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    EVGA SuperNOVA 850W G2 PSU $90

    Seems to be a pretty good price for a solid unit. Some of the other models are on sale as well.
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    Controller for PC racing games

    Bought the humble racing bundle recently. Do not have the money for a steering wheel set up and just want to do some casual racing. Is there a best console controller to use on the PC currently, or just the cheapest wired Xbox/PS controller?
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    G500 Replacement

    I'm looking for a replacement for my Logitech G500. I've had my G500 for a long time and really like it, but it's starting to break. I'm not really interested in the G502 because of the way it looks. I like the feature of being able to adjust DPI while using the mouse, but it's not completely...
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    CX430 enough for LGA 2011

    Would a CX430 be enough for a LGA 2011 socket with GTX 285 or similar? (photoshop computer) I wouldn't mind getting it for $16 with the current deal, but not sure if that's enough power.
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    Rampage IV Extreme Graphics Problem

    I'm having a problem with my motherboard and hoping you guys could help me out. A couple days ago my monitor stopped displaying picture. I checked the monitor with a different computer and it's still working. I have put my graphics card in a different computer and it's also working. I have also...
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    Replacement keys for Ducky shine.

    Are there any replacement keys for backlit keyboards? I don't like the color of the WASD keys that came with mine, but can't find keys for backlit boards. Thanks for any help.