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    New Nier on PS4

    day 1 for me
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    Help with no video signal

    My pc suddenly stopped working and spec is in my sig it boots up but no matter what I do , I keep getting no video signal I tried 1. Switching out ram 2. Booting with no ram 3. Reset bios 4. Booting with cpu disconnected 5. Booting with motherboard graphic instead of dedicated graphic...
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    Deus Ex: Mankind Divided for PC/PS4/XBone announced fucking finally and please don't outsource boss fights this time :p
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    Lolipop(5.0.1) rolling out for AT&T Note 4 now!

    it is little over 1GB and omg multitask lag is gone :)
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    Valkyria Chronicle is coming to PC! what it is day 1 for me
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    Final Fantasy XIII on steam

    XIII-2 and Lightning returns to follow shortly. thoughts?
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    Sony Z1 f aka z1 mini So apparently mini version is in works rumored spec is snapdragon 800 4.3 inch screen ( 720p ) 2 gb ram 16 GB internal storage 2300 mAh battery 20.7 MP camera are we finally seeing high end spec mini android...
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    Ubuntu Edge you guys should check out this phone it looks really good but the fact that you have to pay now + you won't get this phone till may of next year really bothers me i mean a lot could happen between now and may of next yr quick spec from...
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    Witcher 2 Enhanced Edition April 17th new quest/story/cut scene etc will be free update to current owners of witcher 2
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    PS3/PSP price drop

    PS3 160gb to $250 and PSP to $99 ( new model without wifi ) just announced @ gamescom sony key note
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    replacing fan on ax850

    i believe fan on my ax850 is failing and i think i'm gonna replace on my own does any1 have experience replacing fan on this unit or psu in general? what are the things i need to watch out before i proceed and which fan do you recommend for replacement? thanks in advance
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    Logitech wireless solar keyboard k750 $47 @ amazon gold box Gold box deal for today $47 for k750 pretty good keyboard
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    Uncharted Golden Abyss ( NGP ) gameplay video i can't wait for June 7th for em to announce price on device $250 please!
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    360 controller problem

    i have wired 360 controller for my pc which was working perfectly fine until today i booted up dead space earlier to find that my controller is malfunctioning every input is fine BUT left analog stick's forward ( it made issac go backward ) so i figured it was just dead space and booted up...
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    xfx 6970 issue after attempting to oc

    well yesterday i sat around and decided to give my 6970 shot @ ocing i started out with 950 /1450 which is limit for ccc. after running furmark for 20min or so with no problem my screen went all black but it recovered itself after few seconds. It was trouble from there... I tried to play few...
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    xfx 5870 / intel ssd 80g / e6600

    XFX 5780 $200 shipped comes with original box/acce etc. i purchased this from amazon when it was released i never really bothered oc and and yes i am the original owner so you can have life time warranty. intel ssd 80g SSDSA2MH080G2C1 $100 shipped E6600 bare cpu - SOLD my heat is...
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    small monitor for portrait mode

    i recently acquired u3011 and now i would like monitor sized from 20~22 +- on side in portait for irc/ventrilo and browsing web if main screen is in use can any1 recommend me decent one for around $200 ? no wall mount btw thanks in advance
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    so i just got my ssd back from rma...

    torqx i sent in for rma came back as inferno. now the question is weather to open it up and use it OR sell it and wait for next generation of SSD ( most likely sf-2000 ) I don't think i'm hurting for space as i have plenty of space...
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    P8p67 pro and ssd

    So i finished build plugged everything and turned on pc. Doesn't detect ssd? np let me switch to ide but no still no detection Is there something i'm missing here? or my ssd suddenly dead aftet pulling from another rig... Help is appreciated Posted via [H] Mobile Device Spec is 2500k...
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    2.0 speaker under $100 with s/pdif

    is there such speaker? i don't mind it if its slightly over $100 If you guys have came across or have used such speaker before can you please tell me about it thanks in advance
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    new voodoo 13/15 incher woah 18hrs ouf battery life on 13incher with new add on battery idea starting price of $1699 is damn high but 18hrs of battery life will attract many
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    which ipod?

    so im planning to purchase ipod for myself in a week or so currently im leaning toward ipod touch for fancy screen and capability to play games etc but i dont know if $300 price tag is worth it over cheaper models so current ipod touch owners are you satisfied with ipod touch or should i just...
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    Valkyria Chronicles Go Get It

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    last remnant

    so it came out today for pc did anybody grab this? i know it came out in euro last week anybody care to comment?
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    good earphone

    what is most affordable ($50~$70) and quality earphone? its not for me but as a gift please help me
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    Gogamer Call of Juarez $1.9

    CoJ Infernal
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    Sager NP8660 ( Clevo M860TU) has any1 bought this laptop from [H]? if you do would you please share your thoughts on this laptop like mini review :D if you are not familiar with this brand
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    desktop replacement input on this one?
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    broken ps3 on ebay

    im considering buying one of those 60gig broken ps3 off ebay for cheap and just get it repaird for $150 thorugh sony. has anybody tried this method?
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    Sharp Aquos 32GP1U $999 warm prom code = EMCABCECD $999 + shipping/tax
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    playing blue ray movies from HD on ps3

    is it possible?
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    HmmH no refresh for gtx?
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    ZP - Orange box
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    which would you rather buy if you were to buy one of em or
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    system hiccups

    its been about 2 month since i upgraded to vista and there was no problem at all 100% stable, but recently i have been experiencing system hiccups time to time but limited to a few apps only like wmp/windows photo gallery/tf2 etc. anybody have any idea of what is exactly going on or had same...
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    Sapphire Radeon x1950GT $94.99

    i wasnt so sure it this was hot deal or not :P $100.83 w/o tax shipping included Promo Code Discount (EMC907VGA11): -$20.00
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    226 bw $259.99 AR + tax/shipping @ fry's

    i just picked it up today @ fry's $289.99 ( $30 mir ) i checked fry's web site but it says 349.99 maybe they havent updaded it
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    i was running orthos blend test and i got an error on memory within 5 min of test. i kind of got worried and ran memtest and it gave me error within 5min of test again. but i never get any memory error from daily gaming etc. am i missing something or should i just leave it as it is rig is...