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    Flash on Chrome...nothing but problems

    nothing but freaking issues with Flash in Chrome for 2 days now. it will constantly crash and I will lose audio in the browser. I have to restart Chrome to get audio back. now every Flash video just stops at 7 seconds no matter what. everything works fine in IE and this just pisses me off so...
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    cant access the AMD sub forum

    I had posted in this thread but noticed it was not showing in my subscriptions. I then realized that the AMD sub forums dont even show up for me at all today when I am logged in.
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    question about defrag on the Seagate SSHD

    I just bought the 2TB Seagate SSHD since there was a pretty decent deal on it. do I defrag this like a normal drive or will that be an issue with it having 8GB flash? I have not done a lot of research on this drive and I am at lunch and that question popped in my head.
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    Windows 8.1 ram limit

    do I need Pro version to use more than 16gb of ram for Windows 8.1? I thought this would be an easy thing to search but for some reason cant find it.
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    tempered glass or matte for QNIX QX2710

    I had bought a 144hz Asus VG248QE but overall was not impressed. other than 144hz, it was still TN garbage and no better than my 5 year old Dell S2409W. I am now looking seriously at the QNIX QX2710. the glossy option is out because I cant stand that. I see they have a tempered glass...
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    Pre-Purchase Amnesia: A Machine for Pigs $15.99

    okay maybe just warm being 20% off but $15.99 for the pre order of this game sounds pretty sweet.
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    just got screwed by uplay

    uplay by itself would not launch so I had to launch Far Cry 3 by itself. I went to click continue and I cant because my only options to start a new game. I am beyond pissed off right now. I sure as hell am not starting this damn game over again after over 2 hours of playing. the game was working...
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    why was Killzone so popular?

    really I just dont get it. I just tried playing the HD remake of the first game and was bored to death. I figured it was just so old and that the gameplay was just outdated. I gave up after an hour and moved on to Killzone 2 which feels almost the same except not as cheesy. its just not...
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    Geforce 320.14 beta for Metro Last Light and gains in other games too

    these are what you want for Metro Last Light but as you can see there are some nice improvements over the last official drivers in several games. EDIT: btw I think these are nothing more than the 320.00 beta drivers with added Metro Last Light support.
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    wow the 360 controller eats batteries

    I bought my 360 new around Xmas last year and maybe have used it about 10-12 hours and the batteries are already dead. in fact they died a month ago and I had forgot about until I decided to fire up a game today. its hard to believe that rumors say the new xbox will stick to the same stupid...
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    adaptive vsync not working properly in Hitman Absolution

    this is not the first game where adaptive vsync does not work properly. in Metro 2033 it will stutter then tear even though regular vsync works fine cause I am above 60 fps the whole time on the settings I am using. now for Hitman it is a weird issue. I have no tearing unless of course below...
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    Corsair TX650 V2 $49.99 after $20 mir

    $69.99 up front with the $20 off promo code EMCXWVL24 that ends 2/4 then $20 mail in rebate makes it $49.99.
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    313.95 beta This is the recommended GeForce driver for the Crysis 3 Multiplayer Open Beta. It delivers a smoother gaming experience, and boosts SLI performance by up to 65%. EA’s recommended GeForce GPU for Crysis 3 is a...
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    Anyone have experience with the Recon3D USB External Sound Enhancer? I have not had any sound card make it more than a few months in any pc without issues so I figured I would try one of these. plus I have a PS3 and XBOX360 so might try it on those too. there does not seem to be too many...
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    new card causing slight buzz noise through headphone

    I finally decided to play some games on the new gtx660ti and I noticed a slight buzzing noise coming through my headphones once I get past the splash screens on any game. the noise will vary at times from a buzz to a little whirring noise. changing the volume or even muting it has no impact. I...
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    you need "gold" membership just to watch netflix on 360?

    I thought I would try out a 360 and I will be damned if they don't require a freaking gold membership just to watch netflix. that is asinine as its free on other consoles and I already pay 8 bucks a month for netflix which I hardly can justify that some months. my console experience so far has...
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    RE 5 freaking way to play extra episodes?

    I played RE 5 on the pc so I have no save on the the PS 3 gold version I am using at the moment. seems pretty stupid that I have go play the entire freaking game to play lost in nightmares and desperate escape. I tried using someone's PS 3 save but the game does not let you do that so why do...
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    just bought a PS3 and I am regretting it...

    I just bought one of the new super slim PS3 consoles and I cant believe how people put up with this. I am playing Uncharted and the disc player is loud as hell ruining the gaming experience especially during quiet parts of a game. the player itself is pretty loud but the whirring and speeding...
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    Metro 2033 $2.99 at GMG today only

    Metro 2033 is $3.98 at GMG today and the never ending coupon code GMG25-1BW0K-K1A3G still works making it $2.99. and of course there is still the THQ 5-Pack that includes Metro 2033, Company of Heroes, Saints Row 2, Red Faction...
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    Black Mesa finally coming out on Sept 14th

    a couple people in the know have said that Sept 14th is the date. yep they just updated the site
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    I deleted a folder from desktop but it did not got to the recycle bin

    as the title says, I deleted a folder from the desktop but it did not got to the recycle bin. it just completely disappeared after I deleted it which I have never seen happen before. it was a large folder containing some movies and the space did get freed up on the hard drive but why did it not...
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    WinSAT just randomly starts up

    ever since I got my GTX670, WinSAT will randomly start up every few days. it turns aero off and the starts using 25% of my cpu. after a few minutes its starts loading my gpu up too. obviously it can be turned off somehow but I have never ever seen this happen until getting the GTX670 which is odd.
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    boost not working properly on gtx670?

