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    Oculus Rift Sales May Be Suspended as Components Run Low

    Dev kit supply is drying up, and still no word on a commercial release. Hopefully they get this sorted.
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    How to Pick a Programming Language to Learn Today

    Started learning C++ recently. I've always wanted to learn computer programming but always kept putting it off. Wish I didn't, it would make finding a new job way easier if I already knew this stuff...
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    Sony: PS4s Are Going To Be Hard To Find for a While

    I love my PS4, but I really hope some of the console exclusives start dropping soon. I can only play DCUO so much.
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    Comcast Agrees to Buy Time Warner Cable for $45.2B

    I love my 55 Mbps cable connection from Comcast, but I really wish that speed and availability wasn't limited to Comcast alone. And as they buy up the regional ISPs like Time Warner, there goes the hope for competition to lower prices and increase bandwidth.
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    The First Smart Gun Comes to America

    Just wait, it will soon escalate to needing a matching RFID chip. I could see law enforcement doing this in the near future.
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    Why Hollywood Hacking Is So Hilariously Horrible

    I still remember laughing at the theater when I saw Swordfish.
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    Real Twelve Foot Tall Mech?

    Yea, if I was a Japanese robotics engineer I would devote my life to making real life Gundams too. Give it some time; war will be all about Gundams and Metal Gears. lol :D
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    Not All Today’s Students Are 'Tech-Savvy'

    Not surprised. I've seen my younger brother using the computer. I'm the only tech savvy person in my family. This "net generation" just knows how to use Facebook and surf the web for porn.
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    Developer 'Disappointed' On-Disc DLC Being Hacked

    Agreed. Developers shouldn't feel butt-hurt about hackers gaining access to content they locked away on the retail disc. It's their own damn fault if they're going to be greedy and lazy about it.
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    Man Sues Ubisoft Over Assassin’s Creed

    I find it ridiculous that he's suing If anyone is at fault for copyright issues, it starts and stops with the developers. The gaming news site that posts trailers can't and shouldn't be held responsible. Money grubbing idiot.
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    Samuel Jackson In A Siri Commercial

    You might be pronouncing it wrong. It's siri, with two I-s, not suri. :D Kidding, I'm sure it was just a typo. I saw this commercial last night during NCIS. I think it sold my aunt on the idea of getting an iPhone. I was trying to tell her that I don't think it worked that well, but I only...
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    Shipping Damage FTW!

    I hope not. If my driver showed up with something looking like that I'd just stare at him incredulously while he held out his pad for a signature.
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    Man Uses Physics to Fight $400 Traffic Ticket

    Agreed, I'm pretty sure it was number #3 that let him off the hook; reasonable doubt.
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    Random [H] Sighting

    Just another reason for me to watch it.
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    Mass Effect - Resident Evil Video of the Day

    Meh, the video had some okay moments. I was wondering how they nailed the voices, until I read the description and found out the same guy voiced both characters for their respective games.
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    Kinect Support Coming to Skyrim

    Too bad it's not coming to PC. I'll take my mods and high res textures over what amounts to talking to myself any day.
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    Siri + Honda = Anti-Theft Negotiator

    Hilarious! I was expecting it to either ID him from his fingerprints/phone or run his ass over at the end.
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    Cable Bills Could Reach $200 A Month By 2020

    I can't wait for that to happen. There's so much crap on TV, I only need a handful of channels to enjoy it. Who need 150+ channels? I watch a dozen or so shows and they're spread out on 8 different channels I think... Then again, I couldn't just sit at home and watch TV to pass the time.
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    Texting FAIL of the Day

    That was just hilarious. How can you not notice a bear in your yard? Or the sound of the new chopper overhead? That would've gotten my attention for sure.
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    BBB Says Mass Effect 3 Was Falsely Advertised

    I dislike the BBB. First, any customer can file a complaint with them for any reason. Then the company has to jump through hoops and fill out paperwork if they don't want a blemish on their record. Second, they charge you to become a BBB certified company. That just means you get a piece of...
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    Sony Expected To Slash 10,000 Jobs

    Agreed. Nearly all of their devices are outdated compared to competitors. I was specifically looking at their specs on TVs and AV receivers and for a lot less you can receive a lot more from one of their competitors.
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    Study Says OLPC Program Doesn’t Improve Test Scores

    Of course it didn't. They probably spent all their time on Facebook and looking up porn. Maybe if the OLPC only let them use educational software...
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    Facebook To Buy Instagram For $1B

    If I used Instagram, I'd be tempted to close my account because of Facebook. I hate Facebook. But it sounds like they're keeping it separate for now.
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    Google Earns More From iOS Than Android?

    Surprising considering Android handsets are supposed to be outselling iOS devices. Guess they're not charging much per install.
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    Battleship: The Movie

    When the trailer first came out I thought it was a new Transformers movie. With the sound effects and all the naval ships being shown, I was expecting Decepticons to burst out of the water and start destroying things. And they pretty much did. At the end, when it said Battleship I was just...
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    Monmount LCD-1930 Triple LCD Monitor Stand

    Ideally I would like one that supports 24" panels, and that you can angle in the sides. Also, additional support for the base if you wanted to run bolts through the desk would be nice... I'd be worry that those two clamps could hold that much weight solidly.
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    Twitter Shutting Down Spammers

    Hope this works. I hate getting notifications only for them to be spammers mentioning me.
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    5 Charged For Selling Kidney for iDevices

    Not sure if you should blame the idiot kid or the parenting fail. At least his mom took measures to punish those responsible. Hopefully they can get some more of that $35k.
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    Call of Duty: Teenage Girl Edition

    Meh... I don't watch late night shows for a reason. They're on so often that they need to scrape the bottom of the barrel for new content. This was an example.
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    The Internet Is Ruining Your Brain

    This explains a lot...
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    More Than 600,000 Macs Infected With Flashback Botnet

    And that's why some many were infected.
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    Just How Big Are Porn Sites?

    It's amazing how much internet traffic porn generates. I'm even more surprised about this line: "To put this into perspective, there’s only about 15Tbps of connectivity between London and New York."
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    Google Glasses: A New Way to Hurt Yourself

    Funny video. I think this will be some pretty cool tech. I am worried about the safety though. I don't put much stock in my fellow human beings, especially on the road. If you saw what I saw on my commute, I think you'd agree.
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    ME3 Ending Fix Coming This Summer

    Yea, I was bummed by the generic ending and its plot holes, but I loved the journey up to it. I think ME1 is by far my favorite for story, but the gameplay in ME3 is extremely fun. Most of the story is too. Also, it's not a new ending. You still have the same endings, there's just more...
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    Freaky Microsoft Piracy Video

    That's what happens when you buy from some store you found on a random google search. I stick with known retail outlets / websites. Don't know about anyone else, but I've never had a single anti-virus program stop everything. And I've tried most of the "good" ones.
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    Don't Be A Dick With Our Products

    Oooo! Smoke grenades...
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    Icanhascheezburger Reality Show?

    I hate reality TV shows. This is why.
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    Far Cry 3: First In-Game Multiplayer Footage

    I think the air support is stupid. I know they substituted military explosives with stuff like exploding barrels, but still. It looks just like a bunch of pirates fighting in the jungle. I'm pretty sure they don't call in air support. It should be more primal and cinematic and less like Call of...
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    Apple Paid Off iPhone Search Victim?

    This poses an interesting question. If some guys were to show up on your doorstep would you assert your authority and demand to see identification and a warrant before allowing them in? Or would you chance being able to sue the pants off some corporation, let them in and then end up settling for...