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  1. Lazorz_Go_PewPew

    Recent prints!

    I've been playing around with Hatchbox filaments lately. Found this on Thingiverse This skull was printed in Hatchbox Magnetic Iron at .12 layers, 20% infil, 4 outlines I rusted it by first sanding, then soaking it in a solution of saline and hydrogen...
  2. Lazorz_Go_PewPew

    Lenovo entering VR arena with sub $400 contender Comes with two 1440x1440 panels, supposedly does room scale, no mention of motion controllers. No word on a release date. While it's nice to see a major manufacturer attempting to enter the market, it looks like they had to make...
  3. Lazorz_Go_PewPew

    ASIC quality for benched cards?

    Do you guys think it would be helpful if Brent and Kyle include the ASIC rating for cards that hit the [H] bench? I'd image it would help gauge our own overclocks based on the [H] settings and rating. Am I way off base here?
  4. Lazorz_Go_PewPew

    280x Crossfire to GTX 980?

    I was hoping my CrossFire 280x would hold out until the 3xx series launch, but it just wasn't meant to be. I had picked up both used and always felt that I would drive them into the ground. A few weeks ago, one of the two started giving significant artifacts, crashing, detecting as a generic...
  5. Lazorz_Go_PewPew

    i5 4690k maxing out at 4.3

    I recently upgraded from my i5 760 to a shiny new i5 4690k (being cooled by a Corsair H100i) with an Asus Maximus VII Hero motherboard. I have 2x 4GB sticks of Crucial Ballistix Sport ( BLS4G3D1609DS1S00 ). I also have 2x r9 280x, 2x 10k RPM drives and an SSD. This is all being powered by a...
  6. Lazorz_Go_PewPew

    Going backwards? 1156 or 1366 (or neither)?

    I recently upgraded from a C2Q 6700 to a second hand i5 760 with an EVGA P55. I added a Corsair H100i and a CX750w Corsair PSU. I've managed a resonable 4.2Ghz from the stock 2.8Ghz. My problem is that, just the other day, I had someone gift me an i7 965 Extreme and an Intel DX58SO. Should I...
  7. Lazorz_Go_PewPew

    Suggestions for PhysX performance benchmarks

    I'm thinking of adding my old 8800GT to take the load off of my GTX760, but I'm not sure if the performance difference is going to be great enough to offset the additional power consumption and heat production. Does anyone have suggestions for an accurate physx performance benchmark?