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    3700x 4.3GHz Voltages

    Ran a few tests on a new build I'm working on for a friend and I managed to push my 3700x to 4.3GHz all core @ 1.238v (1.3v bios w/ vdroop). I haven't seen much binning info on the silicon quality of 3700x's and I want to know if this is normal or if my voltage is particularly low. Don't mind...
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    LG 34" WQHD 1440p Ultrawide 144hz $896.99

    Not exactly a DEAL per se but for those seeking a hard to find monitor like this, I ordered it "backordered" last week and it just shipped - coming in tomorrow.
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    Rift S / Quest retail buying tips

    Posted on my reddit account as well: Just got my rift S yesterday last week from Best Buy after three weeks of trying! My experience using stock trackers: StockInformer - works for Amazon Walmart and Newegg NowInStock - doesn't work for anything Zoolert - works for Amazon and BestBuy (used...
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    [DEAD] LG 34" Ultrawide IPS Monitor $215 Amazon

    "LG 34UM69G-B 34-Inch 21:9 UltraWide IPS Monitor with 1ms Motion Blur Reduction and FreeSync" Found it on Amazon. I just picked it up to check it out. 200 for an ultrawide IPS isn't bad imo. 5ms GTG response time but apparently...
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    Haswell, Yay or Nay?

    The new Intel Haswell 4770k CPU based on some benchmarks perform slightly faster than the 3770k. Is it worth it to upgrade my 3770k to a 4770k? How much do you think my trusty 3770k is worth? (4.7@1.35v)
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    Strange shutdown?

    Simply, whenever I turn on VirtuMVP Virtual Vsync and run GTA IV. My computer just shuts down and reboots. Strange combination. Any explanation? (rhymed a little there)
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    VirtuMVP works!

    At first I was skeptical but it seems VirtuMVP really improved my 3DMark 11 score! 3770k with a GTX 680 on a ASRock Z77 Extreme 4 Mobo! Here is my score before VirtuMVP (Clock speed is actually 3.7GHz I have no clue why it doesn't show that...) After...
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    Storm scout, H80, 3770k 680 temps?

    So I made the change from AMD to Intel, sold my 1100T to get a 3770K and i'm quite satisfied. I have two 6870's running in CF ~ I'm selling them soon. Now my problem is since i'm not familiar with intel and the new ivy bridge, I have no clue what temps I should be getting. The 3770K is cooled by...
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    Phenom II x6 1100T price?

    I still have my 1100T from like two years ago. I bought it at frys for 199 and got a good deal for it. I'm planning on upgrading to intel 3770k and found that 1100t's still sell for around 200. How is it that the 1100T has such a high resale value. I found nothing special about this processor in...
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    Mini AC Interior Case Cooling idea.

    I randomly decided today to search for a mini AC and found It's powered by usb or batteries. I was wondering what would happen if I placed one of these next to my H60 Radiator (sucks in air from the inside of the...
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    6870 Eyefinity heat problems

    I've got my Asus 6870 Direct CU connected to 2 15" vga monitors and 1 DVI-D 21.5" (Syncmaster 214T) Obviously this config doesn't normally work so I use SoftTH. My idle temps are 44C and load goes up to 80C which often leads me to crash. I have a pretty storm scout with a H60 blowing...