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    Raspberry Pi or Cubieboard Media Server/Mumble Server

    Hi folks, like most of you, I im in love with the idea of the Raspberry Pi and other similar devices, and have been trying to come up with a solid use for one before I bought one. Now I have found my use I would like to get one. I would like to install a light weight ubuntu distro and run a...
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    Verizon Asked To Share “Six Strikes” Alerts For Lawsuit

    Fast and scary! I told the wife she had to quit with her torrents, we have Netflix and other like services, she doesn't really understand this, she asked about proxies, and I dont believe that they are the answer.
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    Hardware capability, pfsense vmware?

    I have a dual core atom 1.6ghz with 2 gigs of ram that I had been using as a small vent server and file server for a few years now under windows xp home, but I have recently used it to make a pfsense box and I love it, but now Im without a file server and vent server. I wondering if it would be...
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    Fractal Design Node 304 itx case

    Well I finally have my new rig built up in one of these. Its a decent little case. Not really happy with most of the screws being glued in by the paint. Here's what I can tell you from my research and experience. It seems that most reviews out there state that all three fans are intake fans and...
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    Doom III: Project Mars City (Comments Thread)

    CrimsonSky is the reason I got into modding, I really hope he comes back to it.
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    Cross by Red Harbinger

    You should send me one so I can test it on a consumer level for you.
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    Anyone using the new $199 Chromebook?

    I think someone somewhere down the line will crack the bios or Acer or google will release it somewhere down the line.
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    Anyone using the new $199 Chromebook?

    My thoughts exactly, with my taxes Im going to upgrade to 4 gigs of ram and an SSD to increase battery life.
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    Anyone using the new $199 Chromebook?

    The Acer C7, I just picked it up the other day, great piece of hardware, I just wish there was more OS functionality, but that doesnt matter as chrubuntu is going on later today. Great display,weak speakers, ok keyboard(the new Samsung has a better feeling keyboard), the dual core Celeron 847...
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    Assassins Creed(First One) $0.99 at Amazon

    Sorry I should have looked into this more.
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    Deus Ex HR Standard Edition $16 Amazon

    IF you didnt get it on steam.
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    World’s First Programmable Quantum Photonic Chip

    5 to 10 years before this gets anywhere close to the consumer market, the x86 platform has the world by the nuts.
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    CHECK THIS OUT!!! This is amazing, I so want this.
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    Arcygenical00 Cubed

    Always beautiful dude, and I hear you on the modding bug, I just started redoing the mod I started a couple of months ago, cant wait to see how yours comes out.
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    Project T-Virus

    I will, because when I saw the sleeving you are using I google'd paracord right away and found ftwpc and e-mailed them right away.
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    Internal LCD like murder box.

    You stud, thanks a lot, you've saved me so much time.
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    Internal LCD like murder box.

    Hey guys, I was wondering if anyone knew what was being used for the internal lcd setups used in the murderbox cases. Is it pico lcds with something like and audrino circuit, I'm redoing my case mod that I had started a while back and i would like to include something like this.
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    Driver preventing Windows 7 start-up?

    try fully updating windows first before you install the drivers, i had a weird issue like this with a nvidia gpu in my desktop
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    How detailed do universal remotes get?

    Get yourself a logitech harmony 300 if you havent already, it should be pre programmed for your reciever and if not i can be taught. With a bit of work you can have it dialed in better than your original remote.
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    CL TH 10 Worklog-Complete Madness

    Will you adopt me??? Or trade me cases??? Had I know about these cases I would have deffinately considered one of these bad boys.
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    Post your "rate my cables" here

    Looks like the 700D guessing by the feet.
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    Case to replace Silverstone FT02? How about a LIAN LI PC-V2120X or PC-P80NB?

    The only this I dont so much care for on the v2120 is the groove on the door, if it was flat it would be epic. There is a ton of room behind the mobo try, the removable HDD cage is a huge plus, and it seems like WC in the v2120x is more do-able than in the FT02 and with all those fans in the...
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    Case to replace Silverstone FT02? How about a LIAN LI PC-V2120X or PC-P80NB?

    I have the Lian Li V1020 and I love it so Im gonna vote the v2120x I really want that, so bad!!
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    Contemplating making a desk

    Vika Curry legs, last time i checked they were $3 a leg, they would be a lot more sturdy than what you have planned.
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    Those of you who have built a desk...

    Bracing or center supports would help. you could always make a frame for it but it makes it really heavy. This is the back side of my first desk but it was to big and heavy so I had to down scale after I moved, glad I did. This is my current desk, 30"x80" with center supports in the back. I...
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    Bad Company 2

    Kill all sons a bitches! Really though, kill someone and take there kit, because most likely it will be better than yours, and get use to these kits so you know whats going on.
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    Pictures Of Your Dually Rigs!

    nzxt phantom
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    Egg + Firecracker In Slow Motion

    Man, now I know what to do with expired food.
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    Twelve Minutes Of Batman: Arkham City

    I have such a hardon for this game!!!
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    Camera Mounted on Firework

    Awesome, just wish they mounted it differently and did slow motion.
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    Lian Li V1020 Case Mod(No name yet)

    Sorry for the lack of an update, Ive been trying to work on the case but some things didnt come out as well as I wanted and other things im still trying to finalize. With the fan controller, I finally have the new dials mounted, I just have to polish them and wax them or something so the brass...
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    Lian Li V1020 Case Mod(No name yet)

    Thanks man, I still have a lot left to do, right now im playing with idea of a stealth switch to switch between orange and white leds on the side panel, and im trying to plan the water cooling portion.
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    Lian Li V1020 Case Mod(No name yet)

    Thanks buddy, I have the faceplate for it pretty much finished, but this on is only a mock up panel until the guy who is going to do my laser work comes back from vacation.
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    Lian Li V1020 Case Mod(No name yet)

    Well I got the face plate cut out and most of it filed were need be. In my exhausted stupor, I thought it would be easier to just use the step bit i had attached to my drill, mistake, so right now im trying to fill the 2 spots(yes not once but twice) where I messed up with a 2 part epoxy, if...
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    Lian Li V1020 Case Mod(No name yet)

    Well the washer Idea was bust, and the guy who is going to do my laser cutting is getting ready to go on vacation so thats on hold till the start of next month, but the guy who gave me the shells also game me a 10"x48" sheet of 1/16 inch aluminum so im messing around with hand fabricating the...
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    Lian Li V1020 Case Mod(No name yet)

    Small update: 4 shells cut, not just some filing to even them out(trying to find a good method to do that) and I have to to come up with a way to actually mount them, Im thinking small washers and JB weld and then center drill until its ready to be fully glued to the dial. (Hopefully you find...
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    Lian Li V1020 Case Mod(No name yet)

    Thanks alot:D, I really appreciate your guys support:).