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    Tesla Largely Responsible for Slide in US Home Solar Sales

    I've been seeing this on the G feed and I've yet to read it. If they don't mention that tax breaks and the amount for paying back into the grid changes in the blurb then I feel it's going to be myopic speculation.
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    Quake Champions is Getting a New Champion

    Oh shoot, ti's been released already? I keep bashing it as an upcoming game. I should switch my tense.
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    Google Has Launched Three New Photography Apps

    I still don't understand releasing things only on your competitor's platform or first. It's not like the play store doesn't have the ability to target specific phones. It just makes your own platform seem inferior.
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    Virginia’s $40 Toll Road Better Be the Future of Driving

    I hope this isn't the future and it dies a quick death. I live in the burbs but grew up in the city. I have friends on the north side of the city and I am in the south burbs. I rarely have or want to go into the city in the morning rush but there have been times. With congestion charge it...
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    Netflix Is Not Going to Kill Piracy, Research Suggests

    Of course Netflix won't stop piracy; the biggest reason is that the industry won't let it. The content they will allow Netflix to have or not is a big impact. All the articles of "oh my gosh what's leaving netlfix" shows this. Also there are no deals that seem to be that this is where older...
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    Stripper Revenues Look for Steep Drop Q1'18

    By the headline I thought this was going to do with Startenders.
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    What the Hell Happened to the Steam Hardware Survey?

    I just want the option to take the survey on the machine that I want, not just the one that happens to pop up on while I'm using team.
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    Google Says Nearly 250,000 Web Logins Hijacked Each Week

    This isn't about what someone is looking at. Google becomes suspicious of our activity, causing a prompt to verify you're human. If I get that page and look at the other info they suggest things like malicious traffic. However they don't tell you what exactly, I could have a bot on my network...
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    Google Says Nearly 250,000 Web Logins Hijacked Each Week

    I can't be too happy with Google and security. Because I am an admin for a school and I use a web filter that relies on SSL inspection via MitM, however Google becomes suspicious of our traffic and breaks that. However I cannot get any information on whats causing this to fix it. Nothing at all...
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    Ubisoft: PS5, Next Xbox Are at Least Two Years Away

    I'd hope with the refresh systems that we'd almost reset the clock and be closer to 3 to 4, years. I'm still hurting form XBL games I can't have anymore and I am not happy with what's been done with current generation. I think I'd be better served with leaving them alone.
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    Verizon Wants FCC to Ban States From Protecting Your Privacy

    Their network has been crap for... a while now. Dropped calls in Downtown Chicago, low signal and terrible throughput. Not to mention how they hijack Youtube and FORCE everything to go to the lowest (240p) resolution. Last time I jumped it up to 1080 because i needed to see detail, it buffered...
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    New Self-Regulating Nanoparticles Could Treat Cancer

    Isn't this how I am Legend started?
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    Facebook Denies 'listening' to Conversations

    I have to kind of call bull on this. Rather it's them directly or an ad partner though them, I think it has happened to me. One night I was at bar trivia and I was discussing, umm, boobs sort of. We got into a conversation about bindings, and I brought up my favorite example of Christina Ricci...
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    Why Snapchat Spectacles Failed

    How cheap can they be had? Are they hackable? How decent/crappy is the camera?
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    Microsoft Receives Patent to Protect the Headphone Jack

    Yes I want a heaphone jack. I'm not considering the Pixel 2 because it's not included.
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    Russian Hackers Exploited Kaspersky AV to Steal NSA Data on US Cyber Defense

    I don't think people are take this as a comedic response, I am and I think it's hilarious.
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    Amazon Is Testing Its Own Delivery Service to Rival FedEx and UPS

    How is this news? Amazon has been doing a lot of it's own shipping for a while, they have their own end to end for it and several planes if I recall correctly. I've got a package today that is coming all by Amazon, granted it's probably coming from the warehouse not that far from me, but I have...
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    Microsoft Shutting Groove Music, Moving Users to Spotify

    Should have stuck with Zune, which is still the back end you know. I look around recently and still found Zune mentioned in the error messages. I tested G music for free and got in on the low rate, then I decided to get a family plan for the same price is my old Zune subscription and give it to...
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    Microsoft Explains Why Edge Has So Few Extensions

    Edge doesn't seem feature complete to me. I use it when I don't care about whats being seen. Things like seeing the seeing the page source or looking at the certificate I don't think are there period.
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    Mozilla Releases Firefox 56, the Last before Quantum

