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    Why does video look like crap?

    System in sig, all relatively new parts including the monitor which is not in sig. Games look fine, general desktop use looks fine, so does benchmarking, etc., why do youtube videos look like hell? Jittery / weird artifacting and when I scroll in the web browser all the images gain a weird...
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    Curious 3dmark result

    I don't put a TON of stock in 3d mark but I have a curious result I'm interested in learning more about. There is one major difference other than GPU vendor and that's resolution. Secondary rig is 1440p, the other is an ultra wide 1600p. Latest drivers on each, latest win 10, latest...
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    Kraken X73 Screws

    One of my cats made off with one of the thumb screws that secure the waterblock/pump combo to the backplate, do y'all have any idea what size / part number those are? If not, do any of y'all have some you'd be alright parting with? It'd be stupid to buy a whole new AIO just to secure these...
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    550W Not Cutting It

    So I reused a PSU from an older build which was: 7700K, 32 GB RAM, Z270G, 2080TI, 2x NVME's That PSU was a Corsair 550W HX I believe.. the thing wholesale cuts off after a bit of gaming in the new rig, requires a flip of the switch to get it to reinit and turn on. The build it's currently in...
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    [H] Core 2 OC Results

    A long long time ago back when C2D and C2Q's were king...we had a thread here that had charts of records of OC'ers efforts here. Myself I ended up on an e6300 on water at damn near 4 Ghz. I searched the forum for it with no luck and I want some nostalgia from [H] in my life. Is it still...
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    Power Supply for New Build

    I always come here for reviews and opinions, it's just something I've always done and will probably always continue to do. That being said; is it just me or is there never really anything more in the reviews than "this just barely qualifies as acceptable" ? Is it a sign of over all quality...
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    LGA 2011v3 (Haswell-E) Heatsinks

    Would one be safe in assuming that a Ivy Bridge -E LGA2011 based heatsink would be compatible with LGA2011-v3 sockets? (same bolt pattern, etc. ?) I can't find credible evidence on sites that sell heatsinks that this is guaranteed to work. Thanks in advance :)
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    Let me ask the obvious question...

    What should I get if I were in the market for a new video card? GTX 680+ 4GB or GTX TITAN?
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    Is it possible to change username?

    I'd like to change my forum username whilst keeping post count, tag, etc.. Is this possible? Thanks!
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    iOS 5 Release - Post your location and when it is available to you!!

    Nothing in the Dallas, TX (CDT Timezone) as of yet.
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    Couple of Questions

    I have the newest 2011 iMac and I'm wondering about a couple of things... Does anyone else but me get the "Apple Bar" menu corruption after a while with lots of programs open... the bar fades to a nearly transparent gray... kinda weird. It's opaque at first but changes after a few days...
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    I just got....

    from NewEgg, 2 XFX 6970's to run in CrossFire to replace my EVGA GTX 480 SC 1536 MB. The rest of my system is in my signature. Good move? Bad move? The motivation behind this...
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    So what's the consenus?

    I'm thinking of moving back to the Red side.... I used to have 2 5870's... but I'm curious to know if these new 6870's (which from what I've read, are closer to 5850's in the line of model #'s) are actually faster. Should I just get 2 5870's again or ?
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    CrossfireX 5870's Uniengine Benchmark Results

    Given all the variables below, would you say my system is performing as it should in this demo? Unigine Heaven Demo v1.0 FPS: 38.6 Scores: 973 Hardware Binary: Windows 32bit Visual C++ 1500 Release Oct 22 2009 Operating system: Windows 7 (build 7600) 64bit CPU model...
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    Corsair Obsidian 800D Available at Irving Fry's Location - $297.99

    This is probably not your typical post and their website shows that they don't even offer them online or in store yet, but by chance I was up there today and they had two in stock, I got one of them and they had just arrived the day before. If you are wanting one of these to pick up locally it...
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    "Regular" XFX 5870 in stock @ Newegg - $409.99 $409.99
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    evga classified bundle, what possible power supply to use?! My quest is simply this, what power supply made by any company would you POSSIBLY use to power this OMG system?1?!? The sheer amount of PCI-E connections is mind boggling!
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    Good case for 12 hard drives

    I need a case, preferrable tower but if necessary I will take a rack that will house your standard components (matx or atx mobo, haven't decided yet) and 12 3.5in hard drives. Any thoughts are appreciated.
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    I'm considering getting the EEEPC w/ XP. Something I am noticing between them though is that the Linux one comes with a larger SSD built in capability. Is it possible to get a Linux one and slap XP on there, or is there a hardware difference, or hacks required? The maximum I see for the...
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    Sizzling Memory

    I have the system in my signature, I just recently installed the second set of dominator 1600 Mhz tri channel ddr3, now I don't really have a before/after of what temperature the ram was running at but I do know this, that ram is f'n too hot to touch, and that doesn't seem normal to...
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    Weird downclocking issue

    My system is in my sig, and I have a weird issue with only one game, WoW. The cards are downclocking to 2d mode while running in different parts in WoW....any thoughts? Depending on how graphically intense it is it may or may not do it, but shouldn't it just stay at full rate period while...
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    P6T I7 Issues w/ Memory

