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    EU votes to have universal mobile device power adapters

    The point is, that Apple has consistently had innovative connector technology for 20 years. Few people want to admit this because Apple is the epitome of capitalism, but it's true. Apple has also been fairly good about keeping the connectors consistent within their product lines. Everything had...
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    EU votes to have universal mobile device power adapters

    Are we talking about cell phones or laptops? Every modern cell phone on the market uses a USB "charger" or a standardized wireless charger. As far as their laptops, the magsafe is awesome and people I have talked to that have Macbooks are very satisfied with them. I have 2 after market magsafe...
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    EU votes to have universal mobile device power adapters

    As I said, it’s very easy to forget or discredit things when it comes from someone you don’t like. I mentioned Lightning and 30 Pin and you both chose to only acknowledge things that didn’t pertain specifically to your argument. So far the rational am seeing is that the majority should control...
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    EU votes to have universal mobile device power adapters

    did you forget that the lightning cable came to market years before USB-C? Did you forget that the 30 pin offered power, digital, and analog signals so that docks could choose to have or not have processing built-in? Did you forget that FireWire allowed digital signal transfer and control of DV...
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    Storage For Video Production

    What kind of space are you looking for? 2TB, 10TB? Are you wanting some level of protection like mirrored drives, or just 1 single drive? Mirrored will cost significantly more.
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    Best NVMe right now ?

    this is really the most relevant answer. Right now, the price premium buys you a drive that can sustain write speeds longer. All SSD’s feel fast in normal usage. But if you plan on writing big files, and you know the size of those writes, than you can start looking at reviews for drives. the...
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    Ninja explains how new physics engine could "reset Fortnite completely"

    Did you google internet dollars to US dollars? There is an exchange rate.
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    Overclocker Sets Two X265 Benchmark World Records With Intel Celeron CPU

    I’ve been slowly moving my 1080p movies to h265. You can cut the file size of the movie 30-50%, which is like getting a bigger harddrive. You do possibly loose compatibility, so you have to think about that. Oh and this is the most useless overclocking record. A $40 AMD Athlon with built-in...
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    Doom And Doom 2 Have Received A Huge Free Update On PC And Consoles

    As an aside, the original Doom has better dialog scenes than the Doom Annihilation movie on Netflix.
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    Microsoft Flight Simulator 2020 Tech Alpha 1

    Oculus Rift (or similar) is the big question. Flying games are the best platform for this technology at the moment. The scale and immersion is something to behold. If Star Citizen supported VR, people would spend even more money on that barely existing game....even if just for a tiny...
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    A lazy fix 20 years ago means the Y2K bug is taking down computers now

    Don’t worry, once they are confident that bug is taken care of we will have the Year 2038 problem, based on the Linux epoch. Shit is like a cycle at this point.
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    Doom And Doom 2 Have Received A Huge Free Update On PC And Consoles

    It was on iOS at one point. Our iPad 2 still has it on it, but I can't download it to any of our other handful of iPads. I imagine if that iPad ever needs to be reflashed, the game would be lost to oblivion. EDIT: I just looked it up on the App Store to verify my claim and it is back in the app...
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    Doom And Doom 2 Have Received A Huge Free Update On PC And Consoles

    Best mod I ever got for Doom was naked lady wall textures, I see they still have not got around to making this official. Very disappointed, and way overdue.
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    3500x new budget cpu king

    9400F is $130 at Microcenter, $20 off, if you buy a motherboard. I really wanted to do one earlier this year, the problem was there was not a reliable result of finding a budget motherboard that actually supported the CPU on the shipped BIOS. So I just went with AMD instead.
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    Fortnite conquers 2019 with $1.8 billion earned

    Not bad for a game that is still in "beta". Star Citizen ain't got nothing on this.
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    China's Latest Loongson CPUs Are On Par With AMD's Excavator

    Which based on limiting myself to half a dozen google searches, means there is hardly any mainstream operating system support for this platform. The article does specifically mention server environments. For consumers that need productivity, I think AMD & Intel will be just fine for now.
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    China's Latest Loongson CPUs Are On Par With AMD's Excavator

    I didn’t see it in the article, this is an x86 processor? An actual legit licensed x86 processor? Or something else, like RISC? It doesn’t express sly say it can run Windows and I know China is trying to move to Linux.
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    for Blu-ray Pure Audio disc, if I only use PCM 5.1 mode, is there a difference vs. CD?

