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    Gentle Typhoon advice

    Check out the spcr review. They also noted a tone on certain models of the GT. As for me, I run the 1150 rpm version on full, and don't observe any whines/tones.
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    Razer Naga Epic or Cyborg MMO 7?

    I have multiple mice connected with my Naga, and I experienced the the loss in wireless a couple times. Since this was over a 6 month span though, it was no big deal. For me, comfort and feel for a mouse trumps all. If I game for hours, I don't want a sore hand/wrist afterwards. I get enough of...
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    Razer Naga Epic or Cyborg MMO 7?

    I've owned both. I went from Naga -> Naga Epic -> MMO7 -> Naga Epic. While the Naga isn't perfect by any means, I absolutely hated the MMO7 (note I'm a palm user). I posted on another thread why I went back to the Naga after trying the MMO7. Short summary: 1. Build quality is poor (worse than...
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    Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse

    My G700 right now works perfectly with SWTOR, haven't had any issues. It works with logitech gaming software, but you have to install setpoint along with it. I've been fine so far. The RAT software has a limited number of profiles that it can switch to (forgot if it was 3 or 6). In any case...
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    Cyborg R.A.T. Mouse

    I recently got a MMO 7 for SWTOR from Amazon. I just sent it back today. I was using a regular Logitech G700, but wanted more buttons for the mmo. So here's why I returned it: 1. While it's highly configurable, the bottom palm rest part is poorly done. If you extend it (slide it out, making...
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    New Monoprice mechanical gaming keyboard!

    Given their penchant for undercutting the competition, I'm hoping that's the case. The XArmor was a decent mechanical keyboard, just overpriced.
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II

    That's disappointing, apparently the top can only accommodate a slim rad.
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    Scythe Slip Stream Slim 120mm quality/noise

    At 2000rpm any fan is going to be loud unless you have a fan controller.
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II

    Indeed, he's not that helpful with his reviews (ever really). Here's a better video one from hardwarecanucks: http://www./forum/hardware-canucks-reviews/50006-cooler-master-cosmos-ii-ultra-tower-case-review.html More in depth from Guru3d...
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    Cooler Master Cosmos II

    Only to those that can't afford it :D. But seriously, it is expensive, but not outrageous (i.e., Temjin 11, Windy). This is Lian-Li territory, which given it's size and features, is suited. Only thing missing is all aluminum construction. And for that, there's the Temjin 11. Interested to...
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    Recon3D Fatality Professional/Champion Reviews??

    Have a link that confirms this? I'd love to see one that's on par with the Titanium HD but also does 7.1/5.1 analog.
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    Verizon To Charge $2 To Pay Your Bill

    Misleading headline and summary. FTA - this is for one-time payments. If you're like me, and already have your bills set on recurring payments with your credit card or bank account, you aren't affected, so it isn't quite as bad as it may seem. Still a dick move by Verizon though. No doubt AT&T...
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    Some WD and Seagate Warranty Changes for 2012

    Sucks, but looks like WD's reduction is far less severe
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    Corsair Keyboards?

    Nice one :). I'm hoping the delay is because they went back and made all the keys mechanical. That's the hope anyway, but I doubt it.
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    Recommend me a mechanical keyboard under $150.

    Isn't x-amor (iOne) out of business? Last I checked, their site and customer support are non-existent.
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    Is Firefox Doomed?

    Firefox is a revenue stream for google - probably making them a good deal of money. Why would they not renew it? Mozilla does not compete against their core search/ad business, whereas MS/Bing does.
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    Is Firefox Doomed?

    Unless you're in the corporate/enterprise world, do you really care if they call it Firefox 4.3343 or Firefox 14? As long as you're on the latest (which everyone should be anyway). The one thing I could see improve is the automatic update on startup, like chrome does it, versus having to...
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    QPAD MK-85

    Being sold in europe, so iso makes sense. This thing looks exactly like an xarmor: So probably the same chinese manufacturer. I returned mine because the stupid thing didn't...
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    Windows 7 simultaneous analog + SPDIF

    Yep, my x-fi titanium does the same thing - output from both 7.1 analog and spdif/optical. Actually, seems like you can't turn it off as it always outputs simultaneously.
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    New Intel SSD Toolbox 3.0 Basically the same as the old version, but with a much prettier interface. Also, looks like they added the ability to upgrade the firmware through the toolbox now.
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    Klipsch Promedia 5.1's - Amp repair

    I did the same thing with mine even though it was working. He does the same thing - replace components that are likely to fail or look like they're about to fail. He also reduced the price since he didn't have to fix anything that was broken. A+ guy to deal with. The fan is very low rpm, you...
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    Seasonic Platinum-1000 Drawing

    Top quality components and that awesome sanyo denki fan.
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    best headphones for 300 dollars?

