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  1. Hallucinator

    Warm? Phenom II x4 900e 2.4ghz 65w AM3 2mb L2 / 6mb L3 $110 shipped

    There are 17 left at LinkeComputer in Hong Kong. It costs $99.99 and the shipping is only $9.99. That's $110 total for you. I googled the 'net to find the cheapest 65w Phenom II with four cores and nothing came even close to this...most are over $200. Grab it for your future HTPC or else but it...
  2. Hallucinator

    Westy 22" LCM-22w3 LCD Widescreen $209.99 s/h $14.99 at BB

    I ordered this Westinghouse 22" LCD online yesterday for $209.99 and total (after taxes) was $234.26. I picked it up at BestBuy & hooked it up today. No dead pixel at all. Brilliant color! Go get it here. The shipping is est. $14.99 but YMMV.
  3. Hallucinator

    AMD 4000 x2 AM2 2x1MB 2ghz - $73 - free s/h

    This is HARD to FIND AM2 processor in tray package. For only $73 (before tax) you get a 2ghz 4000 x2 with 2 x 1MB AM2 (ADA4000IAA6CS). Usually the processor's price are between $370 to $450. The s/h is free if you don't mind 7 to 12 days worth of waiting. Despite its' ratings status at BBB...
  4. Hallucinator

    AMD Athlon 3400+ 939 $15 / $4.60 S&H

    Here's what the seller says in his auction: amd athlon 64 3400+ 2.2ghz brand new not in retail box for the 939 board Buy it NOW at eBay. 34 CPU left. The seller's feedback is 100%. Grab them while they last. I ordered 2. :D UPDATE: Now there's 0 left.
  5. Hallucinator

    One missing cap off a 3.2ghz P4 lga775

    I got this off eBay today and never in my e-buying experience I ever seen this after opening a package and fortunately it doesn't cost me much. (The seller states its working in his auction) I've heard & read around the internet that the processors having one or two missing pins and still...
  6. Hallucinator

    Opteron 175 - - - $19.10 ? ! ? ! whoa....

    Couldn't believe it..... and bit it! The Opteron 175 for $19.10!!! I ordered one and the total comes to $29. UPDATE: The link is offically DEADEND. It's GONE! We had fun while it lasted.