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  1. jerry8169

    best long lasting thermal compound?

    Just curious, why are you so against Thermal Grizzly? I've been using it in my last couple of builds and had no issues with it.
  2. jerry8169

    It was at this very point in my last build...

    I bought that same distro plate that you have mounted in the side area, I thought it was for the front area. Was pissed at myself for not looking closer, but bit the bullet and got the front one so I could use that other area to mount fans. Thought shortly about throwing another 360 rad there...
  3. jerry8169

    Wiring new house

    Well, if nothing else, you can just have the conduit terminate in the attic near it's entrance, that way there's less trouble to run the new line, especially if there's any small areas between the attic entrance and where it needs to go, or if it's a 2 story house. Running a line down something...
  4. jerry8169

    Wiring new house

    The only thing I'd add to that kind of setup, if you can, is a conduit leading from outside to your main distro point in case of future upgrade needs, such as fiber optic cabling coming to your neighborhood for internet service. That would make the runs easier, even if it's just into the attic...
  5. jerry8169

    It was at this very point in my last build...

    I have a 360 radiator at top and bottom in my XL, fits just fine. I did use the EK front mounted distro plate, then used the side area for more fans, so 10 in total moving air in the case.
  6. jerry8169

    rumor: Windows 11 reveal coming June 24th (codename: Sun Valley)

    Lot's of tech people live and work in the Central time zone as well.
  7. jerry8169

    rumor: Windows 11 reveal coming June 24th (codename: Sun Valley)

    And it'll be 10AM where it really matters, so what's your point?
  8. jerry8169

    Lost Ark

    With a name like Lost Ark, I was expecting something Indiana Jones related.
  9. jerry8169

    EVGA indivdually sleeved power supply cables - any options?

    I've got a set from cablemod, never had any issues with them, haven't checked their reviews on amazon lately, but if you order, be sure to enter the corect PSU, I can see someone making a mistake in that and getting some witht he wrong pinout and causing an issue.
  10. jerry8169

    AIO CPU and GPU - need a little help on placement, fans etc please

    AIOs are fine for noise, never had an issue with them, switched from air to an AIO many years ago. That led to a full custom soft tube loop, and now a custom hard tube custom loop. I have 10 fans in my case pusihing air in where it can, then out on the 2 360mm radiators in the case, and I...
  11. jerry8169

    Is there anyone who still owns a Logitech G7?

    I used to have that mouse as well, even had a friend that stopped using his so I grabbed his batteries for more power, then a couple oif the batteries started to swell, so I got rid of them. Eventually, they all stopped charging, so had to move on. If I still had it, I'd gladly send it your...
  12. jerry8169

    I microwaved a R9 390X gaming and now my pc won't run after 3rd time

    That sounds like more fun. Maybe use tannerite if you have a hard time finding C4... lol
  13. jerry8169

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Nerfs Not Only Ethereum Hash Rate But Also Other Coin Algorithms

    Well, a "video card" has a "Graphical Processing Unit", maybe, just maybe, it's intended to do something with a video signal.
  14. jerry8169

    NVIDIA GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Nerfs Not Only Ethereum Hash Rate But Also Other Coin Algorithms

    Watching everyone complain about the limited hash on video cards reminds me of people who complained when they put cold medicine behind a counter because of everyone buying it to make illegal drugs. The cold medicine wasn't being marketed as an ingredient, but some were using it for that, so...
  15. jerry8169

    Is using 10-years old power supplies a concern?

    Try I ordered a full set of cables for my Seasonic and there were options to add more cables if desired. I ordered them to get the whole set to be sleeved, but if you're just looking for one or two, I'm sure they can help you. Or, if you're just wanting the extra for things...
  16. jerry8169

    How Many CPU Cores Do You Need For Great PC Gaming?

    No such thing as enough.
  17. jerry8169

    something big is coming (amd)

    I think you may be asking for too much...
  18. jerry8169

    JBS cyberattack forces shutdown of all company's USA beef plants

    I like to eat things that only eat plants... Vegans have voluntarily moved themsleves down the food chain in my opinion...
  19. jerry8169

    GPU prices — is the worst behind us ?

