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    MAG GML2427 23.6" 5ms, 2ms(GTG) 219.99 (199 AR)

    anyone seen them first hand? Last Mag monitor I bought was a CRT and it lasted almost 7 years.
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    W7 and Server2k3 roaming profiles

    Does windows 7 require server 2k8 for roaming profiles to work?
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    raid card choice. (esata)

    Does anyone use them? I'm looking for one to pair with this enclosure. But I can't seem to find one that supports a port multiplier and use an x8 or x16 slot the as the 1x is not enough bandwidth. Is this a bad solution? I have 8 320s left over and this looked the cheapest to get a backup...
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    SAMSUNG F1 HD502IJ 500GB SATA II 16MB 69$

    ZipZoomfly Part#: 10007683 Manufacturer SKU: HD502IJ List Price: $99.99 Our Price: $69.99 Instant Rebate: $30.00 Final Price: $69.99 im waiting for the 750's to come down more :(
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    scsi help

    I have a dell PE2650 that i have been using for awhile. it has the perc3/dc pci-x card in it. and i was able to get some u320 146g drives on the cheap so i bought 5. Now i want to upgrade the controller to get the 320 speed out of them. the perc3 is only good for 160. My question is, I can...
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    need help finding an Esata drive case.

    ive been looking for a dual drive esata case and all i can find are single ones. i did happen to find a dual bay on ebay but the price is high IMO for a small case and power supply.
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    moving from amd to intel

    I'm thinking about moving from my FX60 machine to a quad core intel and I have some questions I thought maybe someone could awnser. Can you run 4 sticks of ram at full speed? I know if i did that right now my fsb would lower to 333.
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    dell 35% off (one time use coupon)

    Q0W97$11VKQRDG *Post when you use it so I can close the thread. 1 Single-use coupon. Offer excludes the Inspiron e1405s2 and cannot be combined with other dollars off, mail-in rebates or percent off offers. One coupon may be applied per cart at checkout. Coupon offer does not apply...
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    help, lost software

    awhile back i found some linux install scripts on this forum that would download f@h, install it, detect if there is multiple cpus and then makes a startup script. long story short i lost a hard drive and now i cant find that application has anyone seen what im talking about?
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    `ihs removed. need advice

    i picked up a dual core 920 or 930 for free with the ihs removed. ive got a mobo for it to go in. only question i have is how do you put a heatsink on it with out crushing the two cores?
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    painting first case

    im getting ready to sand the case and what not. what grit should i use for sanding, painting, and finishing?. i tried searching but can't find anything on it. i plan on using just a block hand sander, that holds the paper, and a dremel for the more fine detailed work...
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    woot! dual p3

    up and folding. fold on bishes!
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    what causes artifacting?

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    best way to set up sli?

    I've read through many threads on sli, and went ahead and purcashed two evga 7800gt co. should i install one card, then the drivers and then the second card? install it all at once? motherboard is an Asus p5n32-sli deluxe. I've tried calling them for support, but everytime after...
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    pump question.

    My water-cooling setup is consisted of 1/4" tubing, and I like it that way for now. I'm more for how quiet it is over overclocking. My pump went out and I can't find a 1/4" pump anywhere. So what i was thinking is getting a 3/8" pump (Danger Den DDC-12V) and just using 3/8" to 1/4" fittings to...
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    calling all [H]Parents.

    What kind of content filtering software you using for your kids? I don't want to use a content filtering router because i like my m0n0 wall set up. I know there is net nanny but i have heard its not the great.