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    X570 Tomahawk 2.5GBE NIC issues

    I got this system up and running a week or so ago and this is my only issue. I get full download speeds but upload speed is terrible. I have Google Fiber and also transfer large files across my LAN and both show really bad upload speeds, in the less than 100 Megabit range. Download speeds are...
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    Logitech G-Pro Mouse $29

    @ Best Buy. I got Fry's to price match it too.
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    Ugh, Decision Time, 1080 Strix vs 1080 SLI Founders + Cost

    So I got lucky and got 2X GTX 1080 Founders Edition cards from Best Buy for $449 each. My conundrum is I already am running an Asus Strix GTX 1080 with a healthy overlock. I can sell both FE cards for a profit, or sell the Asus and keep the FE's for SLI which would be roughly $300 out of...
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    Warmish: 4TB Seagate IronWolf NAS Drives $135 With the code listed for $15.50 off they're a good deal IMO. It was between these and the aging WD Red drives that havent been updated in years and I went for 2 of these.
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    4770K 90C with H100i @ stock speeds?

    What the heck is up with Haswell? I know its supposed to be hot but jesus... I've done 3 remounts and contact is good. I've used the rubber washers on the retention bracket to get extra stability with the H100i as well. So far at stock speeds, stock volts, using LinX im hitting 90C and I cant...
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    69XX Coil Squeal

    Anyone else getting it while under heavy 3D load? I have heard in the past its nothing to worry about but im still curious.
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    Corsair 700D w/ 800D Window

    $179 @ Microcenter for the case and you can add the Window from the 800D for a penny. Just ordered mine and came up to $214 after tax and shipping (FedEx). I personally dont care for the hot swap bay on the 800D so its perfect...
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    GTX 470 eVGA

    @ Newegg for $295 with a $25 MIR on top.
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    Smokin Deal on a 22" Asus LCD 1080P Buy the combo with a $349 Xerox Color Laser Printer and you get this monitor for FREE. Free shipping for the whole deal too. Turn around and sell the printer new in box for $325 or so on Craigslist and you got yourself a $25...
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    Need Fix for Max 10 Connections in XP Pro

    I setup an office recently made up of 14 workstations with 1 central server. Its a dental office and all of the workstations look to the server for their patient info/data to pull up with the software. The problem is XP Pro has a limit of 10 max connections before it shuts the rest of them...
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    DS3 Onboard Realtek Sound and Vista Issues

    I just finished a new build for a friend with a E6300 and a Gigabyte DS3 rev2 motherboard. I installed the latest sound drivers from GIgabytes site and sound seemed ok. I soon realized that only 2.1 was working in Vista. Winamp, Itunes, etc, all in 2.1 only, the rear channels and the center...
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    Vista Dual Boot Issues

    I wanted to run a dual boot of Vista RC1 and XP Pro. Here is what i did: -Used Partition Magic to cut my C drive in half and create a new "V" drive for Vista -Rebooted let PM do its thing, V drive is all good -Installed Vista on the V drive Vista will boot up fine and even give me a...
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    Catalyst 6.6 Released get em while their hot...
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    Anyone get Vista and X-Fi to play nice?

    No matter what i do i cant get the X-Fi to work in Vista. Anyone have any luck? Im on the X64 version of Vista and everything except the X-Fi works. Creative does a good job at keeping their reputation thats for sure...
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    Need a Better Headset and a some Wiring Help

    Right now i am using the PC150's from Sennheiser and although they sound ok when i use them, the mic is kinda crappy. Since it is directional your mouth pretty much has be be facing it perfectly for it to be loud and clear. 75% of the time i wear them around my neck and use the mic with my...
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    How to Share a Printer from X64 to XP 32bit

    Last time i tried to run X64 i had everything running great except for my girlfriends laptop. I tried several different tweaks that i found on the net to try and get these two to play nice but couldnt get it to work. Basically i have my computer which is connected to a Linksys router and my...
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    Any good soundcard for gaming and Linux?

    I am running an X-Fi right now and am sick and tired of Creatives lack of driver support for Linux. Are there any other good gaming cards out there that will work in Linux and Windows that is as good as the X-Fi?
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    My Samsung 204B Review

    Unfortunately i recently found 2 dead bright pixels in my 940B so i called up Samsung to ask about their policy. To my delight they were ready to replace it with a brand new 940B. Out of curiosity i asked if there was any way to upgrade to a 20" LCD and pay the difference. I was put on hold...
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    Best Method for Noob to Intro to Sub Ambient Cooling

    I have been watercooling now for about 6 months and love it. However, now that i have had a taste of what good cooling can bring to the OCer's table im interested in going sub ambient. I am a college student living in an apartment, but i am graduating in May and should get some money in soon...
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    Samsung Support Rocks

    After being a proud 940B owner since October, the other day i was looking at some forums and saw a spec in the middle of the screen, WAIT, its a dead pixel! NOOOO! I was not happy with a nice bright pixel now in the middle of my panel so i gave Samsung a call and told them the problem. I...
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    Omega 6.3's released

