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    ergonomics gaming keyboard

    I'm pretty happy with my Kinesis Freestyle Pro. The Freestyle Edge RGB is the "gaming" version.
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    Ergonomic keyboard that isn't "weird" with mechanical switches?

    Some keyboards to consider for future reference: Matias Ergo Pro (split keyboard, Alps clone switches) Goldtouch (adjustable, membrane) Goldtouch V2 (adjustable, membrane) Kinesis Freestyle 2 (split, membrane) As far as I know the Matias is the only mainstream split keyboard with mechanical...
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    Why do TVs/monitors mostly only have 1x HDMI 2.0?

    This sounds like an OS issue, not a displayport issue. It'd make more sense to resize things when a monitor is reconnected.
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    Need 2TB SSD for IO intensive work

    Just wondering if you could skip the RAID entirely and set things up so that you're generally reading from one disk and writing the results to another?
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    Interesting new panels coming this year (Tftcentral news)

    You insist on comparing these ultrawides to the next larger size. It's entirely valid to compare them to the next smaller size: 1) 2560×1080 is like a 1920*1080 16:9 monitor but with a third more horizontal space 2) 3440x1440 is like a 2560x1440 16:9 monitor but with a third more horizontal...
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    At which size ultrawide screens begin to make sense?

    Ultra-wide makes some sense for people that currently have multi-monitor setups and like them but want to get rid of the bezels. In fact I'd argue that the upcoming 32:9 panels actually make more sense for this use-case than the 21:9 we have now. Also, there are people with older video cards...
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    Interesting new panels coming this year (Tftcentral news)

    The 32:9 panels are interesting. The smaller one is roughly equivalent to two 23" 16:9 monitors side by side. Personally I'd love a curved 44"-48" 4K monitor, but there aren't very many of those available yet.
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    Extremely Slow Samsung 850 EVO SSD

    If a disk benchmark really wants to test the underlying hardware (as opposed to how much RAM the OS will use as a disk cache) it needs to tell the OS to flush all writes out to hardware as part of the benchmark. On linux this would involve fsync() or similar. Not sure about windows.
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    New monitor before the end of the year. $800 budget. 40" 4k or 34" 21:9 or ??

    That assumes you want it for gaming. For productivity stuff (office, photo/video editing, coding, browsing, etc.) it already works perfectly fine.
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    Performance issue with 10 Gbps network

    It's likely that the NIC driver can't handle the full line rate on a single core, and by running multiple iperf threads in parallel the traffic can be spread across multiple queues at the destination and be processed in parallel. (A single 'flow' can't be processed by multiple CPUs at the...
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    Why people don't care about calibration?

    Basically, yes. At least to the first couple paragraphs. :) I'd suggest that colour uniformity, viewing angle, pixel pitch, refresh rate, physical size, and AG coating are more important than absolute colour accuracy, even to people that care about displays. (And most people don't really...
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    NAS connected to desktop using Ethernet crossover with PCIe 10 Gbps?

    Below 1gig it requires a special crossover cable. 1gig and up it uses the regular cable and both ends automatically figure it out.
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    Best Overall Reliable SSD's?

    The downside of Intel is that on most of their consumer-grade drives once you hit the estimated drive life it switches to readonly and you have one reboot cycle to get all your data off before it literally bricks itself. You get SMART warnings before that point though. The 750 and the...
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    NAS connected to desktop using Ethernet crossover with PCIe 10 Gbps?

    Not entirely true. You can do round-robin where packets alternate between the bonded links. In the general case this can be problematic (especially for net-booting) but in this case it should work okay.
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    Do "Redmere" HDMI cables introduce input lag?

    The main advantage of a Redmere-type cable for shorter distances is that it allows the use of thinner conductors, which makes for a more flexible cable. Take a look at this comparison, for instance:
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    Samsung EVO 850's, Samsung Magician, and Windows 10

    Rapid mode is just a big disk cache in your RAM. Any decent OS should be using all spare memory for disk caching anyways.
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    Bootable PCI-E SSD's for legacy hardware?

    No, it's not RAM. XPOINT is still significantly slower than RAM, so this would make no sense. It's simply using the DIMM format an bus to get a high-bandwidth low-latency path between the XPOINT memory and the CPU. It'll require OS support to do it properly, where you can say "don't use...
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    Any 34" 21:9 Displays that will also run at 2560x1440?

    Ultrawide is "cool" because games handle FOV poorly. :)
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    1440p or 4k?

    The FOV should be adjustable by the end-user, letting them tweak it however they want. (Within reason.) If someone wants 180-degrees horizontal FOV on a tiny monitor, I say let them do it! :) Probably the simplest way is to let the end-user specify screen size and distance from the screen and...
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    SMR drive for photography?

