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  1. dr_drift

    Acronis True Image HD

    Bought an SSD which came with Acronis True Image HD for free. But who cares about that when there are better free programs out there (Cobian, anyone?). Anyway, giving away the license key free to whoever needs Acronis. PM me
  2. dr_drift

    XFX AMD R9 290 Double Dissipation Black Edition

    Selling my XFX AMD R9 290 Double Dissipation Black Edition on eBay. Going back to Nvidia. Any questions, let me know! Thanks for looking. Edit: Wow, this guy's a real idiot for not posting the link. This is his smarter twin editing his post. Link here.
  3. dr_drift

    Double post

    Double post.
  4. dr_drift

    New Folder Checking In

    Decided months ago to build a NAS with Christmas Newegg money and figured with all the time it'd be sitting idle, I'd just go ahead and build a 24/7 folding rig. Just started it up yesterday and finished my first WU. It's not much, but I didn't want to take that big a hit on the power bill, so I...