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  1. ChoGGi

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Ah well
  2. ChoGGi

    Perpetual Free Steam Codes Thread

    Not a steam code, but if anyone wants a 3 month xbox pass (needs amd hw): F4R2NU22ZDP4T7U2
  3. ChoGGi

    EU votes to have universal mobile device power adapters

    But they haven't came for the lightning connector, they came for the overpriced charger.
  4. ChoGGi

    Games that should be revived...

    I wouldn't mind a new Driver Would Amid Evil count? Scorched 3D? (not that it's been updated for awhile) Is that a version of monkey island with blackjack and hookers? Another BW would be nice :)
  5. ChoGGi

    Grand Theft Auto V

    You can move the folder, then make a junction to the old folder. That way it'll think the folder is still in the same place. < It'll add a drop here menu item when you right-click and drag/drop a folder
  6. ChoGGi

    "Cleanest" version of W10? I'd edit Default.preset before running Default.cmd
  7. ChoGGi

    PC gaming is in a decline — and deserves to be

    Well here's how the original article interpreted it: pc grew by 6.6, phones by 11.6, and consoles by 13.4 (everything is growing, other than browser games). When you have some time I'd recommend...
  8. ChoGGi

    Current AMD free game promo - end date?

    This is the one I got, and it says two games (there's other offers on there for one game or selection between two games).
  9. ChoGGi

    Current AMD free game promo - end date?

    I ordered from the .ca site, got 'em the day after I ordered.
  10. ChoGGi

    The Best Game Of The Year Actually Won Game Of The Year At The 2019 Game Awards

    Assuming this isn't sarcasm, it's dark souls with parrying instead of dodging (so yep niche title is about right). Edit: dang
  11. ChoGGi

    Early TSMC 5nm Test Chip Yields 80%, HVM Coming in H1 2020

    5nm is just a marketing term (I think at 28 nm they stopped bothering with nm relating to pitch sizes?). Ah, here:
  12. ChoGGi

    A private equity firm is buying all the .org domains.

    Damn it, don't know about censorship, but that statement Richard Barnes put sure was cringy (why didn't he just say he likes bribes). I knew I should've gone .net instead of .org
  13. ChoGGi

    WTB: Antec P183 - 5.25/3.5 Drive Rails

    These rubber ones? You can have the two small rails if you want as well? I should have the rest, but I'm getting ready for work, so later today.
  14. ChoGGi

    WTB: Antec P183 - 5.25/3.5 Drive Rails

    I've got at least three, I'll go dig around tomorrow and see if I can find anymore of them. I'm up in Canada, so pay for shipping and you can have them (anything else you want out of the case?). Edit: 6 in total (there's also two that are smaller with more holes, could be from the 180 or...
  15. ChoGGi

    Tesla Unveils Radical Cybertruck.

    It's November not April yeah? (though I am curious about the range when you're towing 14K pounds)
  16. ChoGGi

    Cant reset bios

    Did you upgrade to 4101 bios? If so then you might be stuck with the same issue as me (and usb flashback doesn't do anything that I can see).
  17. ChoGGi

    Windows Media Player alternative?

    For music?
  18. ChoGGi

    [FS] Logitech G502

    Sorry for being off-topic; when you say latest bios on the x99, do you mean 3801 or 4101?
  19. ChoGGi


    Yeah, but you copied the url not article title :)
  20. ChoGGi

    What am I really missing?

    For gaming... Maybe a few milliseconds in load times?
  21. ChoGGi

    Is a 128GB SSD and 500GB HDD enough for a basic student laptop?

    I haven't noticed much real world difference between ssd/nvme, seems a tad overkill for homework+web browsing?
  22. ChoGGi

    IGAVANIA Kickstarter! Bloodstained: Ritual of the night

    Actually you want to get nine shards to max out the grade ;)
  23. ChoGGi

    [Epic] 6 Free Batman games - Batman Arkham Collection and Lego Batman Trilogy

    Looks like it's been happening for awhile now?
  24. ChoGGi

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    "sometimes I just want gameplay other times I'll watch a scene" As long as they're skippable I'm fine with cutscenes. If you want to sit through every cutscene go for it.
  25. ChoGGi

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    I'm not saying to skip all the dialog like ng4ever wants (I'm in between, sometimes I just want gameplay other times I'll watch a scene), but they're games in the end. I personally play games to have fun. If he finds it more fun to play and ignore the dialog what does it matter to anyone else...
  26. ChoGGi

    The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt: Official Thread

    Games are meant to be played not watched :) I'm happy they gave the option to skip, unlike some games.
  27. ChoGGi

    Fan Help

    decibels (loudness), but how a fan sounds will also have an effect. You may wish to to some research on topics instead of just making a bunch of threads on the forums? (out of date, but the concepts still apply).
  28. ChoGGi

    Is there an issue with my SSD?

    resource monitor?
  29. ChoGGi

    Is there an issue with my SSD?

    Some networking timeout?
  30. ChoGGi

    is there a way to optimise pc graphics to be like ps4?

    If you want to improve loading speeds you get a faster drive.
  31. ChoGGi

    Samsung's Ditching The Headphone Jack and Furiously Deleting Its Ads That Made Fun of Apple

    Why would anyone expect them to leave up ads making fun of a "feature" they now implement? (Yes, I'm sticking with headphone-able phones, the less I need to remember to charge the better)
  32. ChoGGi

    Severe local 0-Day escalation exploit found in Steam Client Services

    Normally you'd need privileged access to write to HKLM\SOFTWARE\Wow6432Node\Valve\Steam, but checking the permissions on my computer it's been changed to allow users write access.
  33. ChoGGi

    Blade Runner 2049 Stumbles at Box Office

    Oh yeah, guess I should
  34. ChoGGi

    Blade Runner 2049 Stumbles at Box Office

    He should've been
  35. ChoGGi

    Blade Runner 2049 Stumbles at Box Office

    Bye-bye Rutger (Good as any reason to necro a thread)
  36. ChoGGi

    Broken monitor from asus again

    Irfanview will take a screenshot with the cursor.
  37. ChoGGi

    critical vulnerability found in VLC media player

    You can try it yourself, but the report does say Linux so... I can't get the mp4 to crash with v3.0.7.1 Interesting the mp4 tiltle is "[KAA] Kimi Ga Nozomu Eien - Ayu Mayu Theater 6 (for ep 13)" I see we've got a pirate arr.
  38. ChoGGi

    What games do you have preordered?

    0 As some who preordered both NMS and Battleborn, I don't preorder anything anymore... Even if I do want to preorder cyberpunk :) Any game with exclusive preorder content can go fuck itself (assuming games can do that now), at least till it's on sale with all the content for $40.