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  1. WaXmAn

    EVGA x299 Dark + Intel 9800x CPU
  2. WaXmAn

    Netgear cable modem routers + Secret Labs chair

    NETGEAR Nighthawk X4S C7800 Dual-Band AC3200 Router with DOCSIS 3.1 Cable Modem Netgear C7000 V2 Nighthawk AC1900 Wifi Cable Modem Router Netgear AC1750 1300 Mbps 4 Port 3.0 Dualband Gigabit Wireless AC Router R6300V2...
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    Witcher 3 FREE for Titan X owners through Geforce Experience

    Witcher 3 is officially free here for Titan X owners: I hope I can still get a key once I get home from work :)
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    3 x EVGA Nvidia GTX Titan 6GB SC Superclocked Graphic Cards with EKWB waterblocks

    Selling my 3 Titans as a package deal with EK waterblocks and EK backplates with EK 3-way bridge.
  5. WaXmAn

    WTF is going on here :(

    So, I have used my custom WC'd PC with distilled water for 6 months (never any issues). This last weekend I tried out feser one liquid after trying the first 6 months with distilled water. I went tonight to top off the res and I see this below: This doesn't seem good at all :( Time to...
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    Intel Retail Edge "Summer Deal" 2014

    Starts May 14 You may order Deal 1 OR Deal 2 (one per person!). Shipping $12.50 (USD)—Continental U.S. $30.00 (USD)—Hawaii or Alaska $36.00 (USD)—Canada or Puerto Rico Deal #1 4th Generation Intel® Core™ i7-4770K Desktop Processor Premium performance for your most demanding tasks...
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    8x Intel Xeon E5410 Quad Core 2.33GHz & Lot of 16 x Micron 1GB DDR2 sticks

    8x Intel Xeon E5410 Quad Core 2.33GHz Cpu's Micron 1GB DDR2 sticks x 16
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    IBM WaterWold

    Welcome to IBM’s Supercomputer Waterworld of the Future. Pretty sweet!!
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    Forza Horizon for xbox 360 $15

    Great Deal for a game that just came out!
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    GTX 680 on NEWEGG :) Go Go!!! Looks like $509. Got my order in before they went to crap links!!!
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    2011 Intel Retail Edge Holiday Deal LIVE

    Deal specs are now LIVE!!!! Includes: 2nd Gen Intel® Core™ i7-2700k desktop processor (.32 nm process technology) Intel® Desktop Board DP67BG Extreme series McAfee* All Access 2012 TrackMania 2: Canyon* (code for download) Pricing: Rock Legends: $224 USD Rockstars: $239 USD Members: $254...
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    Logitech Harmony 1000 Control 130.45 HOT

    Sweet deal here :D Logitech Harmony 1000 Advanced Universal Remote Control
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    4870x2 @ for $469.99 SHIPPED

    Just got email from BestBuy and my 4870X2 just shipped out. Wanted to let everyone know this deal is GOOD :)
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    EVGA 680i/780i Promo RMA Address

    Well I got my email to send back my 680i for the new 780i. But one problem, the email has NO address on where to send the 680i back for the upgrade. I want to get the 680i mobo sent in ASAP. I emailed EVGA but there closed for a few days. Just wondering if anyone who sent there 680i in already...
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    W00t: 680i Motherboard Upgrade Promotion

    Just got this in my email :) EVGA is proud to announce the 680i Motherboard Upgrade Promotion. EVGA is offering a special (1) one time upgrade promotional program to all of its (122-CK-NF68-XX)* registered customers. This program is for a limited time and will run for 60 days...
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    DFI LP UT NF680I LT SLI-T2 LGA 775 NVIDIA nForce 680i @ NEWEGG

    Finally in stock for the people wanting one :)
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    OCZ Technology ProXStream 1000w Power Supply

    Anyone think this will be a Good psu?
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    FS: DFI Expert, AMD X2, OCZ 2gb ram, Zalman 7700Alcu

    delete :(
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    Official Quad drivers 91.45's

    Nvidia just released the new official quad sli drivers. Fixed my Dell lcd dvi issues. Got a fps boost in the gamez I tried. Go get them Now :)
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    Conroe pre-orders from Monarch

    Well, I just got this email from Monarch Computer, Thank you for your Core 2 Duo Pre-Order with Monarch Computer! We are working directly with Intel in order to provide these processors to everyone as quickly as possible. You may have noticed the ETA on the website has changed. This is an...
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    EVGA 7950 gx2 Quad sli Widscreen issue

    Well I have had Quad sli now for one week and it hasnt worked good once. I have 2 evga 7950 gx2's in Quad sli on my Dfi Expert with a Pc power and cooling 850 running them. When using one 7950 only widescreen works on my dell 2005fpw, but when I go to quad sli on my dell 2005fpw games dont work...
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    mixing evga and xfx 7900 gtx's for sli

    I have had my evga 7900 gtx for a week and now dell decided to send me the xfx 7900 gtx I cancelled. Can I take both brands and put them together for sli? Will they work together? Can it kill the cards? Sorry if this is a dumb question.
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    EVGA 7900GTX vs EVGA 7900GTX Superclock

    I have been looking at both the EVGA 7900GTX and the EVGA 7900GTX superclock. All I see is that the EVGA 7900GTX superclock is faster out of the box. Are they the same identical cards? Does the EVGA 7900GTX superclock have a better OC'ing gpu and ram, or is the superclock just the same as the...