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  1. B00nie

    Performance differences in Blender

    Interesting results in Blender performance Ubuntu vs Windows 10... Favorite quote @8:45 :D
  2. B00nie

    Opinions on IoT...

    This meme pretty much sums it up for me. Do you use IoT devices in your home and if so, why?
  3. B00nie

    KB4535680 while using bitlocker

    Apparently if you install the update and have bitlocker enabled, Windows will lock you out of your computer and force to enter the bitlocker recovery key. Must be a fun surprise just before that crucial business meeting :D Especially if you don't have access to a device in order to perform the...
  4. B00nie

    Got uptime? :)

    What's your record? I'll post a baseline
  5. B00nie

    Windows 10 hacked front and back So if you use Windows, better either stop using it or at least update and pray.
  6. B00nie

    Got to love Windows updates

    Last weeks Windows security update corrupted my sons Intel 910 SSD array. I had to troubleshoot him on the phone for the majority of the day and nothing seemed to fix it. Then another Windows update later like magic, the array was functional again. I wish I could send a damn bill to MS for every...
  7. B00nie

    Drunken saturday

    Been working day job and then nights on server upgrades for the past 56 hours. Been hitting cold snacks for the past 2 hours. Hands up any1 else with severe work stress :D
  8. B00nie

    New Windows fileless fly-by viruses out there
  9. B00nie

    Infected with PyLocky ransomware? Youre in luck

    A free decrypt tool has been released:
  10. B00nie

    Linux started from a game

    Everyone is complaining how gaming on linux sucks but at the same time the origins of linux (unix) actually started from rewriting code in order to make a space game run better:
  11. B00nie

    Weird hiccups in video playback

    A friend of mine is a devoted Windows user so he even went and bought a Surface pro 3. He is also a home theater hobbyist that has been forced recently to start using streamed content (the local blu-ray rental store went bankrupt). Whenever he streams any content using the surface pro, direct...
  12. B00nie

    Slow booting windows 10?

    This video may give a fix. Recently someone complained slow boot times but I couldn't find the thread:
  13. B00nie

    Useful tools for Windows users

    If you need tools to analyze your bluescreen crash dumps, scan folders etc. here is a list of freeware tools:
  14. B00nie

    History behind Windows and the man who should have been Bill Gates

    I ran into this interesting video of the history of the desktop operating system: 'Q-DOS, Quick and Dirty Operating System which was 'dirty' being an illegal copy of CP/M became MS-DOS'. Yeah.
  15. B00nie

    Another Seagate bites the dust

    About 4 years ago I made the mistake of buying another Seagate, this time an SSHD. It croaked now of course. I've had 100% failure rate with Seagates. Some claim they had a Seagate that survived. I call it an urban myth!
  16. B00nie

    Even on linux Microsoft still ruins your day

    My mother (who is on Ubuntu Mate) unfortunately uses Skype to communicate with my sister who lives abroad. Today she complains that Skype lost the stored user credentials. Turns out that even after resetting the password, Skype crashes immediately after logging in. The reason? Skype got...
  17. B00nie

    Crowd funding for Boogercoin

    There are so many forks of virtual currencies at the moment that I thought of making one of my own. It's called the Boogercoin and it works utilizing SPU (Smell Processing Units) mining. Identically to Bitcoin the value of Boogercoin is based on limited availability and block chains. The crowd...
  18. B00nie

    How much better is high resolution audio

    Another very revealing presentation by a professional audio mastering technician / audiophile: Shines some light to the format discussion we had in a previous thread.
  19. B00nie

    How much a DAC really affects sound

    Here's a youtube video which lets you compare sounds from different sources and try to figure out if you can hear a difference between 25 dollar and 1500 dollar DAC among many other tests.
  20. B00nie

    New Amiga 2017 Bulletdust, are you going to be one of the shoppers? :D
  21. B00nie

    Windows RansomwareMakers update

    I hear that one is the latest and best, very popular. Anyone tried it yet? Oh, you wouldn't be reading this, right...
  22. B00nie

    Neighbor is becoming a linux believer too

    I met a neighbor at the convenience store and since I sold him a monitor 10 years ago, he confronted me with his computer issue: His old laptop died and he couldn't install Thunderbird again (he's a bit older guy already). I told him that not only I can help him with that, I can probably rescue...
  23. B00nie

    Horny for a subwoofer

    Here's the first measurements of the horn subwoofer build. 100db at 0,5 watts not bad. The resonance at 50hz is caused by the flimsy shipping crate the sub sits on currently. It weighs in excess of 120 kilos. It would go deeper but it's high passed at 18hz in order to give it a 2500 watt power...
  24. B00nie

    Another day, another Windows trouble

    A couple of minutes ago my daughter called me upstairs and complained that her Windows became all weird. The desktop was full of windows and her shortcuts were gone. She did nothing to it except played some GTA V. Turns out that something somehow had enabled the tablet mode on her desktop...
  25. B00nie

    Win10 forced update

    Both my sons and my gaming boxes got a forced Win10 update last week. I'm running Win10 pro and he's running Win10 home. The update porked our Creative Soundblaster X-Fi Titaniums so that the microphone devices became 'undetected'. Driver reinstall etc. tricks didn't help. Had to roll back the...
  26. B00nie

    Some claim that Windows 10 is turning your computer into a p2p update server

    Some people who consider themselves IT engineers claim that if you install Win10 the included p2p services will make your computer a part of a p2p network for distributing updates. Sounds pretty wild, anyone have studied the data traffic more carefully already? I know the p2p services exist...
  27. B00nie

    Two new elderly people converted to linux

    Today I installed Ubuntu linuxes on both my mother- and father in law. They were enthusiastic to try the new OS and loved the wobbly windows animations of the Compiz. So now my mother, mother in law and father in law all use linux at 70+ lol.
  28. B00nie

    Android users beware

    Latest research shows what I've been telling all along - Android store is full of spy/malware.
  29. B00nie

    Nasa still uses Windows XP

    I just watched the live feed from the todays EVA. They were showing a screen capture of the orbit - and the computer was showing a Windows XP desktop on the background lol.
  30. B00nie

    Google Earth pro for free.. no strings attached. Almost.

    Google released the Google Earth pro version for free. Or so it seems untill you see that it wants to install 'an updater' program that comes attached to 'new privacy rules' that basically state you're agreeing to install spyware on your computer.
  31. B00nie

    Advanced LTE

    Changed internet providers, got pretty horrible results: It's expensive too, 40 bucks a month no data cap.
  32. B00nie

    First successful telepathy message via internet Looks like Matrix is going to happen before Judgement Day. Anyone? :p
  33. B00nie

    Mint Petra total POS at least on virtualbox

    Tried Mint Petra just on virtualbox, seems buggy as hell. Flash playback is broken, browsers are gimped to limit search engine selection and the two tested browsers (firefox, chromium) froze the whole virtual OS on several occasions untill I killed the whole image in disgust. Does it work any...
  34. B00nie

    Site that compares monitor input lags?

    I've been trying to find a 'Tomshardware' type of site or an article that would list current generation monitors and have a comparison chart for their respective input lags. Google has a few hits but even on those many bloggers do not even understand what input lag is and start talking about...