    Lisa "Mary" Su also bad, but don't worry, they won't have a limited launch like others...
  20. jerry8169

    New PC build, finally got lucky in a product shuffle

    If you're really wanting that 11900k, and you have a microcenter close by, they have them at 519, instead of newegg 589 on your list. Otherwise, I agree with the rest of the folks who have chimed in, save the money and go for the 11700k, where again if you have a microcenter close to you, they...
  21. jerry8169

    Lian li o11 dynamic noise issue with intake fans on the bottom panel

    I'm using the XL version of the case, haven't noticed any fan noise issue, but, I do have a radiator both top and bottom, so that might be keeping it quiet.
  22. jerry8169

    What is your "coping" strategy for the time until you can get a latest-model Nvidia/AMD GPU?

    My "coping" involved getting a water block for my 2080ti and adding it to my loop to overclock it harder to get better performance. Mixed results, but at least it looks good, lol.
  23. jerry8169

    Pump turns on bit isn't moving liquid

    Should be good, the 2 ports above your jumper there, those are going to the cpu block, correct? Otherwise, you'll need to do another short jumper of tube to connect those runs in the distro plate as well.
  24. jerry8169

    How much memory are you guys running?

    I used to have a setup that used triple channel ram, had to install in sets of 3 instead of 2, but that didn't seem to last long, guess it was more of a fad than anything else.
  25. jerry8169

    How much memory are you guys running?

    I'm using 32GB in my machine currently, but I know that's more than I need right now. But, then, I always overbuild my system to try to get it to last longer so I can wait a couple of generations at least before upgrading/rebuilding.
  26. jerry8169

    Pump turns on bit isn't moving liquid

    Mine was close enough the 2 90s touched, so I just connected them to each other. That was before I added the gpu to the loop, now all the runs are connected to things for me. This is the EK distro plate for the front of a Lian Li 011XL case that I'm using.
  27. jerry8169

    Pump turns on bit isn't moving liquid

    I had to put a short hop in my distro plate before I had my gpu in the loop. It was close enough I just used 2 90s and they met up. If yours wants a bit more room, then a couple of 90s, or a couple of straight fittings, and just use some soft tube to make a loop. Hopefully your distro plate...
  28. jerry8169

    Mining on GPU, exploit or part of intended use?

    Mine wasn't designed for that use.....
  29. jerry8169

    Are there any air flow cases with support of 280mm radiators on top?

    My bad then, I could have sworn I remembered it did a 280 radiator on the top. Sorry for the accidental misinformation.
  30. jerry8169

    Are there any air flow cases with support of 280mm radiators on top?

    You might also look at the Phanteks P360A. GN did a review of it and it seems to have good airflow, and is certainly within the budget you mentioned and will support a top mounted 280 radiator.
  31. jerry8169

    Tempered glass case shattered

    I too amintrigued. I am using the Lian Li 011XL case, it has 2 glass sides, and I moved it from a friend's house to mine several times as we were working on some troubleshooting I was having an issue with. I never had any damage to it, and since it has a custom hard tube water loop in it, I...
  32. jerry8169

    Identify a used GPU card that was used in mining?

    If the fans are really the biggest worry, then I won't have an issue with buying a used card since I have a custom loop and would take the stock cooler off of it and put a water block on it. I really appreciate a lot of the information in this thread, I was worried about a card used primarily...
  33. jerry8169

    GeForce RTX 3080 Ti Hits Overseas Market at Objectionable Prices

    Same, I put a waterblock on my 2080ti to get better overclocking out of it so I can use it longer.
  34. jerry8169

    Will a new SSD work on old computer?

    Should be fine, there's a plethora of videos on youtube of people doing the same thing. It's one of the easiest way to speed up an older system. Just plug in the sata and power cables to the drive, and make sure the computer can see it, then carry on.
  35. jerry8169

    M.2 SSDs that use SATA protocol - Why?

    I haven't used one either while building computers, but if it makes someone more comfortable doing so, it doesn't hurt anything to use a properly grounded strap. Just don't think putting a rubber bracelet like the Verge video on your arm is going to do any good, there aren't any wireless ground...
  36. jerry8169

    M.2 SSDs that use SATA protocol - Why?

    That depends, if you're just using a rubber bracelet like that Verge video, then that isn't doing a damn thing. However, if you have a strap and a ground point to connect it to, then you are draining any charge from you and keeping it away from your electronics. Most consumer electronics...
  37. jerry8169

    what case is this

    If you believe they were created and not born, then no, they wouldn't since a belly button is the scar from the umbilical cord.
  38. jerry8169

    Using a Seasonic GM-650 PCIe cable on a ASUS THOR 850W Platinum (Seasonic made)

    I wouldn't try to mix the cables from different powersupplies. Either get in touch with ASUS to get an additional cable made for the PS, or go to a site like and see if they have some they make for your ps.