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    GPE S4 or Nexus 4?

    I agree with this. You can fully convert an AT&T One to a GPe One as well if you get bored with Sense after a while.
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    Motorola Droid MAXX

    I'm not sure about the overall score, but I would rate the Moto X display a 6 or 7. If it was 1080p, I would give it an 8, and if it was 1080p and had more accurate whites and less saturated colors, i would give it a 10, or maybe a 9 depending on other aspects. Actually, if the Moto X had a...
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    Thinking about switching back to an iPhone, am I the only one?

    I've owned an HTC Aria, Samsung Captivate, HTC Inspire, Samsung Infuse, LG Thrill, and Samsug Galaxy S II. The only time I ever got an official update was when the Captivate got Froyo. Oh, and the Galaxy S II went from 2.3.4 to 2.3.6, but that was just a point release, which made the phone...
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    Lumia 900 is now AT&T's exclusive Company-Use Phone

    Though they saved a few bucks by going with a non-curved screen and not including headphones and a case in the box. My guess is $550.
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    Lumia 900 - Q&A :)

    Have you compared the camera to a Lumia 800 with the 12070 update? My 800 with the 12070 update seemed to be taking as good or better pictures than the 900s I played with. Before that I owned a Titan, which was lighter and thinner. The 900 is definitely a brick, but heavy phones don't bother me...
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    Lumia 900 - Q&A :)

    I messed around with a couple 900s at SXSW. The camera is no better than the 800. The phone is pretty big and heavy too.
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    Thinking about switching back to an iPhone, am I the only one?

    I've owned nearly every high end Android phone on AT&T, a Titan, and a Lumia 800. It pains me to say it, but I'm rocking an iPhone 4S at the moment. I would say iPhone 4S > Lumia 800 > Titan > Galaxy S II and every other Android phone on AT&T. The only phones that might pull me away from the 4S...
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    AT&T WP7 for $0.01 on 11-26-11

    The Windows Phone maps app is decent. It's their navigation that's really lacking. Microsoft is giving everyone who buys a Windows Phone a $25 app card right now. Going to use mine to buy Navigon probably. You can also sideload Nokia Drive if you're cheap and don't mind the basicness of it...
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    HTC Rezound (or HTC vigor)

    This guy must have missed the MHz race of the early 2000s when we learned that higher clock speed doesn't mean faster.
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    Wanna get a smart phone, help out an old man

    Newegg is selling it too.
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    Samsung Galaxy S2 or HTC Sensation for T-mobile?

    I usually prefer HTC software, but TouchWiz 4 isn't as repulsive as TouchWiz 3 and dare I say actually quite good. Also, every HTC phone I've owned has had awful audio quality (both speaker and headphones) and a relatively poor camera. No one can deny that the GS2 has a better looking screen...
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    AT&T "4G" phones are actually runing HSPA, aka 3TG

    T-Mobile does the same thing. Their MyTouch 4G is only HSPA with no +. At least the Infuse that came out today is a true HSPA+ device. Whether AT&T's network can offer legit HSPA+ speeds in your area is another story, but I've seen some screenshots of Infuses pulling 10-12 Mbps down so clearly...
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    Droid X 2 gonna have a DC proc...say it ain't so!

    Atrix? AT&T, Motorola, dual core, been available for a while, disappointment.
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    Need a new phone for ATT

    Inspire is awesome. Yeah, the Atrix will get better battery life, but after using both I went with the Inspire. Tons of awesome ROMs for it and definitely doesn't feel slower than the Atrix despite the older hardware. Cheaper too.
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    FireFox 4 Mobile for Android !

    Opera Mobile is the shiz. Scrolls about as smooth as an iPhone on my Inspire and supports text reflow, full screen, and Flash.
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    Atrix is a sales flop

    Played with one for a while and went with the Inspire. Need me some CyanogenMod and Miui. Hell I even like Sense better than Blur.
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    Looking to get a slightly older cheaper Android phone, bad idea? New to Android.

    The Aria is a really good low-mid range phone. Desire would be better though.
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    Bionic or Thunderbolt for FPS games?

