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    Just got a Green screen of death with picture of guy in corner giving thumbs up?!!

    Hi, Was using one of my computers today using Chrome reading about Windows 10 May 2020 update and all of a sudden I got a green screen of death that said that Windows Insider had suffered a problem and that I had a TLDR video issue and percent count on one corner and photo of some guy giving...
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    Best encoder to use to compress old movies for Plex server?

    Hi, Been a while since I dabbled in video encoding but was wondering whats the best video encoder to use to convert my old movies to an acceptable size within an acceptable time frame and have good quality to play on my Plex server? I have HandBrake standing by with a choice of Nvenc, H264...
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    System stuck at spinning wheel after Windows update - bad overclock?

    Hi, I have this Asus Z270 Apex board that I coffee lake modded. It runs a 9700K cpu. Been running ok for almost a year then all of a sudden I think because of a windows update I could no longer get into the desktop anymore. So I reinstalled Windows from usb stick and was fine for a few weeks...
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    Anyone running a 9700K on the Z270 platform?

    Hi, Currently running a 9700K on an Apex ix z270 board, and got everything running at stock settings almost such that VCCIO/SA 1.18/1.2, Vcore 1.285 + (turbo) adaptive, IA AC/DC LL 0.01/0.01, xmp turned on, AI Tuner manual, bclk 100, Asus multicore enhancements turned off. Seems stable...
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    Best Backup software for Server Essentials 2016?

    Was wondering if anyone could recommend a good backup solution for MS Server Essentials 2016 system? Our server is running on a Dell PowerEdge T330 Server machine. Thanks
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    BSOD city after nvme drive install Dell XPS 13

    Hi, I recently purchased an xps 13 9350 motherboard to replace my 9343 motherboard in my XPS 13 Notebook so that I could upgrade my ram and hard drive to nvme. First thing I did was install my old SATA hard drive and boot into windows and made a backup. Then I installed an ADATA SX8200 Pro SSD...
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    RST Console not start: Unknown error occured

    Hi, Basically I replaced motherboards from a Z270-WS to Z270 Apex IX with out reinstalling the OS. Was pretty much a success. Almost. Can get into Windows off of my M.2 Raid array no problem. Problem is that I can not get the Intel RST Console to run no matter how many times I reinstall...
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    Apex IX PciE lane allocation and SSD performane question?

    Hi, Wonder if this would work. I recently acquired an Apex IX dirt cheap and want to migrate my 6700k into it from a Z270-WS board which has one Pci-e intel 750 ssd card + 1 U.2 intel 750 soft raided together. If I migrate those drives using u.2 adapter on chipset supported x4 slot and other...
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    Buyer wants return ram and I have to pay for return shipping?!

    Hi, I sold some ram on Ebay. Was HyperX 4x8gb C14 2800mhz Ram modules used but in working condition. So I sold it for like $140 shipped and buyer wants to return it because he said it didnt match the description which is ridiculous. I took clear photos of each module. In anycase I have...
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    How to get Windows 1903 May update now??

    Hi, I heard that the final iso is available for msdn members so was wondering if anyone has access to this iso? Otherwise I would have to become an insider preview member? Thanks
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    Asus Z270-WS triple boot when PCIEX4 in X2 mode

    Hi, Got an Asus Z270-WS that when I boot it up cold will take three-four attempts to startup before it loads Windows. I noticed that I can fix that by setting its PCIEX4 slot to X4 operation knowing that I will lose USB 3.1 front ports unless I set it to X2 operation in which it will go through...
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    ASUS ROG Maximus IX Extreme $60 after rebate and coupon code! Know its two year old tech but still you get an Asus ROG Max IX Extreme for $60 before tax! Code: EMCTYUU22
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    Asus Z270WS: Unknown USB Device - How to turn off via bios?

    Hi, Got an Asus Z270-WS and all of a sudden I noticed that I have a usb port that has failed enumeration and can not start. I tried one by one plugging every usb device off but could not diagnose further than according to HWInfo this is the 2nd root hub port 18 what ever that is suppose to be...
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    Bad fps with shadow of Tomb Raider

    Am I only one getting bad framerates with a 2080 in tomb raider with Rtx and every feature maxed out at 2K resolution?
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    Should I play Res Evil 1 before 2?

    Hi, Never got into the whole Resident Evil thing but as Resident Evil 2 HD Remaster is getting good reviews should I or do I need to play part I first? Thanks
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    Bestbuy price matching confused by product sku though same product?

    Hi, Other day I bought a Corsair MK.2 RGB K70 keyboard from Bestbuy and when I found it on Amazon like $25 cheaper few days later they refused to pricematch it citing that the product sku was different but looks like same product! Makes me wonder if this is the new way out of Pricematching by...
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    Would you buy open box?

    Hi, Was wondering if any of you purchase open box items? Reason I ask is I found a hot deal on an MSI MPG27CQ monitor sold on Amazon by a 3rd party seller as 'Used, Like New' condition. Asking price $350 standard shipping. Seems like a good deal. Normally goes for like $460- $500 bran new and...
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    Water leaking over gpus.. please help

    Hi, First time water cooling my gpu's and had a water leak issue last night. My loop consists of three rads, res, pump, cpu block, and two gpu blocks linked with an EK FC terminal block. Never had a problem with leaks before but noticed water dripping off of my second gpu during leak testing...
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    Nickel work with copper rad?

    Hi, I know this is an old topic but got an EK Velicity Nickel cpu block I want to pair with a Hardware Labs Blackice Nemesis xflow block that I believe is made out of copper. Will there be any issues with the two metals playing well with eachother? Thanks
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    How to hookup old home theater speaker to computer?

