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    Chinese smarter than everyone

    Possible, but coming from a system where cheating is systemic and pretty much the norm, I'd take it with a large grain of salt. "By late afternoon, the invigilators were trapped in a set of school offices, as groups of students pelted the windows with rocks. Outside, an angry mob of more than...
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    Man Gets RFID Chip Implant Live at Mobile World Congress

    Neat tech. Will pass on being an early adopter. I vaguely remember some kind of cancer concerns when it came to those in dogs. Haven't looked to see if that ever went anywhere. It would somewhat ironic to find yourself using it to pay for chemo.
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    China Forms New Body to Review Ethics Risks of Video Games

    "with the help of a new body that will review titles for “ethical issues” Maybe they could test said titles on the million plus people the have in camps? In between the beatings & torture of course.
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    Google Employee Found Dead inside NYC Headquarters

    Deep vein thrombosis ? "A period of prolonged seated immobility is recognized as one of the major risk factors for developing venous thrombosis. Long-distance air travel and prolonged sitting in relation to work or recreation have been shown to increase the risk of venous thrombosis "
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    TechSpot Tests the Battlefield V DXR Ray Tracing Performance and Implementation

    If you like turn-based games and nausea, it can still be played at 1440p. :) I managed to play about 15 minutes before I started feeling seasick. Still kind of hoping it was just a clumsy add-on vs. something build specifically for RTX. Does make you wonder why they'd ever go through with RTX...
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    Nvidia GeForce Game Ready Driver 416.94 WHQL Has Been Released

    It does look great, but is currently useless for multi-player in it's current form. I actually managed to get the motion sickness unlock while playing some BFV. Something I haven't experienced since the very first Wolfenstein. Buttery smooth it is not. It frequently feels like your video card...
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    Windows 10 Pro Has Amnesia and Wants You Buy a New Copy from the Windows Store

    Same story here with regards to the upgrade from W7Pro and it thinking I was only eligible for the home version. Thanks for posting this, thought I might have triggered it by swapping out video cards the other week. Which didn't make much sense, but that's MS licencing in a nutshell. :)
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    Robots Replace Waiters at the 'Robot.He' Restaurant in Shanghai

    As added bonus, less backlash from the humanitarian organizations & the international community if they start taking apart the robot waiters to sell for parts--unlike the rest of their populace. China’s organ trafficking exposed in shocking documentary that alleges the illegal trade is now...
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    This will be interesting...FT05

    Same here. If had a spot for at the top for something like a Corsair H150i AIO cooler, I'd probably keep using it. Just started looking at new cases this week for a build sometimes next year. Doesn't look like Silverstone has come up with much (that I like, anyway) since then, aside from a few...
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    Do YOU have Problems with YOUR RTX card?

    No problems to date with a ROG-STRIX-RTX2080-O8G-GAMING, other then it still being on back order. ;)
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    Chinese-Built Replica of the Titanic to Set Sail in 2022

    Still enough time to get that replica iceberg Kickstarter rolling if you hurry.
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    Sony Has Announced the 25th Anniversary PlayStation Classic

    There's still a fair number of games that hold up. I never messed with consoles until recently (went from an Amiga to a PC) but I've been slowly wading though the entire PSX catalog using retropie on a raspberry pi and launchbox on the PC. In The Hunt, Einhander, R-Type Delta, R-Types, Raiden...
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    Experimental Self Driving Car Stares at Pedestrians

    Think it'll just be one more addition to the ever growing surveillance network. It's not like smart phones, Windows 10, Google and Facebook are already all over it. Add in millions of CCTV, facial recognition, licence plate scanners and (eventually) municipal drones and it's got the potential to...
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    DRAM Vendors Reportedly Facing Hefty Antitrust Fines in China

    They have the death penalty for just about anything. Still merrily cutting up political dissidents and various religious groups for resale parts last time I checked as well as disappearing people on a daily basis. Not a really big fan of that country.
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    1440 G-Sync recommendations

    A belated thanks for that. Will check it out. I obviously need to start doing less oncall . Was thinking of posting that question, searched the forum and found that I'd already asked it a while back. Kind of a weird feeling. Something to be said for sleeping, I guess.
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    UK Shops to Sell “Porn Pass” Access Code to Allow Adults to Visit X-rated Sites

    The whole thing is fucked, I just can't tell if it's from malice or sheer incompetence--currently leaning towards equal measures of both. All purportedly to protect the children from porn. Haven't check recently, but I wonder if they're still pushing to ban encryption...
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    Canada Facing “Brain Drain” as Young Tech Talent Leaves for Silicon Valley

    Nah, these ones were definitely tech jobs. Though I think there's also something on the go with regard to expanding their warehouse presence as well. Similar expansion re: warehouse in Calgary as well.
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    Canada Facing “Brain Drain” as Young Tech Talent Leaves for Silicon Valley

    Or that there's a good chance those jobs won't even be going to Canadians. Long history of companies popping up little outposts to bring in temporary foreign workers. Have them work there for a year or two and then transfer them to the US. Thus bypassing H1B Visa quotas. The last Microsoft...
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    Canada Facing “Brain Drain” as Young Tech Talent Leaves for Silicon Valley

    And, oddly enough, China is still not a part of the CPTPP. It's the same BS agreement as the original TPP, minus the US--at this point. Some contentious drug patent and IP stuff is currently suspended and a meaningless and unenforceable preamble about labor rights & the environment was added to...
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    Canada Facing “Brain Drain” as Young Tech Talent Leaves for Silicon Valley

