security guys and gals have anything?
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    4GB Thumb Drive from Newegg $108

    4GB Thumb Drive from Newegg $108 Amazing deal I think: ROSEWILL Flash Card Memory Microdrive 4GB RJB4096 USB 2.0 compact size portable memory RJB4096 4 GB 4096MB Flash Card Memory...
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    How to recover from a corrupted registry in XP

    A co-worker of mine found a document out on the web I was curious if any of you here had ever seen or know of. The process is laid out here: I don't have this problem he was researching it for someone who does. Just curious if any of you here...
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    Some help with scripting

    I'm posting this here because I'm more of an OS guy than a programmer and yet I feel it's something an OS guy can come up with pretty easy. I need to grab a computers host name from WMI and pass it into a registry entry that gets run. No third party software is a requirement for this...
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    Realtek AC97 Driver download problem

    SO I went to ABIT's site to see if there's new sound drivers for my Realtek AC97 and there is so I tried downloading them and no dice. So I went to Realtek's site and tried from there and DEAD LINKS Then I hit google and all the links are dead? Am I the only one? Driver revision A3.77...
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    Configure XP for Corporate Image Thread

    I have a feeling I'm going to have a lot of these types of threads so I figured I'd rope them all into one. I've done a lot of tweaking to my XP/SP2 Image that will eventually land on as many as 4,000 PC's at my company. I'll get into a few of them as I have more time but for now onto my...
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    HP NC6120 Has problems with sysprep

    djnes where are you with your 6220 for comparison for me!? I've submitted a case with HP support that is going to be escalated to 3rd level. Here's the location of my "worklog" on the HP Message Forums: (Feel...
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    Sysprep runs slow every other time

    This thread is for a seperate issue discussed in this thread: I've done some google searching and found very little (except for the same threads over and over again) as found in this thread...
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    Report a bad thread?

    I KNOW it's around here somewhere, it's killing me, but alas I can't find it. Just want to report a thread to a mod/admin for review. I did a few searches (after waiting 60 seconds each time) and read the FAQ's and I feel terrible for asking... I would just like to notify someone to look at...