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    "Door Handles Wouldn't Work": Tesla Driver Dies in Burning Car after Crash

    I doubt the jaws of life would let door handles be in anyway a hindrance to it. And adding that the air bags are not deflating causing people to die. okayyyy....
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    Google Fiber Ends Service in Louisville

    seems google applies their model from software on other stuff as well - "abandoning it" =)), I would have given them the extra props if they said they would fix everything no matter how long it takes.
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    Asus GPU Tweak II Overlay Injects Ads Into Games

    Its honestly seems to be just a feature for streamers, which makes sense (they would benefit more for ads than us).
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    Ubisoft Apologizes for "Controversial" Relationship in Assassin’s Creed Odyssey DLC

    I'm actually wondering if it didn't force you on a heterosexual relationship, what would be options for lineage to continue (I doubt adoption since the bloodline won't continue)? (well common sense says have sex, have a baby). (don't get me wrong, I'm just wondering how it would have played out).
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    Could Microsoft Release a Desktop Linux?

    If they drop support for old win32 systems, maybe, truth to be told, one of the biggest why there are a lot of issues with the Windows kernel now is the achingly painful way to have it backwards compatible with old programs.
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    NVIDIA RTX Titan Teased by Influencers

    There are good influencers, if these are one of them, that is another question. :D
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    Google, Mozilla Working on Letting Web Apps Edit Files

    If they are planning something on this, then they should invite every browser to the consortium (invite apple and MS for their browsers respectively), that is a major change that not only two browser dev groups should be working on (personally given the current state of security, I'm not sure I...
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    No Man's Sky Visions Trailer

    I like how the team didn't just give up, they accepted the criticism and the truth to the criticism face on and worked on improving on their shortcomings. kudos!
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    Windows as a Service Is Failing

    It's not the "As a service" part that is having issues, MS just needs to polish their development cycle. I'm confused, He is saying apple is not doing a "as a service OS", isn't all new OSX version just updates to the old one? , I'm pretty sure this is the same with Windows (correct me if I'm...
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    Google Patents Data Mining Cameras in Bedroom and Listening Devices in Homes

    Maybe they also want a seat in front of a panel like what just happened to Mark Zuckerberg. lol
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    The Next Version of HTTP Won't Be Using TCP

    I think by default all consumer devices have their outgoing ports open. this is just literally shifting from the tcp protocol to the udp protocol, on the firewall side of things most companies would block certain ports (both tcp and udp) occasionally based on their security policies, this might...
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    Check Out the Delidded AMD Rome CPU

    Back in my old company, I scratched my head as well when MS switched to per core licensing, I do hope they bring down their prices, honestly they are still cheaper than Oracle.
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    Titanfall Devs Have More Than One Game in the Works

    TF2 was great. the problem was EA releasing it in between two big-name titles. Not sure what they were thinking but It looks like they wanted TF2 to fail. lol
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    Treyarch Banned Battlefield V Designer from Call of Duty: Black Ops 4

    I remember these when on the CS 1.4-1.5 days lol, not cheating but the fast pace action, actually stuff like these are common, especially in our region(asia). kinda remembered this is the reason I quit fps games, haha
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    See the World Through the Eyes of a Tesla

    That is actually cool, We can say still has some quirks into it, but technology really have gone a long way.
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    Malicious Messages Are "Bricking" PlayStation 4 Consoles

    I wonder if both platforms are affected for the reason that both are based on BSD (PS4 on FreeBSD I think).
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    Instagram Might Share Location Data With Facebook

    I'm actually quite surprised the two are not yet sharing those data. at one point We were blocking th and domains in our work environment and consequently discovered that instagram was blocked as well. We discovered that a bunch of urls for loading images on instagram are...
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    French Researcher Gives Smartphones a Finger

    I think women will find this quite amusing
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    Venom Is a Waste of Tom Hardy's Talent and Your Time According to Reviews

    I seldom rely on reviewers nowadays. I find a bunch of movies that had very low scored good, some great but not awesome. This made me more convinced that there might be some reviewers who were paid to smash these movies. Well I'm not an A grade movie lover, but heck I think my tastes are not...
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    Valve Renames Artifact Card with "Racist Connotations"

    dark humor is dark . lol, I find a lot of people to sensitive nowadays. In our country We still have it chill when it comes to some racist jokes. (below the belt jokes though are reserved for friends,lol)
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    ASUS ROG STRIX RTX 2080 Ti and 2080 1440p Preview @ [H]

    it's fast, the only reason I think Nvidia put up that NDA fiasco is with the inconsistency of the performance gains (from 30 - 61% on non TI , etc). It just makes you think that they know the new generation is too expensive for those numbers. If I had the extra resources to buy those(and I'm...
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    Game Controller Statistics for the PC Gaming Platform

    not really, a lot of games i'd rather go with a keypad (2d scrollers, adventure games), a wheel setup for racing. you want strategy and fps, KB+Mouse. PC is the best , but the console vs pc wars are really putting a lot of nonsense out there honestly.
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    Game Controller Statistics for the PC Gaming Platform

