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    Will Nvidia RTX runs hot?

    Some tests from
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    Precision Boost Overdrive working??

    Here is my 2700X on a Msi 470 Carbon, everything default.
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    390X coming soon few weeks

    Its the 390 and not the X, so they says on Anand.
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    So i got a lg 29EA93-P, but max 1920x1080??

    One thing tho, it only shows as Pnp display in system.
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    So i got a lg 29EA93-P, but max 1920x1080??

    Yes i have tired everything i can think of, every dvi port and even displayport. But win 7 wont show more than 1920x1080. I just feel so lost...even changed the reg settings up to 2560x1080, but didnt do it.
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    So i got a lg 29EA93-P, but max 1920x1080??

    Have tried but it does not show up, please is there anyone out there that can help me?
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    So i got a lg 29EA93-P, but max 1920x1080??

    So what options do i have to get 2560x1080 from my 7970? Weird that the Lg comes only with 1 Dvi and 1 Hdmi cabel.
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    MSI 7970 Lightning Need Advice - Problem

    Tried this? It fixed all my 2D problems and wakeup from sleep.
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    Titan Benchmark Results obtained from HWC / Guru3d

    Norwegian review out.
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    As HD8000 nears Are only HD7000 DUDS left?

    Well my card idle at 34c and hits in mid 60 at load clocked at 1200.
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    As HD8000 nears Are only HD7000 DUDS left?

    My Msi 7970 BE has a Asic quality 66% and is overclocked to 1200 at default vcore. Will also do 1250 at default.
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    Best 7970 right now?

    Have you tried trough Msi site?
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    Best 7970 right now?

    Me to have the Msi 7970 Lightning BE, nice card. Runs at 1,2Ghz default vcore for the card and its really quiet. Hits mid 60c at load gaming.
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    [H] users 7950 Overclock Results

    Sry for going off topic here. But my Msi 7970 BE lightning has a Asic 66% and is running 1200Mhz. So i am not shure that those with high Asic score clocks any better than those with low score.
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    HD8000M series announced,3382.html
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    Msi 7970 Lightning Be reboots pc

    Just got my new Lightning Be to replace my old 5870. The Msi came clocked to 1150Mhz at 1,25v vcore. Under load of any game my pc will just reboot, no blue screen or nothing. So i was thinking it may be my Psu thats not keeping up with my new parts? Psu Thermaltake Toughpower 850W Dont no...
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    5870 owners - are you upgrading soon or waiting for 8 series or ...?

    Couldnt wait any longer, orderd a MSI Radeon HD 7970 Lightning BE-Twin Frozr IV to go with my IB @ 4400Mhz.
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    Yea im running small FFTs, had a reboot after i lowerd the pll voltage to 1,5v. Running with 1,65v now, will see how thats work. No errors in prime so far.
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    i5-3570K OC and temps

    Hmm thats about the same temps i see on my 3570@4500 1,26v on air.
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    Up and running, priming now at 1,26v set to 1,28 in bios. Temps with prime stays in the mid 70. Will not run prime at any lower vcore without failing, so how high vcore is safe on these chips in the long run?
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    Was thinking of the 520 from intel, but i have to sell my old parts if not my wife would kill me.;) Will setup raid 1 on 2x500gb discs first, guess it will do for a while.
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    I just decided to go with the socket 1155, orderd the GA-Z77X-UD3H Z77 with 8 gig mem and a I5 3570K. My water cooling is getting replaced with the Noctua NH-D14. All in all it was a cheap upgrade for now.:)
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    Its mostly used as a server, but i also use it for some gaming. Next on my list is to change my 5870 since i run a 27" Lg-Ips panel, but i will wait to see what Nv comes out with later, or when the 680 drops in price. Price is not the biggest issue when it comes to a new cpu, i want something...
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    Upgrade or not from a Q6600?

    Still running on my Q6600@3600Mhz 1,4v 24/7 since it came out. A few days ago it started to act weird, clocked it self down on the fsb to default. So i am looking to upgrade my cpu, mem and mobo. But seeing that the socket 1155 is at the end of its life i need som advice what to do?
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    [Kepler/GTX 680] Info's in... $400-450? + benches + thermals (56k warning)

    More over at Anand. *FYI, this link is fine, but if you click through on the pics in that thread, the image host that guy used is crappy and clicking any of it's popups will probably result in some soft of infection. -Oldie
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    GTX 680 specs leaked

    From Beyond3d. GTX 680: 72.2 FPS HD 7970: 70.5 FPS
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    GK104 = GTX 680 (confirmed), paper launching soon [SA]

    Some more news.
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    AMD Radeon HD 7970 Video Card Review @ [H]

    Radeon HD 7970 Crossfire review ;)
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    Air cooled 7970 @1.26Ghz

    3dmark at 1.70 GHz Core and 8.00 GHz Memory :eek:
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    Upcoming Sapphire overclocked 7970 models

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    7970 "preview"

    Back to topic.
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    AMD 7000 series specs leaked

    Belive its the 7950.
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    7970 pricing ....

    Just quote it here to. And remember that the Gtx 580 3Gb is set at $589.99
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    AMD 7000 series specs leaked

    Some more leaks with specs and price.
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    7970 "preview"

    Some more from Fud. belive what you want :)
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    7970 "preview"

    Hmm this is the same info that has been floating around the last few days, and could come from Fud. and 3Dmark.
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    AMD 7000 series specs leaked

    Some more news from Fud.
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    AMD 7000 series specs leaked