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    Several macOS Monterey Features Unavailable on Intel-Based Macs

    I'm sure all five of those guys are going to cry in their beer now.
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    Jeff Bezos to Shoot Himself Into Space

    Musk's title at SpaceX says otherwise (Chief Engineer).
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    JBS cyberattack forces shutdown of all company's USA beef plants

    Last time I ate a vegan, she squirmed too much and fell off the bed. What am I doing wrong here?
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    M1 successor should be coming this summer

    Then it would have been obsolete the day it was introduced. <ducks>
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    New Spectre Flaws in Intel and AMD CPUs Affect Billions of Computers

    Sorry, my Norton antivirus flagged it as Trojan and put a condom on that.
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    New Spectre Flaws in Intel and AMD CPUs Affect Billions of Computers

    Which on my machine is a subfolder of DPI.
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    Apple M2 enters mass production

    What China does is NOT compete on a level playing field, but you already knew that, didn't you? Are we just supposed to turn a blind eye to how they operate?
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    No I would not. Maybe 10%. ETA: that's within the 3 year warranty period. Latitudes are to the higher side and slimline Precisions (5000 series) to the lower. Breakdown with the Lenovos are the same-Carbons and Yogas higher and WS (P1, P15) are lower.
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    5 is a pretty piss poor statistical pool to base a claim on, don't you agree? I'll take my 249 machines over 5 every day of the week (except apparently Saturday and Sunday since we're basing things on "5")
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    He's claiming 80%. In a company that currently has 249 Macs on the roster, it obviously should be more than one, don't you think?
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    Because I have not seen the numbers that you claim, not even close to, I'm calling BS. There may have been an issue and very well could be still an issue. However, what you are claiming is striaght up bullshit. Unless my company somoehow manages to cherry pick our machines to only get the "good"...
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    I've seen precisely one MacBook/Pro with a bad battery. And I have opportunity to see plenty. If it was anything approaching 80%, I would have seen around 180 in the last few years. Try again?
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    I can't even count how many Latitudes, Precisions, Yogas, and Carbons I have had to replace batteries on. For both swelling (rendering the keyboard and trackpad glitchy at best) all the way to losing communication with the battery and no longer charging. Next?
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    Apple knew it was selling defective MacBook displays, judge concludes

    Are you talking about the G5 Pro? Because I have not run into an easier to work on factory built machine in my life.
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    As expected, the "impossible" EmDrive doesn't work.

    Yes and no. Rapid prototyping is a thing and can lead to some huge leaps. Compare SpaceX Starship to NASA SLS...
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    Intel Buys Off Mac Guy

    That's okay-we all hate your face. ;)
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    TBH, Steam started out with way less content than they currently have. Steam started out as the only way to get Half Life and then spread from there.
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    Frys going out of Business

    It sure as hell has put a huge hit on B&M business. You'd have to be purposefully obtuse to deny it. Here in Oregon, businesses were eseentially closed entirely from March on with repeated "extensions" to the ongoing decaration of stae of emergency. When your business model depends on in person...
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    16-Core Intel Alder Lake-S Processor Appears with DDR5 Memory

    Except where disallowed by security mitigations, thermals, and needing a 2000 watt PS.
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    Intel DG2 Xe-HPG Features 512 Execution Units, 8 GB GDDR6

    I doubt the current tariffs will remain in place with the incoming administration. No further comment on that.
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    Fastest M.2 for Asus Rampage V Extreme X99

    The current drives are backwards compatible but you will see zero benefit on your board as it's only gen. 3. The rest of you guys are missing the core question from OP...
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    The Cosmic Dawn of Technology

    Pretty sure he's in Boca Chica, Texas.
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    What to do with 2TB 970 NVMe. Replace OS Drive? Add New Drive?

    Also depends on what the second M.2 slot is. Might be PCIe X2 or X4 V 2, which would cripple anything that's put in it.
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    RAM timings that worked fine with 3600 unexpectedly causing crashing with 5900X

    Running my Ripjaws (3600 Cas 16 set) at 3466 Cas 14 on my 2600x. These are Hynix chips. Seems to run fine (only running 1.4 V DRAM and 1.025 SOC)
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    Pc does not detect sata ssd

    For a Samsung drive?
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    Microsoft Internal Documents - Permanent Work From Home

    My new position requires on site due to having to work on the onsite hardware as well as needing that direct to the RDC connection for what I'm doing. Before, I was WFH.
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    In the Fortnight market, Epic has 100% monopoly-so what? By your definition, Epic should be allowing other companies to market a Battle Royale game named Fortnight and running on the Unreal engine. And while we're on that road, other people should be able to create and sell stupid hats to sell...
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Okay-Apple's house and Epic agreed to the house rules when they requested a key. Once they walked in, they took a steaming crap on the living room floor, then bitched when Apple tossed their ass. Let me type this out real slow for those that seem to not get it-WHEN YOU AGREE TO A CONTRACT, DON'T...
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    You should let Apple know about this. I'm sure that they will change their requirements if it means that you will develop apps for iOS.
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Key part in red. You don't sign a contract agreeing to the terms of that contract then get to break the contract without repercussions. Epic can DIAF as far as I'm concerened. Bust a deal, face the wheel.
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    Epic Games Sues Apple

    Why should they? Because you think so? Sounds pretty entitled to me.
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    Oculus to require a Facebook account

    Got it covered!
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    EVGA Bstock 1080Ti @ $399, 1yr warranty.

    Bjamm, my 1080 (non ti) has no issue whatsoever with 1440 at 144.
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    3900x vs 2x Xeon X5660

    Have a pair of these in an a T5500 Precision and they do like to camp in the boost. Very rarely drop down to 3.6.
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    Windows 10's next major update for 2021 codenamed Iron (Fe) 1-c

    There are a ton of things that cannot be adjusted or even found in the Windows 10 Settings pane that are still available in the classic control panel. Try to update your software catalog in SCCM in Settings and get back to me. Or make fine changes in the power management.
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    SpaceX - ISS - Space Sim Game

    Thank you for this insightful and informative post. I don't know how I was able to go about my day before you posted this.