    I have no problems with the PRO model headbands, but I've heard complaints about stiffness and clamp pressure with the HFI models.
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    best headphones for 300 dollars?

    Ultrasone. They're not as well known as the other brands (Beyer/Senn), but my god, once I tried it, I couldn't go back. These headsets have some of the most incredible fullness and bass I've ever heard, even without an amp. It's not the booming type either, but actual details (think high end...
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    Peripheral Collection Pictures

    Nice. I've owned close to half of those, but I usually ebay/craiglist the old item when I get something new. Who knows, maybe these will be collector's items down the road.
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    Corsair Keyboards?

    Another +1 for k60 (or similar) with backlighting and full wrist rest. Would buy immediately.
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    A Way to Measure Micro-Stutter (?)

    There's a great article on Techreport on the micro-stutter phenomenon. And describes a metric that could be used to quantify it (99th percentile frame time). We all know FPS hardly captures the whole picture, so seems another metric like this could...
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    Where to buy Ducky DK9000 or Rosewill RK9000 keyboards?

    What do mean? 1 US dollar = 1.2 Singapore dollar.
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    Where to buy Ducky DK9000 or Rosewill RK9000 keyboards?

    This review says $169. I don't know if that's Singapore dollars or US dollars though.
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    Where to buy Ducky DK9000 or Rosewill RK9000 keyboards?

    Tank guys Ducky boards are OCN ( branded. They order directly from the manufacturer and sell it there. If you can hold off, there is an expected shipment of new Ducky keyboards with backlighting coming soon.
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    PAX X-Fi drivers

    Don't install these. The guy who makes them has no real understanding of windows programming and sound drivers. Check the creative forums where he frequents and you'll see what I'm talking about.
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    I don't suppose... (Razer BlackWidow Q)

    MX Clears actually require a bit more actuation force than the browns. To OP, I found something else to consider - Ducky DK9008 Shine. Seems like OCN will have these for sale in August. I may also bite since I prefer...
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    GTX 580 suggestions

    I think the 3gb lightnings are going to be a limited production item given their price and recent history with the 6970 lightning being nearly impossible to find after the initial batches.
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    I don't suppose... (Razer BlackWidow Q)

    Yep, it's a bit lacking compared to a Das/Filco/Deck, but there very few that offer brown (for those that like it) and backlighting (actually I can't think of any other than x-armor). If I remember right, they just rebrand some model that's made in Korea. It's still quite a bit better than...
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    MSI GTX 580 Lightning XE In Stock at Newegg (Reg price)

    Hey, I grabbed two of these as soon as I got the newegg notification (also in Cali). All thanks (or no thanks) to the Hardocp review. My wallet really hates this site.
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    Previews of Cooler Master Cosmos 2 ‪Maximum PC: Dream Machine 2k11‬‏ - YouTube Rumored Price: $350 (deep breath ...)
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    MSI GTX 580 Lightning XE In Stock at Newegg (Reg price)

    Yes, this is not a hot deal, but given availability, seems like those who want it should jump asap.
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    G700 left click stopped working - almost new

    Logitech generally has pretty decent customer support, they're pretty good about RMA returns. But definitely exchange with Amazon first since that'll be faster. I've had my g700 since day 1 of availability and haven't had a single issue.
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    MSI 6970 $289 after MIR

    Not bad, but I really wish they would supply some lightning versions. I find the reference ones just too loud.
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    Corsair AX850 149.99 AR @ Amazon (BE Quick!!!) Corsair Professional Series Gold High-Performance 850-Watt Power Supply CMPSU-850AX: Electronics Currently shows 1-3 weeks delivery. Go to product page, go to the other sellers option (25 New), and select Amazon. Don't forget the $20 MIR form. Or alternatively, go to newegg...