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    Best Buy Beta

    Or more accurately she let one employee invest into her? On subject though If this gave same day delivery to my house for all the store pickup shit I buy from there I would pay it. Even better if the concierge was able to put my name on a GPU before they drop.
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    2.5g issues, Do I need a switch?

    Yea I went ahead & ordered a 2.5gbit switch today. Its quite the task to run anything new even in the same room with the cable management I have everywhere. So I am hopefully going to have it all done at once. Already gotta pull shit apart because I got a new mouse & had to run a new displayport...
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    2.5g issues, Do I need a switch?

    yeah I know that switch has some miles on it. The link you have isn’t even to the chipset I’m using now but the issue is identical between the Intel and realtek.
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    2.5g issues, Do I need a switch?

    Title isnt exactly what the question is.. I am having issues with random drops while connected via ethernet. Going to try to step through whats going on in order Base setup is Cat 5e going to a DLink DGS-1024D Everything was good with no issues using onboard intel gigabit ethernet. 25'...
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    Meshify Mini C microatx king?

    The O11 Mini is probably the most versatile case out there without being super large. My build is in it now. Just put it together this weekend & have it mostly done. Waiting on Unifan's to get here before I complete it. The motherboard tray's modularity is what really makes it. Its not a hugely...
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    Microcenter has dropped price ...AMD 5800x $429

    I was in the same school of thought.. Did get a 5800x though.. But not till I could snag one for 400 shipped (from the FS/T forums so no tax). This made it slightly cheaper then the 5600x per core. Which I already had, but I needed another CPU for my kid. So instead of her getting a 3600x for...
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    [DEAD] Costco: Klipsch ProMedia 2.1 Speakers $90 w/ FS

    Well shit I was in Costco yesterday & damn near bought these... Now the brickseek is showing in stock for 69 at the walmart I always go to & have to drive by twice later today.
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    New and Improved Watercooling Sticky - Post Your Systems Here

    This is my first custom loop. 5600x & rx6800 under EK blocks in a NR200p. Single 240 rad I am finding is not enough. I was going to add a 2nd 240 in the top, but my daughter had another idea. She sees the shiny RGB & wants a gaming rig of her own so I am moving some over to a O11 Mini with dual...
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    What water-block for ASUS KO RTX 3070 OC?

    Hey I love seeing this. I actually bought the 3070 KO & then the same Bkyski block from Aliexpress for my first watercooled build.. Ended up buying another GPU that I could get a block for much faster (Reference rx6800 so the EK blocks were readily available) and sold the 3070 local for the cost...
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    Man, I miss power supply deals

    I was going to build a new gaming PC last month... But couldnt find a PSU & I didnt want to re-use my current one as I wanted to pass it down to my girlfriend who was going to pass her PC down to her daughter... Couldnt find a PSU at a half way rasonable price so bought a new NAS & 6x 10TB...
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    Best place to buy a new phone outright?

    What kinda phone you getting? Direct from the manufacturer gets my vote for new. Swappa for used.
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    New phone under $600

    My gf traded in her v30 for the 3a XL and she is digging the speed increase. Those are quite the performers for the cost, especially if you got a trade in to get it for nearly nothing.
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    Borderlands: The Handsome Collection 94% OFF on Steam

    Never played any of the borderlands stuff, but my & my girlfriend both just purchased this. I play pretty much exclusively FPS & she plays RPG's.. Maybe this will be the first game we can play together in a long time.
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    Twitch Streamer Ninja Was Paid $1 Million by EA to Stream 'Apex Legends'

    Apex would of taken off without a dime paid to the top streamers on launch. It's a damn good game and it's f2p. Would it of been this same meteoric overnight hit, no not at all.. But it's a damn good example in a very popular segment.
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    LG V40 ThinQ - OMG this thing is crazy cool

    I have it & still use it daily for watching video's at work. No burn in, still a fantastic phone if you dig the whole big phone thing.
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    Samsung Galaxy S10

    So while I always have multiple devices at a time the Galaxy s10e is the first phone in the last few years that I wanted to use as my primary instead of an iPhone. I got my iPhone X 256 late last February & less then a week later I got my Galaxy s9+. Since then I have also had the note 9, G7...
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    What is the 2080 worth vs the 2070

    Well here we are almost 3 months later and I finally got the approval for the step up... Just couldn't do it though. So far DLSS is nothing but vaporware which gives me zero reason to spend 360 bucks to upgrade when I play one game and I play it with the frames capped and the settings not...
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    New phone under $600

    The only phone that meets what your looking for regardless of price is the 6t.. the only other phone with the ram and band 71 is full of bloat and well over budget.
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    2nd network with limited bandwidth? Oh & Mesh too?