    The Omega 6.3's were finally released today. Head on over to to grab em! Seems to include a new version of ATI Tray Tools too! What's New in Omega Drivers? v3.8.231 Based on the Catalyst 6.3 Official drivers. [+] Added a new wide-screen resolution, 1024x640...
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    My X1900XTX H20 Results

    Just picked this Sapphire XTX up for $499 at the Egg. So far the highest i have gotten it is 760/882 but im working on getting it higher and am pretty confident i can reach 900 on the memory and hopefully 780 on the core. Im pretty happy considering ive had this card in hand for about 3 hours...
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    7900GT Benches Surface

    Seems kinda weak in my opinion. I scored similarly with my 7800GT overclocked... 2k3 2k5 2k6
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    New OCZ Sticks OCZ's New 2GB set is 3-3-3-8, could these possibly be micron?
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    More Swiftech Cheapness

    As predicted by many the new MCW60 has just as bad of a milling job as the Apogee. I found a pic of one that someone just got here: This pic is HUGE, so im not gonna post the picture itself, but here is the url...
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    Which X1900XT to get?

    I know with Nvidia eVGA by far has the best service and warranty. What about ATI? Which should i get? So far Sapphire, Connect3D, and Powercolor are the best priced.
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    Antec NeoPower 480 Good price for this nice PSU. $59.90
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    Best Thermal Paste for Bare Core

    I have heard mixed things about the best paste to use on a bare core. The common first answer that springs to peoples minds is AS5. BUT, i have heard several times that Ceramique has been known to be better on a bare core. Now there is a new paste by Coolermaster called Nano Fusion too which...
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    In Need of a Quick Lesson in Wireless Encryption

    Heres the rundown, i have a Linksys WRT54G, a computer connected via hardwire to the router and one laptop to roam wireless. However i am in an apartment complex and i know that people would for sure leech onto the signal in a second. Could someone give me a quick tutorial on the best way to...
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    7800 GT Volt Mods

    Ive been playing around with some of these lately and have found the memory pencil trick rather easy. Matched with the 1.5v Bios mod its a great combo to pass up some GTX's. If you plan on doing some of these, i strongly urge you to have [H]arder than stock cooling. The quick rundown of the...
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    Anyone use modded Forceware drivers?

    I know back when i had an X800XT i used to play around with Omega drivers and a few others. Are there any good 3rd party drivers for Nvidia cards that anyone uses or recommends?
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    Buildup with MCT5 normal?

    Went to go install my new MCW55 today and pulled off my hoses and pulled out my res to find a nice buildup on the inside of both. Is this normal? The clear tube here is new, next to the tube that has been running for 2 months or so. i cant help but show the finished prodcuct :)
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    Crucial Ballistix 1GB Sticks Discontinued?

    I just got word of this over here: so i went to Crucial's website to look for myself, and indeed they are no longer there. Seems that Crucial may be sick of the RMA fest and have decided to stop selling them. Only RMA...
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    Pentium Extreme Edition 955 versus Athlon 64 FX-60 Deathmatch

    And the winner is? READ!
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    Up GPU Volts to 1.5 on 7800GT (no hardware mod)

    This is not my discovery, but it sure is sweet. You will need: NiBiTor BIOS Editor NvFlash,com_remository/Itemid,26/func,fileinfo/filecatid,1354/parent,category/...
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    Takes my Raptor a while to spinning during bootup

    I have noticed lately that my new Raptor is acting a bit lazy on bootup. The Windows XP X64 splash screen comes up and then the screen goes blank for about 15 seconds or so. THEN i hear the Raptor spool up and then it boots into windows very quickly like i would expect. Is there anything i...
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    Windows based Monitoring tools = VERY Inaccurate

    This test was done with the rig in my sig. I went a bought a digital multimeter from Home Depot and came home to do some testing. According to Smart Guardian my Vcore was 1.49v on my Opteron 170. I then tested with the multimeter and found out that i was actually at 1.51v. I then fired...
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    Whoever said there are no "Hardcore" female gamers?

    This blew me away... From the By Nick Farrell: Friday 16 December 2005, 07:35 THE GAMING boards are all of a flutter about an advertisement on Craigslist that claimed to be from two women prepared to trade sex to get their paws on an Xbox 360. Most readers are probably...
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    Whats the easiest way to swap CPU blocks?

    I just installed my Apex Ultra kit yesterday, but am unhappy with the quality of the Apogee block. Although i did scrape out all the shavings, its still a thought in my mind and id rather get a Storm. I ordered the Storm today via 3day UPS so it will arrive next week. In the mean time, what...
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    High pitch noise w/ OCZ Powerstream 520w

    Anyone ever get a really high pitch noise coming from their PSU? It sounds just like when you have an older TV set on in the house and it eminates that faint high pitch noise. Its not too bad, but after a few hours it kinda starts giving me a headache. Could this be a sign of it going out or...