    Our government is also rather fond of suppressing wages via a whole litany of foreign worker streams and much higher numbers of foreign work visas than the US issues, for a population that's *many* times smaller. They've recently been promoting a new fast track tech visa where they can express...
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    Nike Loves Cracked Software

    Pretty much. Around here people (those that haven't been offshored) get the same sort of queasy look when anyone mentions Quest or Computer Associates. I don't remember WTH their AD migration product's name, but whatever it was, it wasn't ready for prime time when we were using it.
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    Facial Recognition Strikes Again in China

    Or use transit, fly, drive, etc... Haven't really been keeping close tabs on it, but I think the last number I heard was around 7 million people banned from transportation so far. I liked Black Mirror, not sure I'd want to live it...
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    Facial Recognition Strikes Again in China

    I'm sure this won't be widely abused. Surveillance cams, face scans help China make thousands vanish: Chinese Dissidents Are Being Abducted Outside of China...
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    Microsoft Edge Now Available on iOS and Android

    "Microsoft Edge Now Available on iOS and Android" Finally. I can't tell you how long I've been waiting to avoid this product on other platforms. I played briefly with it on android, just to check out the "continuous browsing experience" from Windows 10, but I think I spent more time...
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    1440 G-Sync recommendations

    Quick question for you, does that model include PIP (Picture in Picture) or PBP (Picture by Picture)? Been looking for something with g-sync that also includes that. It'd be nice to play the odd mame game while staying awake during some of these conference calls or waiting on changes to...
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    Standing Desks “Increase Pain” and Slow Down Mental Ability, Study Suggests

    Not shocking. It's nice to have the option to stand on occasion, but if you're going to be doing it all day long, you really need a treadmill desk. I'm still guilty of forgetting to use the thing when all hell is breaking loose at work, but otherwise I can't say enough good things about them...
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    Chinese Police Using Surveillance Sunglasses to Catch Criminals

    On the upside, the US hasn't started using it to disappear civilians yet. Which is more than one can say for China and their ongoing dissident recycling program. Surveillance cams, face scans help China make thousands vanish
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    Canadian Anti-Piracy Coalition Calls For Website Blocking

    Maybe, I seem to recall Corus being part of this "Fairplay Canada" cabal and Corus is controlled by, you guessed it, Shaw. Regardless, if just DNS blocking, most people will just use a different DNS server and maybe shell out for VPN. It's when they inevitably start going after VPN that the...
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    Video Card Prices to Rise

    Was under the impression it's on it's way out for the home miner. Unless you get free electricity or something, no?
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    The FCC Has Repealed Net Neutrality

    While I'm glad we still have net neutrality in Canada, it's worth noting that both our previous & current government were only too happy to jump into the TPP. Which, from what I recall, would have left us equally fucked when it comes to the internet had the US not bailed on the deal.
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    IBM Now Has More Employees in India than in the US

    Bravo. That made my day. As another Canadian working for a three letter company that thinks they can "best shore" their way to success. That cheered me up, briefly. Have seen roughly 90% of my co-workers be replaced with cheap, largely inept, overseas muppets over the last decade and a half.
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    Verizon Completes $4.48 Billion Acquisition of Yahoo; Marissa Leaves with $23 Million

    Stopped people from working from home is about the only "accomplishment" I'll remember. Mainly because it started to spread to my employer. $23 million was just her severance. All in, she walked away with about $260 million
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    Microsoft Will Combat Chromebooks with New Low-Cost Surface, Windows 10 Cloud

    This. Glued-in batteries and no memory expansion options still make me wanted to punch people. Also not a fan of potentially being limited to approved operating systems or only being able to watch 4K netflix with a specific CPU...
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    "The X-Files" Have Been Reopened for an Eleventh Season

    Agree. Keep Carter away from the scripts on get Darin Morgan and the like to write them. His episodes (and Vince Gilligan's) were some of the best. "Humbug", "Clyde Bruckman's Final Repose", "War of the Coprophages", "Jose Chung's From Outer Space"
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    How China Built ‘iPhone City’

    The scale of some of those factories is pretty insane. Foxconn has been working pretty hard on automation, predict they're in for some "interesting" times. -- Apple and Samsung supplier Foxconn has reportedly replaced 60,000 factory workers with robots. One factory has "reduced employee strength...
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    Broadband Declared A Basic Service In Canada

    Haven't had a chance to read it yet, but at this point, I'd consider it a success if it just does away with data caps.
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    Amazon's Grand Tour Most Pirated TV Show In History

    Glad to here it's not just me. I haven't entirely given up on it yet, but currently it's not great. If I hadn't enjoyed years of their previous work, I'd have probably bailed by now.
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    Ubisoft Giving Away Yet Another Free Game

    Took a couple of attempts here, but eventually worked. Wasn't even aware they hard their own bargain-basement version of Steam until the other day when I went looking to redeem a free copy of Watchdogs 2. It's kinda ugly/clunky, but decent download speeds.
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    Best Black Friday Deals!

    I agree with him. I'll grudgingly buy stuff that's only on Origin (BF1 for example) but those clowns need a decent backup system before I'd recommend them to anyone. Ever try reinstalling BF3, BF4, BFH and all the expansions after an OS rebuild? Even with little tricks like shuffling game...
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    Tesla Full Self-Driving Hardware Demonstration

    Great song, but I agree that it was a weird choice. "Paint It, Black" makes me think helicopters, palm trees, napalm & automatic weapons, not daily commute to the office.