    I currently have a TM1900 (Tmobile version of the Asus AC68u) and I find myself needing a couple things this doesn't give me.. Coverage: I need to cover 2 houses total. The Router & modem are in my office at one edge of my house & the signal is weak & constantly lags/drops at the far end of my...
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    Best currently available phone for recording video?

    the v40's overkill on cameras would probably be the ticket for you.
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    Looking to buy 5 phones, replaceable battery is number one req

    All phones have replaceable batteries if you try hard enough..
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    What is the 2080 worth vs the 2070

    Well not many votes in the poll.. but they are all for the 2080.. I'm now in the step up queue for a 2080.
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    What is the 2080 worth vs the 2070

    I know its a non issue right now, but the DLSS was showing a huge step up (~30%) in performance for PUBg based on the initial nVidia slide. So even the side step should eventually lead to a substantial performance increase.
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    What is the 2080 worth vs the 2070

    So I am going to upgrade my 1080 to either a 2070 or 2080.. I just got it from EVGA not too long ago so I still qualify for Step Up. I am considering one of the following. EVGA GeForce RTX 2070 XC BLACK EDITION GAMING, 08G-P4-2071-KR or EVGA GeForce RTX 2080 XC BLACK EDITION GAMING...
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    World Exclusive RTX 2070 Review

    Man all I gotta say is good job on not signing that NDA.. Hopefully this gets NV thinking about it & how to make it a bit more fair as if they had came back with a fair NDA that you would of signed then you couldn't of released this..
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    Anyone else think Samsung is a pathetic company

    Oh they conenct fine every time to either my S9+ or my iPhone X... They worked fine for the first 6 months or so, then one day just no freeking sound from just the right side which is what I use almost exclusively (work headset is covering my left)
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    Anyone else think Samsung is a pathetic company

    My over priced gear icon X earbuds that have almost zero volume out of one side and hundreds of other similar complaints on the Samsung forums says I agree..
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    Carmageddon: Max Damage and others for a dollar !

    I grabbed the tier 3... For that many games even if they are like 20 minutes of entertainment each I get my moneys worth
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    The RTX 2070 Will be Released on October 17

    I'm in a bit different boat then most waiting for the 2070.. I just bought my 1080 new from EVGA so this will be out while I still qualify for step up.. if the performance is on par and I'm out 150 or less to get the new features that I can't actually use yet I'll most likely snag one. I'm...
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    Poll: Will you be buying a 2080Ti/2080/2070?

    For now I dont see a compelling reason to upgrade the 1080 I just got to a 2080 or much less the TI.. However if the 2070 is available for step up before my 90 days is up I may do that if everything else is on par with the 1080 just for a little extra future proofing of the tech.. Plus I play...
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    Everything You Need to Know about the iPhone XS in 1 Minute

    I've had my X some February.. also have an s9 plus. Personally didn't feel like the was anything new with the Xs or the note 9. My girlfriend will probably get the Xr next month when it comes out though. Only for the sake of animoji though.
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    Apple Special Event (Sept 12 2018)

    I have an iPhone X 256gb & before that I had the 7 & 8 (actually went SE, 7 32gb, 8 64gb, then 7 256gb because I got it on sale for less then I owed on my 8 & then I won the X) and of the new phones I cant see enough new in the Xs to justify even a hundred bucks more for the difference unless...
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    New phone

    from the 2016 to the 2017 version of the same low end phone is a very small upgrade.. You would probably be better off just resetting yours & installing a less bloat filled launcher like nova. Touchwiz isnt bad when you have the horsepower to push it, but you really dont.
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    Not being able to report the truth as you see it is also no benefit to a hardware review and journalism site. The only real question is what is the lesser of the evils.
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    It only takes the first of each series to judge how each stacks up against the last generation though.
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    T-Mobile Suffers Security Breach That May Affect Millions

    Would you expect your CC company to have your SSN? And given that T-Mobile post paid customers get a line of credit to finance phones its all the same to me.
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    I voted no.. Based solely off of time.. What your looking at is basically no launch day review for this gen & then maybe one other based on the 2 years since the 1080 launch. I would rather see the unrestricted [H] for 5 years then get the reviews a little faster for the maybe 3 times that's...
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    The Future of Diablo?

    I'm a huge fan of D3, but no that's not an over simplification.. this season it took me less then 6 hours of playtime total solo before I could walk through a t13.. Once you know the builds which haven't really changed in several seasons getting the builds are easy. You learn what to drop and...
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    WHY? 18:9

    I love the 18:9 screens.. it feels wrong when I use standard screen size device.
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    Sync phone over wifi?

    I just use Google photos and then I can get to the photos from any computer and they are backed up as well