    It was a format that was dead before most people knew it existed. I’ve got like 3 or 4 albums. Very limited selection, and the prices are varied.
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    price/performance AVR recommendations

    Ethernet over HDMI is the must have feature!!!
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    Why 8K TV is a non-starter for PC users

    Will a 8K video game look more lifelike than Days Of Thunder or Top Gun at 1080p? Do pixels matter? Or is there another way to make games look more lifelike?
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    not sure where to put this LOL?

    Was that as a young adult where beach didn’t bother you or as a middle aged parent where beach sand is the most annoying thing in the world?
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    'Quake II RTX' update delivers more realistic ray-traced visuals

    i just recently learned that Final Fantasy 13 was updated for 4K (for free) on Xbox One X. So I went and bought a 10 year old Xbox 360 disc for $8 to finally sit down and play the game. Nostalgia....we are suckers for it.
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    Jony Ive has left Apple

    Number 2 is the short hand way of saying that Apple wanted to destroy Google for them stealing the “smartphone” concept after Larry Page and Sergey Brin (Google founders) and Eric Schmidt sat on the board of directors at Apple since Steve Jobs has taken a liking to the trio. They were privy to...
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    Obtaining a Ryzen 9 3950X is Near Impossible

    Micro center could have 1000 of the $700 CPU’s in would still be impossible for me to obtain. Selling out of $700 computer parts of any kind has to be an indicator things are going well in general for the economy. But I can’t rationalize that kind of money.
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    70 inch Samsung $549 @ BB

    I’ve got a $1000 75” 4K no name Black Friday TV from 2 years ago. Doesn’t have HDR. Does have light bleed. It’s our main TV and is probably on 6 hours a day, every day. Got it connected to a high end Denon receiver with Martin Logan electrostatics (not Motion series). People do all kinds of...
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    Intel 660p Series M.2 2280 1TB PCIe NVMe $ 82.99

    Use it on a drive you don't expect to use completely full. I have 3 660p drives in service. One as the OS drive on my Macbook Air and one as a OS drive on our Windows family gaming machine (games load from other SSD's). The only usage that I found it sucked at was as a cache drive for...
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    Most Americans Find the Cost of Cable TV Is Too Darn High

    $120 a month for U-Verse 80 down / 24 up...JUST internet (including $30 unlimited data fee) Fort sophisticated jerk!
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    WeWork cuts back office perks

    You say that, but I work at a large semiconductor company and we have a lot of employees that came from other companies that don't exist anymore. They say stuff "I remember working at XYZ, where they gave free ABC, life was so good back then". And to that I always say, ya that sounds...
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    Atari 7800 Schematics Found in Dumpster Dive

    This was a little before my time...for perspective would you say this was above or below Atari Jaguar level success?
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    are solid state batteries the next big thing?

    They come free with the purchases of an Hewlett Packard Memristor Solid State Drive. Supplies are limited though.
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    New Ben Eater video

    Burping Girl is the most disgusting thing I have found on YouTube so far.....there could be worse, but that's the limits of my abominations.
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    AMD Athlon 3000G with Vega 3 Graphics Review

    Darn, they missed including the 200GE in the benchmark to see the actual improvement. I am concerned when they say "We manually overclocked the CPU to an all-core x40 multiplier, which yields a permanent clock speed of 4.0 GHz regardless of how many cores are active." Does that mean it sits at...
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    EVGA NU Audio Pro

    I use digital BECAUSE I don't want the pops, clicks and hums.
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    EVGA NU Audio Pro

    As an update, Twitter has allowed 280 characters for 2 years. Still not quite enough to flesh out a rational thought, but more than enough to troll the shit out of each other....and release news/press occasionally. But mostly for the exceptional trolling.
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    New Ben Eater video

    Was expecting a burping girl video.....but saw its not "New Bean Eater" video
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    Leveraging AI for solar concentrator power system

    Why harp on such a question, you should direct energy elsewhere. ;) :dead:
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    Can you compare sound qualify of an active speaker to a passive, same brand?

    Is this for near field or using these in a normal sitting on the couch application?
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    sheeple cable

    Welcome to the world of Audioquest. Back in the day of Stereophile and The Absolute Sound magazines, they would actually review these cables and use all kinds of words that were synonyms for lush. AudioQuest, Cardas, Kimber Kable, Nordost. Big players 20 years ago and guaranteed pussy...