    I really find the XB1 the most comfortable for my hands, I can play hours without any pain compared to x360 version, whatever I try though with the PS controllers, I always stop after about an hour or two. PS4 is an improvement over the PS3 one, but still I'll go with an XB1 over the two.
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    Tesla Model 3 Stolen Using a Smartphone and Social Engineering

    I think I seem to understand your point, but I don't think old non-smart car vehicles are not that full-proof as well.
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    Nvidia GeForce RTX 2080 and RTX 2080 Ti Official Performance Charts Leaked

    numbers are good, pricing is not, so no, not for me this generation. I really hope AMD can release something to challenge them, those prices are insane :)
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    Google Wants to Replace URLs

    I can't remember "when" the URL was a problem to address
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    Khronos Group Is Working on EXT Extension to Assist Linux Gaming Translation Layers

    It is indeed as a good start, but I just wish to say that I don't think "this is the death of windows". honestly, I don't think that is primarily valve's direction, they just want more people in steam. they seldom develop games nowadays, your only income generating model is via the steam...
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    Battlefield V Trailer Features New Game Modes

    Looks good, I'm quite intrigue, but I'm not gonna pre-order :)
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    “Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3” Production Put on Hold

    The problem with Disney is that they should have fired Gunn after they absorbed Marvel Studios completely, It was ten years ago, It's impossible none of them there had any idea about that. Gunn was into dark humor, for me it is still humor rather then straight opinions (well people are just too...
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    “Steve Jobs Comes Across as a Jerk” in Daughter’s New Memoir

    I read He was really a business-minded person as well, He usually backs down when sufficient evidence is presented to him. I think the philanthropic work is more of a "as you get older you get wiser" theme. It's usually how it works for most. Well maybe there is a different definition for "nice"...
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    “Steve Jobs Comes Across as a Jerk” in Daughter’s New Memoir

    I don't remember reading or hearing anything bad about him though.
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    “Steve Jobs Comes Across as a Jerk” in Daughter’s New Memoir

    Nobody knew this? now that's new (Am I that old? damn)
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    Metro Exodus Developer Eyes 1080p 60fps Target for Enabling Nvidia RTX Features

    Post after Post , the RTX feels like the initial Xbox One when games couldn't go 1080P with 60FPS. remember that? Pepperidge farm remembers..
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    Steam Play Evolves as Valve Adds Tools for Windows to Linux Compatibility

    I don't think Valve's decision is about dropping Windows (Windows 10 going to hell, now one wants Windows anymore-telemetry qq) or the hail Linux initiative (hell yeah opensource rocks, etc etc). It is just plain business. The company is not developing much games today. So at the moment the...
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    Shadow of the Tomb Raider Demo Is Hobbled by Real-Time Ray Tracing and Other Tech

    if it is stable at 1080p (60+ fps) at ultra settings (everything almost maxed) with Ray Tracing, Okay, maybe I "would" let that price slip, but dipping into 30fps at 1080p is not really good. Im pretty sure optimization at this point is not a good excuse, 1080p is like the 720p of the Full HD...
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    I really don't like the multi-year NDA. so yeah.. NO
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    Motorola’s New P30 Smartphone Blatantly Copies iPhone X

    I'm really still not into notches, I like the latest patent of the essentials phone where there is literally a camera icon on top of the camera on the lcd though, I'm wondering if OLEDS (or may future tech) can produce 99.99% (if not 100) transparency in the future and just drop the notches , if...
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    Pre-Order Sales of Battlefield V Have Been “Weak”

    everything EA is having hard times at the moment since the battlefront 2 incident =))
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    Pressure Mounts for Xbox’s Missing VR Strategy as PS VR Revenue Tops $1 Billion

    There might be 3 million people who tried VR on PS4, not sure if it will last. (a lot of friends just dropped it after a few months, got bored). At the moment I'm seeing it as a fad. MS will probably try to stick to their initial opinion about VR. What I think they'll do instad is release a...