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    The Router Recommendations Thread (Consumer)

    I have Cox Cable. My house was built in 1904 and is 3 stories. I need a WiFi solution that is inexpensive. What I have now barely works for two phones, one laptop and a tv. Whenever we are streaming Netflix, Amazon etc the speed for anything else goes in the toilet. What is the new bang for the...
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    Borderlands 3

    Is performance any better? I quit playing bc of low fps at times.
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    How Bethesda Quickly Fell From Grace In One Year

    When they do. Not like they have learned anything. They have sold out and the new management is intent on this bs regardless of what it does to the game.
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    2019, any need for higher than 1070 at 1080p 60hz?

    Yeah. You don't really need to upgrade yet. My 980 is a different story. I got a xfx 5700 coming Friday. I will probably do the xt bios upgrade whenever I go from 1080 to 1440.
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    Star Wars: Battlefront 2 (2017)

    I get the same fps as you at 1080p. That's on mostly max settings. I only have a 980 and an old ass 3770k @4.3 w/ 16 gb . Stays above 90 as far as I have seen.
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    2019, any need for higher than 1070 at 1080p 60hz?

    Too big for your case but I just bought an XFX 5700 at the $299 price. I am at 1080P too. My 980 actually holds up pretty well for my current games. I just want to run cyberpunk at decent frames. Pretty sure the 980 would struggle a bit.
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    Navi RX 5700 to 5700 XT BIOS Flash

    I have a fairly ancient 3770k@4.2 on a msi p67a Mobo, 980gtx, 16 gb ram, ssd with an 800 watt evga psu. Monitor is a venerable 27" BenQ 144 hz@1080p. Would a 5700 be a worthwhile upgrade until I can afford to replace the rest of the system to go up to 1440 resolution? I see decent models for...
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    Planetside 2 Arena

    4 people playing. Just shut it down. Sad. PlanetSide could be so good.
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    Battlefield V

    Uh yeah. Reddit is full of dice hate. I uninstalled a while back. Glad I did. Bf is dead. Dice seems intent on pissing people off. Make the game fun for two weeks then completely fuck it up. Great strategy there numbnuts.
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    Fallout 76

    Then why so blindly aggressive with the monetization? Something new is stirring the pot.
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    Fallout 76

    I saw a youtube video. Forget who unfortunately. This appears to be due to the company trying to get bought out? They are doing everything they can think of to boost revenue to make their price as high as possible. So they are selling out? Seems to be the end of things.
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    Fallout 76

    Bethesda is really going hard with the monetization bs now. Talk about being out of touch with the player base. Jesus.
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    It's been fun so far. Played maybe an hour. I like the characters. There is some real personality to this game. Performance seems ok at 1080p on all high settings. Especially since I am on an old ass 3770@4.2 16gb and a 980 Gtx.
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    The Outer Worlds (New Obsidian RPG)

    I am in for $1. Best deal on a new game ever. Don't say I got one free with my gpu either. You paid more than $1 for the gpu.
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    Planetside 2 Arena

    Welp. Here we go then. Should be interesting.
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    Atlas runs very poorly and is a ways off from being a complete game. Pretty vacant.
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    Planetside 2 Arena

    Huh? I play Planetside 2. Have not heard anyone talking about this in comms.
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    MechWarrior 5: Mercenaries announced!

    Eh, well. I didn't expect anything from this game. Too bad. Still fondly recall Mechwarrior on my 386dx.
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    Anyone give up on PC Surround sound and just go stereo? Any regrets?

    San Diego has some nice craigslist buys eh atari? Anyway, has anyone mentioned this version of headphone surround? I have yet to hear it but it has been around a few years and has generally been well received. Also is considered to have improved over time.
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    Uber's new Air Taxi on display

    Met a ball turret gunner at my AFB museum. I was a crew chief for C-5s. Gave that man a nice salute. The fucking brass cannonballs you had to have....
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    It is EA. I do not expect this to be good. They could fuck up a wet dream. Used to be different when you see respawn and lucasfilm in on a game. Nooooot nowadays. Fuckity fuck it all. Sigh.
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    ASRock X570 Aqua

    Thought ya'll might dig this one: We were pleasantly mistaken when we thought ASRock would stop at the X570 Phantom Gaming X or the X570 Taichi for AMD's new "Valhalla" enthusiast desktop...
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    Julian Assange Arrested

    I am only into self rape. 1 in 5000? Too many.
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    Skyrim-like RPG suggestions?

    Morrowind rebirth 5.0 was just released.
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    Yeah. It is fun and runs well. Get it. Worth the effort.
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    PayPal's new refund policy has sellers up in arms

    I had a paypal account since 2004. I kept getting daily hacking attempts despite changing my email, passwords, setting up all the security they have available. So I cancelled. Just gave up.
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    Asassin's Creed 5: Unity

    Yeah. Origins is way grindy. I am playing unity now and enjoying it. I don't think I ever finished it. The sound and environment are wonderful.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    For sure a wait and see game. EA has a looong way to go as far as redeeming themselves goes.
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    BioWare's new IP: Anthem

    Funny how people are begging for content with this and battlefield. Yes I am including firestorm. Which is meh at best. Ea isn't getting any money from me until some dramatic changes happen. They plain suck atm.
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    Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

    Yeah. Hope for the best, expect EA to flail about on fire into a gas station.
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    Battlefield V

    They ain't fixing shit. Ea is a nightmare. The girl is right there. Beautiful, willing.....except that you just can't quite.....
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    Best single player first/3rd person shooter campaign by year?

    Metro has a good story and really nice environments/monsters. Kind of like half life. It is a quality experience. Especially now that they have added to the game.
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    Best single player first/3rd person shooter campaign by year?

    Leave Dan alone! Anyway. Yeah. The new metro is pretty excellent.
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    Epic Games Store

    Wait. 30%? Global or USA? That seems a bit low considering the age of steam vs it's competition.
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    Anthem Was Bioware's Second Best Launch

    Didn't buy it. Won't buy it. Fuckea should be a new word. They plain rushed this game. Just like battlefield, battlefront etc. Fuckea
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    Windows 10 Update Can Degrade Graphics, Mouse Performance in Certain Games

    I am still on the February update thank goodness. Although metro seems to be playing worse now than when I started it a few days ago....
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    Windows 10 Update Can Degrade Graphics, Mouse Performance in Certain Games

    Microsoft vs ea. Who can fuck their programs up more with updates?
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    Battlefield V Battle Royale Footage Leaks Online

    It's the corporate effect. Each game tries to emulate the most profitable type. So gaming has become this homogeneous drivel we see now. Samey gamey.
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    Battlefield V

    Like anthem. Which still isn't much either. Just maddening. Not just ea but they are certainly fully shitting the bed here. Gaming in general is bad these days. Just a sad old man wishing for the old days of bf2 twl and Cal ladders and daily scrimmages and matches. When we had server control and...