    Well the Bionic has a lot more gaming horsepower, but the Thunderbolt will play just about every game out there right now just as well. If you want to keep the phone for two years then the Bionic is more ready to handle future games with high end graphics.
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    Custom Android UI

    The Inspire comes with some different themes. Go to personalize > skins. You can download more from the HTC Hub app. You can also get some different looks by changing your launcher to something like LauncherPro, ADW, Go Launcher, etc. (all in market). If you still want more after all of that, root.
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    IE9 Launch

    It's not half bad. Dare I say it's faster and smoother than Chrome on my old single core Turion laptop? Installed SimpleAdblock and will be giving it a run for a while.
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    LG L246W

    Sweet! I just started having this problem recently and today it got to the point where the monitor won't turn on. Will be ordering those caps asap. :D
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    Anyone else picking up an HTC Inspire next week?

    You'll get something very similar to, and slightly better than, the Inspire when the Thunderbolt launches. The only real differences are the Thunderbolt has LTE instead of HSPA+ and has a front facing camera.
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    Pre-order Moto Atrix for 499!!!

    No, the release is being pushed up, not back.
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    Anyone else picking up an HTC Inspire next week?

    Give it a week will ya. The battery takes a few full charge cycles to get its legs. Battery life is better than the Captivate and much better than the Evo, but obviously not iPhone 4 or Blackberry good.
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    Reccomend me some good games LG Optimus S

    Not exactly. It's made by Qualcomm, but it's an ARMv6 CPU, not ARMv7 like the Snapdragon. More comparable to the CPU in the HTC Aria and Lengend.
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    i'm so happy i got unlimited data

    Not often, but on my current bill cycle I'm already up to 1028MB after only two weeks. Mostly due to tethering I think. No worries here though cause I still have unlimited from ATT.
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    Post your while Tethered

    Cell and wifi speeds at my house. On wifi my home internet speed is maxed out, so I'll have to try on a faster connection. Samsung Captivate on ATT.
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    I’m impressed with the GPU in my Samsung Captivate

    An3DBench isn't a very good test for Galaxy S phones. They are limited to 56 fps so we'll never know how much faster they could run several of those test.
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    Anyone going to Microsoft in NYC tomorrow for Windows Phone 7

    Wish I lived in NYC. Microsoft loves giving away free stuff at their events.
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    HTC G2

    Did you ever try changing to the recommended settings in LbsTestMode? After doing that, GPS on my Captivate has always worked pretty well. Not sure how the Vibrant differs though. Hmm, contacts scroll really smooth for me. I'm on 2.2 though, so maybe it was different in 2.1. Can't remember...
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    Vibrant GPS fix on Kies

    The EVO and Incredible have been out a lot longer than the Captivate, so of course they have a more developed community and more updates.
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    Where is the white iPhone 4?

    Android actually does have quite a few good games these days. Not as many as the iPhone, but then again, the iPhone has so many now that you'll never even hear of 95% of them. As an Android phone and former iPod Touch user, I definitely think iPhones are better if you want something simple...
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    Vibrant GPS fix on Kies

    I bought my Captivate on launch day and knew from day one that 2.2 wasn't expected until October at the earliest, possibly November. Nothing for me to be angry about yet.
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    Samsung Vibrant -or- Sprint HTC EVO -or- Samsung Captivate ???

    The Captivate and Vibrant are great, but there are a few things you should know... 1) Battery life may be pretty poor initially but should improve after a week or two. For better battery life, be sure to turn OFF (weird, I know) the battery saving mode (Settings > Sound and display) and set...
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    Where is the white iPhone 4?

    I'm on AT&T so I can't wait! Hopefully there's a mass exodus. Verizon's network will get bogged down and AT&T's will clear up a bit. :D
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    New Browser Usage Statistics

    Looks like a lot of Chrome users are actually Internet Explorer converts. I expected them to all be Firefox users, but Firefox doesn't seem to have lost many users.
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    Where is the white iPhone 4?

    It's waiting for Verizon.
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    need a crash course in smart phones...

    I'm comparing the user experience on each platform. What are you comparing? Here's a little hypothetical user experience on an Android phone. Everything mentioned below can be done on a non-rooted phone with extremely minimal effort. A few of the things listed below are possible on an iPhone...
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    need a crash course in smart phones...

    First of all, I wasn't lecturing. You were wondering what people meant by customization. I tried to give you an answer. I never said one platform is better than the other so I don't know why you're getting upset. I also don't know why you're trying to say that I don't know the difference...
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    need a crash course in smart phones...

    K, I've owned both. Both are great, but Android definitely allows more customization. A) The home screen and app drawer interface in Android is known as the launcher. If the term were to be applied to the iPhone, its launcher would consist of horizontally scrolling pages with grids of icons and...