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  1. thefordmccord

    Alphacool Eiskoffer Lucky Draw

    This makes my penis erect.
  2. thefordmccord

    Tick Tock - #BeForeTheGame

    Drink every time he says "ray".
  3. thefordmccord

    Ghetto Lan Rig All-In-One Build

    It's been a while, just thought I'd post an update on the LAN Rig. Some new pictures!
  4. thefordmccord

    What Mouse and Keyboard Are You Using Right Now?

    I'm still using a Logitech G710+ and a Steelseries Sensei.
  5. thefordmccord

    DOCSIS 3.1 Brings 10 Gbps Downstream, 1 Gbps Upstream to Cable Modems

    And in my state, about 70% of it does not have access to what is considered a broadband connection.
  6. thefordmccord

    KFA2 Leaks GeForce GTX 1070 Ti Pics

    My 1080 FTW has two 8 pin connections.
  7. thefordmccord

    ASUS Dual Series GeForce GTX Giveaway @ [H]ardOCP

    I'm also still a member of the 1366 club. I'm ready to rock out some Rocket League and PUB.
  8. thefordmccord

    1366 x58 Xeon Enthusiast overclocks club

    Best I could do on a X58 Sabertooth.
  9. thefordmccord

    Verizon Offering $70 FiOS Gigabit Service for New Customers

    I pay $70 a month for 5/0.3 from At&T... Fuck them.
  10. thefordmccord

    Educate me on bonding vs load balancing

    I also live in the sticks and can only get DSL. You will be hating life.
  11. thefordmccord

    How Playing on Wi-Fi Hurts Your Game

    I just finished wiring my 30 year old, 2 story house. It was a giant pain in the ass, but it was worth it.
  12. thefordmccord

    Ryzen 5 on the HardOCP Test Bench

    Sweet! I'll be keeping an eye out for the details on the giveaway, though, I never win anything.
  13. thefordmccord

    Post Your Workstations 2017

    I'm a fan of some Cougar Bait. I've been meaning to hit up their new place over in Georgetown.
  14. thefordmccord

    “Super” Wi-Fi May Finally Be Coming Your Way

    Satellite back in the day was receive only and you transmitted over a dial up modem. Bi-directional satellites for consumer internet connections didn't start to show up until the late 90s early 2000s...
  15. thefordmccord

    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Yeah, about 40 miles north east of Lexington. I'm at West Sixth at least once a week.
  16. thefordmccord

    Stunted Performance on GTX1080

    In that review, they are using a Intel Core i7-4960X 6c12t CPU @ 4.2GHz. Also, looks like your RAM is running very slow.
  17. thefordmccord

    Nvidia GeForce Live Event

    WooHoo! This means that the for sale section will be flooded with cheap 1080s next week!
  18. thefordmccord

    Gigabit LTE - The Path to 5G with Qualcomm, Ericsson, Netgear and Telstra

    Would be nice if I could get something faster than 5 megabit DSL at my house.
  19. thefordmccord

    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Sweet!! I used to have 3 15" Fi Qs in my wagon on a Sundown 3000D in a 12cf box tuned to 34. It got pretty nasty too. Now I have moved over to the other side and I'm currently doing a SQ install in my Scion TC.
  20. thefordmccord

    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Eh, I don't really care. It's just my name.
  21. thefordmccord

    Post Your Workstations 2017

    Here is my messy corner. And here is my work bench.
  22. thefordmccord

    More Ryzen Motherboards On Display at CES 2017

    I'm hoping it has an Intel network chipset. That would make me happy.
  23. thefordmccord

    AMD™ Ryzen© Blender® Benchmark Scores™©® Thread

    My home server with the render samples at 100.
  24. thefordmccord

    AMD Presents New Horizon

    That was after it was finished. It was 100% during the render.
  25. thefordmccord

    AMD Presents New Horizon

    On my server at the house 2X 2660 Xeons at stock. My sig rig took 1:15 to complete it.
  26. thefordmccord

    You know how they said SSD would wear out

    This guy is still truckin' along.
  27. thefordmccord

    GTX 1080 vs. EVGA GTX 780Ti Kingpins in SLI

    Getting rid of SLI was the best thing I ever did. Went from SLI 680s to a single 970. Was pretty much a side-grade, but it just works so much better. Also, if you don't have that i7-950 overclocked, then do it.
  28. thefordmccord

    Any games you suck at but love anyway?

    I'm pretty bad at just about everything these days, but I still enjoy playing.
  29. thefordmccord

    Ubisoft Giving Away Yet Another Free Game

    Gives away game. Servers conveniently crash...
  30. thefordmccord

    FCC: Average U.S. Broadband Speed Rising

    The 5mb DSL that I have been stuck with for the last 8 years doesn't feel any faster... Thanks AT&T.
  31. thefordmccord

    The Slow Death Of The Manual Transmission

    I have had nothing but manuals for 20 years, but my next will probably be and auto. I'm getting lazy in my old age.
  32. thefordmccord Watchdogs 2 ad too big

    It looks fine on my ultrawide monitor. :D
  33. thefordmccord

    It's BIG and WHITE and a Kilowatt - CORSAIR and HARDOCP PUT IT IN FOR FREE

    Please ease it in at first, then after that, you can go crazy.
  34. thefordmccord

    Electric Cars Must Make Noise By 2019

    I want one that sounds like this.
  35. thefordmccord

    Hyperloop Co-Founder 'Very Serious' About California Secession

    Let them leave. We don't need them fucking up our laws any more than they are.
  36. thefordmccord

    Built new X99 machine - but which OS to use?

    Just install Windows 10 Pro and then add the hyper-v role.
  37. thefordmccord

    Wow! I Bought a GTX 970!

    Well, this is awkward...