    The system in my signature just started having a problem today that I can't understand for the life of me. I finished building this a week or so ago and it's been perfect up to this point with NO OC's done, all games have run perfect, all ram was fine, etc. Basically it was a stable system...
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    TRI GTX 280's

    Is it normal to have card number 1 be as hot as 105 C and start throttling when playing Crysis only? It runs great up until the point that it starts throttling, great FPS, nice load times, etc. The fans are at 100% at this point obviously and I"ve actually resorted to downclocking the GPU's as...
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    Good Micro ATX overclocker

    I've got an E6300 of which I know will do 3.605 Ghz on air, and while I'm not wanting to push it that high for a Micro ATX build, I am looking to put it around 2.8 - 3.0 Ghz. So with that said, I'm looking for a pretty decent micro atx motherboard that will handle what I'm wanting to do. This...
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    SLI / P35 mobo

    Now obviously the p35 supports crossfire and not SLI, but my question is still valid I think. The 9800GX2 / 7950GX2, basically are SLI onboard the video card as I understand it, but does that require an SLI motherboard? I have an Asus p5k deluxe which is a p35 chipset...and I was just...
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    swiftech on 680i

    So I got both my swiftech water blocks for my North/South bridge installed, got the barbs in...went to put the video card in and it won't go in the top slot due to the barbs sticking up so far. The only alternative is to put the video card in the #2 slot, is that going to effect anything..or...
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    nvidia drivers

    Why haven't we seen a new stable driver release from Nvidia for 8 series cards in over 2 months (for xp)?! Screw all this beta crap! I want my CNC3 issue fixed dammit!
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    680i North and SouthBridge Cooling

    Do any of you guys have any suggestions on replacement north and southbridge heatsinks/HSF's (as in better ones) for Evga 680i SLI motherboards...I already have my Arctic Cooling Freezer 7 Pro CPU cooler so I want to make sure I don't buy something that won't fit with it on there. Rest of...
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    1:1 Ratio

    I have a question Would running my ram linked/synched at 1.9 Volts 4-4-4-12 @ 2T (which sets it to 900 Mhz btw because my OC utilizes 1800FSB QDR) yield the same results as running unlinked @ 1066 5-5-5-15 @ 2 T 2.1 Volts? I can see it being safer because of lower voltage, what do you...
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    Elder Scrolls - Oblivion

    I have this issue where Oblivion will be running great and all of a sudden I lose all control of the game, it still seems to be running but I'll be moving, walking, or whatever and I will go to turn or change direction/strafe do ANYTHING normal that you would do in the game, and I will just keep...
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    OC'd e6300 cooling

    Alright guys I'm not sure this goes in this section but the cooling section only has "extreme cooling" and "water cooling" subsections...and this is just normal cooling I want to talk about. Now to it: Granted, everyone has their own opinion on what HSF (heatsink fan combo) is the best and...
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    E6300 OC

    I'm not sure if this is the right area, but here's what I'm wondering. I have an E6300 overclocked to 2.6 Ghz right now on STOCK air cooling with a 1.2V volt core. My memory runs at 1200 Mhz on 2.1 volts. All temps are fine, no artificating/lockups at all...what I'm wondering is, am i on a...
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    3d mark 05/06 scores DROP after overclock?

    What in the hell is this?! OC'd my 8800GTS by 75 mhz, then to 100 mhz, and then to 125 Mhz, all stable OC's, hell I even went as high as 150 mhz over stock core clock...I went on up to 1750 on the ram as well. All stable, no artifacting, and no excessively high core temps. Why in the...
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    8800GTS Running Hot? I Think not!

    Well I've been reading a lot of reviews and what not about how the 8800's run hot and have problems and what not...and while I only saw a 500 point jump in 3dmark 06 (which is my only complaint, it plays better in 'real world' games, probably a driver issue anyway) My 640MB 8800GTS pulls less...
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    3dmark 06 score

    I just benched this system for the first time in 3d mark 06, the resulting score was 7231. My specs are in my signature, any opinions, good or bad for what I have? Stock CPU clock 1.86Ghz , pre-oc'd 7800GTX's 450/1250..
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    C2D E6300 Clock

    So I have a C2D E 6300 that's SUPPOSED to run at 1.86 Ghz, but yet with all the configs set right, it only runs at 1600 Mhz, is there something I could be missing here? Any suggesting on a setting I should check or might have wrong? Nevermind, I figured it out...should have read previous...
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    8800GTS 320's

    I'm about to buy 2, eVga OC'd out of the box to 576 Mhz core/1700 mhz mem, 320 MB 8800GTS's to run in SLI, with a core 2 duo e6300, a 1000 Watt BFG PSU, 2 GB of OCZ SLI ready EPP 1066 Mhz ddr 2, on an evga 680i A1 (i think). I'm curious to know what kind of performance I would get out of those...
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    2x8800GTS SLI power requirements

    For 2 8800GTSs in SLI, would a 550 Watt Antec TruePower Trio SLI Ready power supply suffice? The rest of the system specs are as follows: eVga 680i, Core 2 Duo E6300, 1 GB PQI DDR2 667, 2 36 GB Raptors in Raid 0, Sound Blaster X-Fi Platinum, 1 Optical Drive.
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    ATX Cases