    At this review they recommend that these drives not be used for RAID due to the high write loads involved with an array rebuild and the fact that the drive write performance is all over the map when rebuilding the array. It took 57hrs...
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    The elusive 4k 40" monitor

    One possible issue is that there are a lot of existing computers out there that can (barely) support 3440x1440, but can't support 4K at all. My current machine is one of them. I see 3440x1440 as a sort of stopgap measure until most computers out there can support 4K. Certainly I...
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    Znaps, Magnetic charging system

    You don't need to remove it...just stick a Znaps adapter on the end of the USB cable that you use with the computer or car stereo.
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    Dell 27" 5K Monitor (5120x2880)

    Those tests are not very helpful. Would have been better to have a comparison of the same monitor before/after painting the bezel. Personally I think that glossy monitors have the best perceived black levels where there are no visible reflections, but that it's almost impossible to avoid...
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    Thought Experiment - 4K Support

    There's no technical reason why something like this couldn't be made. That said, the market would likely be small and the costs would be high, and the window where it would be useful is probably going to be small since in the near future everything will support 4K @ 60Hz.
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    Z97 HDMI 1.4 to DP 1.2 Adapter for 2560x1440? Will it work?

    Almost certainly you can't use the DisplayPort-to-HDMI adapter backwards. There exist HDMI-to-DP adapters, but the ones I've seen are active and they're expensive. I think your best bet would be a new motherboard with one or more DisplayPort outputs. (Assuming you can return the old...
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    LG Electronics to launch quantum dot TVs

    I wonder if we'll ever see someone take FALD to the logical backlight per pixel triad. As someone else said, there doesn't seem to be any technical reason why FALD would require additional latency--it's probably due to cost or speed of development. Seems like it would be possible...
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    Opinions...Moto X 2013 vs Moto G 2014?

    Do we know yet whether Lollipop on the Moto X 2013 will be able to use the low-power voice processor chip? The Nexus 6 reviews all talked about how much faster the integrated solution is than the two-stage process Motorola used originally.
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    Opinions...Moto X 2013 vs Moto G 2014?

    I'm looking for a replacement Android phone. I'm off contract, so I'm buying it outright. I've basically narrowed my selection down to the two phones in the subject line. They're available for very close to the same price where I live. (Canada) My wife and I share the phone. She's not...
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    SSD's for small business

    It very much depends on exactly what your users are doing. For some office work the above may be true, but there are other cases where it would not. For example, with the work I do it's not unusual for me to run multiple VMs on my laptop, each of which has a 60GB root disk. Combine that...
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    Official LG Curved Ultrawide 34UC97 thread

    For a 5K 27" to make sense, you need to have an OS capable of doing scaling properly. Pretty sure that this means OSX currently. The 34" 21:9 is tempting because it doesn't need any scaling. A 40" 4K monitor would also be sweet, but I don't have a computer that could drive one properly.
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    4k resolution VS Ultrawide resolution

    In an ideal world this would be the case for all games. Though to be fair, for multiplayer games it might make sense to have a server setting limiting everyone to the same FOV. I remember seeing some crazy FPS gamers back in the day with massively high FOV settings so that they could see...
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    Is HDMI really better than VGA?

    Sorry, but I disagree. Fine text on an LCD driven at native resolution is far superior to CRT, be it aperture grille or shadow mask. I am sooo happy I don't need to worry about convergence adjustments anymore.
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    How to securely delete my data from the SSD?

    This is an okay option if you don't have secure erase. The main problem is that some percentage of the space is reserved for blocks that go bad, caching, etc.. If you just overwrite the drive as you suggest, it might be possible to extract usable data from the reserved portion. Not a trivial...
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    Using SSDs with "disk thrashing" applications?

    The only reason I can think of why they might be concerned about this is if their modem/router is susceptible to interference from a cheap battery-backed UPS. A low-end UPS is going to have a stepped approximation to a sine wave, which means lots of extra high-frequency noise compared to a pure...
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    Why doesn't someone make a curved 4k 36"

    Your statement doesn't really make sense, the two are essentially equivalent. A 40-50" curved screen when used as a computer monitor at close range would be very similar to a giant curved projection screen at long range.
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    Why doesn't someone make a curved 4k 36"

    That's just it. I personally have a 24" and 23" now. I'd love a 4K 42" monitor. I'd put it exactly the same distance away as my existing screens, and have roughly 4x the screen real estate. I don't need teeny-tiny pixels, I want to be able to put more windows on the screen at one time...
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    Curved Screen TVs Are A Gimmick

    Technically there's nothing stopping them from doing a severe curve, basically matching an eyefinity setup. The thing is that the more you curve it, the more it's intended for a specific distance from the viewer.
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    SSD transfer speeds for development

    Do you know for sure that this is a bottleneck? Have you looked at iowait times (or whatever the equivalent is for your OS)? The reason I ask is that I'm a professional software developer and even with spinning rust drives I can max out all the CPU cores on the system long before I hit the...
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    Q?? on file transfer over network/Internet to MANY people - Server/HD issues

    Typically the way it works is that the OS maintains a "page cache" in RAM of data that has been recently accessed. So when it gets a request to read a block from the disk (from some random client) it will check to see if it is available in the page cache. If it is, then it sends the data...
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    4K monitor purchase: Dell or Asus?

    That's a TN panel. See also the Asus PB287Q and Lenovo Pro2840m in similar price range. The Dell 28" is only 30Hz refresh.