    Hi, Got some old home theater speakers I want to hook up to my sound card. These speakers take copper wire connections but was wondering if there is an adapter that would allow direct 3.5mm plug connection if the sound card has enough power to drive them? thanks
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    Whats the better fan?

    Hi, Considering purchasing either a couple of NOCTUA NF-F12 INDUSTRIALPPC 2000 PWM 120MM FANs or SERVO Nidec GentleTyphoon 120mm Case Fans (2150 RPM 4pin PWM)...
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    How to track down misbehaving device?

    Hi, Recently my system has been making that device disabled device enabled sound every other minute and its getting annoying. Not sure what device has gone bad. Device manager will flash on and off. Would like to track this down. Anyone know how to track it down? Thanks
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    Sunbeam front panel missing power cable - what kind of power cable needed?

    Hi, Got an old Sunbeam 20-in-one front panel multifunction panel and it needs some sort of a micro molex adapter to power the device which I lost. Not sure what kind or where I can find one to buy. Mod-Diy sells pitch cables that look like it. Not sure... Thanks
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    Cpu overheated because I forgot to plug in the pump! Screwed??

    Hi, Basically was installing an AOI cooler and didnt realize that the sata power cable wasn't plugged into the psu. All of a sudden 5 minutes into running windows the whole system shut down in a thud! I couldnt figure out what the issue was for 5 more minutes after I found it out the cpu was...
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    Anyone spray paint a Heatkiller cpu block?

    Hi, Got an old Heatkiller 3.0 block and not liking the copper top color. Anyone spraypaint it to black or something else? Thanks
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    New openbox motherboard from Newegg making cricket sound - normal?

    Hi, I chanced buying an open box motherboard and somewhere inside the case I hear a cricket sound. Sounds like its the middle of summer coming from my computer. Normal? Thanks
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    Onboard sound distorted and popping until video cards removed?!

    Hi, Recently on my Asus Z170-WS system I started noticing audio distortion when playing youtube videos and such. Off of the optical onboard port. Even the headphone port was distorted in sound quality. This even happened on a new fresh install of Windows just to rule out Windows corruption...
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    Gigabyte Auros Master Z390 - USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED??!!!

    Hi, Just finished installing a bran new Gigabyte Auros Master Z390 motherboard and installed Windows 10 on it. Got the usual device installation errors in device manager with a new board but still getting 'USB DEVICE NOT RECOGNIZED - Port Reset Failed'. I have tried unistalling and...
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    Painted rad bad for cooling?

    Guys, Was wondering I have a xspc rx360 v1 rad that i spray painted ten years ago and was never happy with the performance. Nevermind that had a perforation that I had fixed by an autobody place. So this rad should I retire it? Or would it be safe to use paint thinner to clean up the fins of...
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    Advice wanted on Water setup

    Hi, Setting up a new water loop and putting together different parts I had on hand and trying to setup my EK pump with a vertical orientation standing up right such that the resevoir is directly connecting to it's intake port but because the power cable is connected to its rear having it stand...
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    Please share your Samsung 970 Temps

    Hi, I installed my 970 Pro into a heatsink enclosed pci-e card before I could take baseline temp readings. So was wondering if anyone with a 970 Pro could share your temp readings from HWinfo after running AS-SSD benchmark to warm up the drive? Thanks. Heres mine:
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    Amazon: 970 Pro 1tb $400

    Get them while you can! Edit: $397!!!
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    PSU bit the dust today

    Hi, Today my psu died. RIP. Tried to turn on the pc and got a plume of smoke. Was a Corsair AX1200. 11 days past warranty. So need a replacement and wonder whats a good one to get? Thanks.
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    Please share your Asmedia usb firmware

    If anyone wouldnt mind sharing a copy of their asmedia usb 3.0/3.1 firmware? I want to create a collection. Please also detail your board specifics as well. Thanks. Heres the procedure how to do it: 1. Download a. b...
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    MS Server 2016 User Cals OEM legit?

    Hi, Newegg has a promo on user cals for $166 5 pack but they are OEM. Is this legal to use and not upset Bill Gates? Thanks
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    Think I fried my usb ports. How to be sure?

    Hi, Couple weeks ago in a motherboard I turned on the machine all the usb devices locked up and had to force a reset of the system. Since then weird things have been going on with the usb devices randomly locking up and not coming back on after replugging them back. Hopefully its just driver...
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    Need to update Windows Essentials 2016 Server to Standard 2016. Got new keys. Possible?

    Hi, I purchased a server from Dell that came with Server Essentials 2016 and need to update to the Standard version of 2016 Server because I didn't know Essentials limits concurrent logins to two people only and doesn't serve applications upon thin clients. My bad I should have done better...
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    Help setting up Nvme Raid. Confused about shared Sata/U.2 ports...

    Hi, I have a Z170-WS motherboard and want to raid the M.2 slots with two SM961 m.2 nvme drives but confused if that means I will lose which Sata ports and if I lose my Intel 750 on my only U.2 *connection. The manual states that the m.2_2 port shares bandwidth with the u.2 so does that mean its...
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    Chrome acting crazy when tries to snap to edge of Win10 screen

    Anyone experiencing chrome acting up when dragged to edge of screen? Symptoms include the screen going black and blinking and resolution resetting? Thanks
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    Any electrical engineers out there familiar with the PCI-E 3.0 Specs??

    Hi, Sometimes my PCI-E Plextor NVME drive upon a reboot does not successfully renegotiate a 8 GT/S link and rather connects at 2.5 GT/S (4X lanes though all the way according to HWInfo and LSPCI). This has been made a little bit more complicated in that I'm running a bifurcated port enabling...