    I'd like the get the full offline installers, anyone know where?
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    The Secret Cost of Pivoting to Video

    Video has it's place but there are places where it shouldn't be. When the video is annoying (the people in it, how it's produced and so on) it's something I try to avoid. If I can get through the printed article faster than that article I will try to avoid them or the site. If I have to sit...
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    The Duke, Xbox’s Biggest Controller of All Time, Will Be in Stores Soon

    All it's glory? Wasn't the Xbox going after the Dreamcast and had a memory card slot or two in the controller as well? (nope, didn't read the article and I'm not near my controllers)
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    Billions of Bluetooth Devices Could Get Hit by This Attack

    The video sounds like a briefing in some Tom Clancy game. I could do without the worrying music and processing on the vocals.
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    Steam Store Blocked in Malaysia

    Is this in alpha? The animation are really rough and this doesn't look anywhere near release quality.
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    Arris Modem Comes with Three Free Backdoors

    I didn't read the blurb enough and it took me until to today to realize that this includes AT&T. I have no choice but to use their hardware (and be charged for it in certain circumstances) One thing I don't like about them too is they seem to be able to open Browser windows. When the VDSL...
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    Don’t Use Windows 10 to Move Data on Your Android Phone

    I've actually had this happen. I thought it was user error and I was glad I had a backup or had previously copied things by FTP. I was doing things with 1000s of files in a folder about a few gigs big,lets say around 11, when I moved stuff it was coming up around 6. It was also not faster to...
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    Backblaze: Hard Drive Stats for Q2 2017

    So I left Seagate for storage many years ago, however I've been using them for external storage and I'm doing so right now. I need to increase this storage and they seem to be the only game in town. I really hope I don't get burned. Right now I have 1.5TB in a USB3 - connector powered unit...
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    Redditor Archived Nearly 2 Million GBs of Porn to Test Amazon's Unlimited Cloud Storage

    So far they say they are keeping free photo storage and they recognize the thumbs in my Raw files so they were freely stored before. Videos aren't stored :/ I was looking into backblaze as someone else suggested. I have not tried them either and they have an all or nothing approach but if you...
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    Amazon Exploring MRE Style Food Packaging

    I knew people in the service and could buy things that the general public couldn't. I really wanted to try MREs. Still do.
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    Stanford University Dumps Java as Introductory Programming Language

    I think as long as you get a strong understanding of OOL programing and fundamentals it doesn't matter what you start with. Start with something widely used and you can get sort of instant gratification then move on. The second language and so on, yeah should be something that's going to be...
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    Trademark Application Hints at Nintendo 64 Classic Mini

    For the love of all things holy if this means I can get USB version of the controller direct from and of Nintendo quality! I will be super happy and spend much money on them!
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    Cabling Pr0n Makes Me Wirey

    I'd like a toutorial on how to make that CAT 9 tail. ... for science.
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    Twitter's Massive SIREN Botnet

    I'm not sure the blur is good enough, I mean I know you'd be stupid to go to that URL but I can almost make it out.
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    Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive

    You've got a good point there. This is just like when they introduce a new feature or huge app update and they show / release it first on the iPhone.
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    Samsung Debuts World’s First Cinema LED Display

    Yet another reason for me to want to visit Korea.
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    SoundCloud Sinks as Leaks Say Layoffs Buy Little Time

    My problem was that soudcloud made a few decisions that really put me off. They mostly involved me having to sign in. When I'm uncertain that I'll use a place much I will not make an account. You could not use the app unless you signed in, even just to hear things that you can on the web...
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    Introducing Backup and Sync for Google Photos and Google Drive

    2.2GB? I do that in a weekend if I have something I go to where I'm only mildly interented. My photo collection is - hold on - 1.04TB and growing. (there is some video in there) I use Risilio(sp?) to sync and hope that with the policy change my raw pictures still count as free storage via amazon.
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    Brain Trainers - Smart Enough to Rip You Off

    "Neuro placisity" Yep, nope. This catch phrase is why there are some "science" youtube channels I will never watch.
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    CERN Data Centre Passes the 200 Petabytes

    NO! I will not accept this world where data size values are done in metric 10 style.
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    China Built a 250-Acre Solar Farm Shaped like a Giant Panda

    I expect nothing less actually. Thanks for the information.