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    Most enjoyable PC game out right now?

    I was really enjoying Borderlands, I was level 25 and things were going great. Then Dragon Age came out and I have not been able to put it down. I dont think DA is the best game ever, but its the most fun I've had in a long time. I might also get L4D2 this weekend though so well see how that...
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    Assanin's Creed Lineage

    I expected this to be awful, but was impressed. Not sure what the point of this is though, some sort of live action version of AC2's intro movie?
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    Borderlands or Dragon Age

    I sucked it up and bought both. Borderlands for something to play with friends and Dragon Age because I have been waiting for BG2s successor for too many years to count.
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    Can't decide if I should group right away with friends when I get home today, or play for a day or two to get a feel for the game before joining up with people.
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    Trine demo released

    Just played through the demo and it was a lot of fun. Watched the trailer, the coop mode looks really awesome. I will definitely pick this up for the 40 bucks it looks like it will cost as long as the game is at least 8-10 hours and there are a few environment changes. Edit: or I guess 30 on Steam.
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    Papa Johns $9.99 Large 2-Topping

    Thanks OP. Saved me 6 dollars on a large for me and the roommate. Pretty good pizza.
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    R.I.P. Filefront

    I used Filefront at least once a week for something. No wait, super fast speeds, no registering. I guess it was too good to last.
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    6 yr old learns to drive a car from GTA?!?!

    This six year old isnt the only one trying to drive. Watch that about a 7 year old wrecking his parents SUV because him and his friend wanted to do "hoodrat" stuff. (sorry if repost).
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    Steam Weekend Deal: STALKER SoC $4.99

    Grabbed one. Thank you OP.
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    SOE finally sold out EQ

    I think its been out long enough that its not a big deal. On a note with the others: I had an amazing time with EQ that I couldnt never seem to find with WoW or any other MMORPG. I dont know if it was just me being 13 when it came out or if it was the game itself. Thinking of the music...
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    id's Rage

    I will always buy every id game because of: 1. They release the source of the previous game when the next step comes out (ie Doom3 source when rage comes out) 2. Quakecon is amazingly awesome and I really appreciate id for it. 3. The games usually come out for linux because of the opengl.
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    Fallout3 or FarCry 2 - which to buy?

    Bought both. Fallout 3 is a much better game. Only reason to get FC2 would be if you cant stand a leveling system with skills etc or if you really want multiplayer even tho FC2's is supposed to suck(haven't tried it yet myself to busy playing FO3).
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    Laptop Boot/HardDrive Problem

    Hey guys one of my friends laptops has been acting up. First it was just very slow to boot to windows. After a few weeks of this it would no longer boot windows and would give the error: Corrupt or missing files in C:\Windows\system32 I assumed this was just a bad install of windows, so I...
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    In need of a video card with dual DVI

    You can find 6600 GTs that are AGP and dual DVI such as this one for around 150, decent performance.
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    Data Execution Problems(DEP) when opening HD

    Hi, I got a new HD a couple weeks ago. 300 gb sata 16 mbs cache. Worked great, loaded it up with stuff. Now I am getting DEP errors when i view the root of this drive. I am not booting from it and none of my other drives are having this problem. I can access and use files on it, its jsut...
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    Maxtor 300GB/16MB - $149

    Hey, heres the same drive at newegg. Its higher but they claim 3 year warranty. Anyone know why? Or are these slighlty different drives as the seek time is also different?
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    WTF, I tried ordering something earlier today from them. I get a page cannot be displayed as I clicked submit. I hate when that happens cus you cant click back or risk ordering twice. Then when I try later the sight is down. Ohh well, newegg has been so great I guess I can cut them some slack.
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    which 6800 to try again?

    yah I would definately stick with a 6800 or even a 6600 GT over a 6800LE. I feel bad about you losing your old one to ESD, that always sucks, esp at 15. I would try and pick up a PNY 6800 NU that seems to be going for 200-230 on sale. Friend got one and he seems happy. Good luck.
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    Valve sucks

    Any chance this tweak works with CSS or Vampire the Masquearades?
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    6800 or 6600gt?