    okay at 70 C its supposed to drop by 13mhz or so. well mine is dropping twice that at 70 C. it goes from 1253mhz to 1241mhz at 69 C then it goes to 1228mhz at 70 C. power target is not the problem as that is only about 110% and I have set to 145% . EDIT: and this is at 98-99% gpu load so its...
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    Dead Space 2 hitching a little while walking around

    I fired up Dead Space 2 for the first time since getting my gtx670 and noticed some hitching when walking around. I had vsync forced on from the control panel and thought that might be causing it since the 600 series are having issues staying at 60 fps with vsync. before going to the control...
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    weird vsync issue with Crysis 2 with gtx670

    if I start up the game I cant go past 50 fps with vsync on but if I turn it off and then turn in back on it will work properly. to be clear I am well over 60 fps in these areas so it is an issue with vsync just not working properly in Crysis 2 for me. if I alt tab after I have it working...
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    my EVGA GTX670 FTW vs Galaxy GTX570 results

    I just got finished doing an out of the box comparison of my EVGA GTX FTW model vs my Galaxy GTX570. now the EVGA card is oced a bit from the factory and the Galaxy GTX570 is stock. I ran the GTX570 at stock speeds anyway for 99% of the time I owned it so I want to see how the EVGA GTX670...
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    Powercolor's new Devil 13 Three 8-pin PCI-Express power connectors Last week we wrote about Powercolor's latest Facebook teaser, the new mystery Devil 13 graphics card that will make its appearance at this year's Computex show that kicks off in...
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    what does wattage at 30C, 40C or 50C actually mean?

    I see wattage for 30C, 40C or 50C listed all the time but I am bit confused about what it actually means. if a power supply is rated for 400 watts at 30C does that mean if its hotter than that it may actually not be able to provide 400 watts?
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    what is the difference between these two headphones? like the title says, what is the difference between these two headphones? to me they look like the same...
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    Antec Neo Eco 520 watter is not working out...any other psu suggestions?

    I am not happy with my Antec Neo Eco 520 for a couple of reason. first its not fully compatible with my Cyberpower 600 watt pure sine wave UPS so the pc will shut down if under gaming load when the power goes out or even flickers. it works fine if idling or under light load and there are power...
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    7970 "preview" The HD 7970, codenamed “Tahiti”, launches this Thursday with but without availability for purchase until January 9th when the HD 7950 launches. So it is a paper-launch until the day before CES and you will...
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    grrr BSODs out of the blue

    just a couple of days ago I started getting BSODs. they only happen when the pc is idling or I am just surfing the web. most of the time I am not even at the pc and its doing nothing at all. I can think of nothing that was changed a couple of days ago and my pc is just fine for hours of gaming...
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    "require a password on wake up" keeps re enabling even after I turn it off

    starting about a week ago, my pc started going to the password screen when coming out of standby. I do not have a clue why it started doing that out of the blue. well I went to the "require a password on wake up" setting and turned it off. well now it will sometimes go right to the desktop but...
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    how do I get my 2500k to go back to 1.6 at idle after overclocking?

    right now I am at 4.2 with voltage set to 1.230 in BIOS. its perfectly stable in the 5 passes of IBT on maximum setting. 1.225 will blue screen right before IBT on maximum setting finishes so 1.230 is certainly the lowest I can use at 4.2. my problem is how do I get the cpu to go back to 1.6...
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    does 1 error in OCCT really mean much?

    I gave up on trying to oc my card since it cant go more than 7% without needing voltage just to be stable in all games. so I decided to stay at stock clocks and undervolt a bit from my stock 1.013 voltage. every game and benchmark was perfectly stable at .963 but I decided to use .975 just to be...
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    site keeps hanging up a bit

    pubads.g.doubleclick seems to be the cause. site just hangs for about 10-12 seconds and then when it loads, the ad at the top is not there. it has only properly loaded once for me in the last 30 minutes.
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    can a sound card take a lot of heat?

    I know this might seem silly but I was wondering if the sound card can handle a lot of heat. mine is directly above my gtx570 and it gets VERY hot. on the side where the SLI connector is the heat just pours out of that opening and up to the sound card directly above. I assume this should be okay...
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    gee you would think a gtx570 would not be bottleneck by a 2500K but...

    I just thought this was funny for such a dull looking game. there are spots in Fallout NV where I dip into the 50s and sometimes 40s. well even going from 1920x1080 to 1024x768 has no impact on those spots. I thought surely a stock 2500k would not be holding me back but I was wrong. of course...
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    being sent to

    several times this week when I click on my user cp I get sent to
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    why are all the new monitors I try terrible for gaming?

    a few months ago, my Acer H233H had stared flickering and crapping out on me so I had to trash it. it was fine for games and I never noticed jittering or blurriness when looking around in games. it had a 5ms rating which was nothing special. I have now tried 6 new monitors and every one of them...