    Yep I think cusa opens at 6am. A friend and I plan on camping overnite, as he is deadset on getting one. He had this same question 6600GT or 6800 NU, but with a sale like this, the 6800 is the way to go.
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    Can a virus attach to the BIOS and require a new mobo to clean?

    I dont know much on the subject, but after looking around it seems like a few years back the CIH virus could screw up the BIOS. It looks like most moderm motherboards have protections to disallow this from happening, but then again it is possible to flash ones BIOS inside windows these days, I...
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    Review Sites

    dude is teh ownzers man, well maybe not, but it won or got second in newegg's poll a while back if i remember right... so allota people must like it allot.
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    I'd check to see what you have cooling your AMD 64. I use a Zalman 7000ALCU with that board and its fairly quiet on full power, with good cooling. Its even quieter if you let it use the smart fan thing, only spinning fast when the CPU gets load. You will however have to remove the current HSF...
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    Time to get rid of my 6800gt

    I agree with Vermicious Kind. My GT also studders when OCed too much. For me it starts when the core goes higher then 400 mhz. Try to declock the card a bit and see it the problem persists.
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    TO ALL GF6800 AGP owners

    Damn people, you hear rumors that something doesnt work, and you start claiming lawsuit? I have a 6800 gt, and dont really care about the video processor. My 6800 gt performs great now, and thats whats really important to me. I didnt buy it for the video processor, and I dont think many of...
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    HELP!! CS: Source Shutsdown after a while..

    I, and many also, get the hex ram error message. Its still debated why thats happening. I thought my ram was bad, but I ran memtest and it yielded no errors. Many other have posted about this on the forums. I would check there. This one looks similair...
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    Creative 7.1 HeadPhones?

    yes thats prob true, i was hopping for info becuase maybe these will break the tradition and be really good.
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    Creative 7.1 HeadPhones?

    I agree, its just at lan parties and what not, speakers pose major problems, but everyone still wants directional sound, so the only option is surround sound headhpones.
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    Creative 7.1 HeadPhones?

    I heard creative was releasing some 7.1 headphones with mic aimed at gamers. Friend said he saw them being promoted at WCG, any else hear about these or have links to info on any? Heard they were coming out sometime this year. Thanks.
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    I'm Cheap. an den...

    I would either build a new budget system with say an AMD 2800+, 1 gb pc3200, and a 6800 NU, or I would follow Major A's advice and see how it runs first. If it didnt run well enough and u wanted to save money you could buy simply the video card (9800 Pro or 6800 NU) and pop it in and see if it...
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    oem Maxtor sata 250gb 16mb buffer HDD

    idiot999, the deal was from .
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    Best drivers for 6800 gt?

    Im using the 66.51s here, do get some gfx anomalies in CSS like shooting near trees makes them shake and turn white. Best overall seem to be the 65.73s.
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    P4 1.3GHz 400FSB & ECS 848 P-A Mobo, is it fine?

    Hi, I dont know that much about older P4s but that looks to be a socket 423 and the mobo is a socket 478. May work but I would look into compatiblity first. Second, the mobo is $40, plus 10 shipping? It looks like a full featured mobo, but its still an ECS, and on a budget as tight as yours...
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    Does running super low-res (640?) help 3dMark05 speed?

    Ok, I just ran tests at 1024x728 and 640x480 and it does increase a bit. My score went from about 4600 to 5700 so about a 25% increase. It still looks decent at this res but I do not recomend spending 20 dollars so you can run 3dmark at a lower res, especially if you are a bit strapped for...
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    free Trojan Condoms

    This is why they need them. To protect agasint viruses. DUH!
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    What the ULTRA!

    I have the same problem with my GT. It doesnt artifact but it pauses for a few seconds. I have an Antec Tru 480 so it cant be power and I have a Vantec PCI fan blowing on it. Very irritating since it does this if my mem goes over 1050 :(
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    msi k8neo plat system temps

    I would definately replace the nb cooling esp if you are ocing. For one, if you remove it the little shot of thermal paste it has is really small and usually offcenter, so just replacing the old one with some AS5 will help. I would recommend that kit of a several heatsinks by...
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    Explorer Crash - Keeps coming back - Please help

    Hmm I doubt this will help, but could it be bad ram? Anytime I get explorer crashes after a reinstall its either driver problems or hardware malfunctions.