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    6600gt or a plain 6800? opinions

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    WTT my radeon 9500np and Doom III for your HDD

    Like the title says looking to trade my ati radeon 9500 np and Doom III for a 80-160 gb Hard drive. I will cross ship with traders of merit @ my discretion. And you may peruse my egay ( mach-_5 ) and heat ( Mach5 ) refs. Please note that I have NOT modded the 9500, yes it has the 'L' shaped ram...
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    FS/FT/WTB/WTTF Doom3, Radeon 9500, Ram, HDD LOOK!

    Ok piecing together a box for my son and I need a hdd bigger than the 8 gig he now has and possibly win xp if someone has a good deal on a legit copy. Also looking for some decent ram. So give me prices shipped on this stuff so I can decide. Also I have a Radeon 9500 np with the L shaped ram...
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    FS/FT P4 D 830 oem cpu, XP 2200+ oem cpu,

    Hello all, I only accept paypal from verified sources as payment. I do not honor dibs unless directly followed by dialog leading to funds changing hands. All stuff is guaranteed not doa. Shipping IS included with some sort of tracking, insurance is optional. I had some plans for these procs but...
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    WTB your 20-120 gig hdd!! need asap!!

    I have to fix a friends box that had the hdd go dead so im looking for a drive between 20-120 gigs to go in an old hp win me box. doesnt have to be flashy just work well and quiet. let me know what you have. Also if someone has a legal win me disk and serial to go with this hardware that would...
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    WTB: Your Athlon XP 3000+ Barton

    Ok fellas (and any ladies out there, or fellas that act like ladies lol) I'm looking to buy or trade for a XP 3000+ Barton core proc. It's going in my shuttle so it doesn't have to be a great overclocker. Ive got a XP2200+ now that I can throw in for trade or buy outright, so let's make a...
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    FS/FT 40 gig ipod, 9500np, 160 gig, 80 gig, mx510

    Submitted for your approval, For sale / For trade: ATI Radeon 9500 np 128mb used but in perfect working order, in fact im using it now till my new card arrives. has L shaped ram, 400 mhz DAC, stock cooler, vga and DVI out. asking $45.00 shipped Logitech MX510 gaming mouse, used but in...
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    6600gt or a plain 6800? opinions

    Hey fellas I need some advice.... I'm finally upgrading my 9500np [AGP] and I have decided to get either a 6600gt or a vanilla 6800 [also AGP] which one or brand would you recomend? Your thoughts are greatly appreciated. And while I'm here anyone have thoughts on the logitech G7...
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    FS P4 640, 2x512 infineon ddr400, 2xPSP games etc LOOK and BUMP

    First the fine print: I only accept paypal from verified sources for payment. I do not honor dibs, first to pay has dibs. Shipping is INCLUDED in all prices, and I only ship to the continental U.S. unless prior arangements are made. All items guaranteed not D.O.A. got ?'s just submit in this...
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    FS/FT PSP Games, pc 3200 ddr, etc LOOK!! and BUMP!

    FS/FT: firstly i only accept paypal from verified sources and shipping is included with the prices. For trades I am looking for a good tv tuner card that doesnt look all pixelated and takes forever to render the next channel when it is changed, and if it had a remote that would be fantastic...
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    P4 540 3.2 w/HT, 3x 512 ddr/ 200g SATA/512 CF card etc......LOOK!

    FIrst the info email= egay (over 200 refs) = mach-_5 heat= Mach5 I only accept paypal and ONLY from VERIFIED sources. Paypal email= Shipping with tracking is included in the prices. Q's? pm or email me. No dibs, first cash gets the goods...
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    For Trade only Lexar 256 usb thumbdrive keychain style for your 20-40 gig HDD

    Just like the title sez, looking to trade my 256 lexar thumbdrive for a 20-40 gig hdd so i can practice server 03 for my cert test. ill post some pics when i get home from school. email jford2 AT egay=mach-_5 heat=Mach5 thanks, Mach5
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    FS/FT 250 gb Maxtor, 1 gig pc 3200 ddr,Radeon 9500, wirless lappy card, etc. look!

    O.K I only accept paypal, I do not honor dibs unless specifically discussed or payment is made, other than that first come first serve. Shipping is included with all prices. Insurance is optional and extra. heat is under mach5/egay ius under mach-_5 email is Don't...
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    FS/FT Custom antec case, 512 pc 2700, 3000+, 450w psu, games etc look!

    Bought a new house so trying to get deposite money etc. Not interested in any trades unless you have a gamecube/bundle in decent shape for my boys, or the items below that are for trade only for fans, leds, fan adapters, etc. Paypal only ,cc is ok, but must use verified address. Free shipping...
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    WTT my 64 3200+ system for your shuttle!

    Ok just like the thread says. Getting ready to move into a house where "computer room" doesn't exist. So I am wanting to downsize my behemoth desktop to a shuttle. So if you are still reading heres whats up for trade for a decent shuttle: -Antec 1080 AMG case (grey) with custom dremeled...
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    FS/FT Mobile XP 1800+/Abit KG7 Raid/Lappy-G card/GBAsp Come Look!

    Much Like the title says I have a few items here submitted for your approval for sale or for trade. First let me get the legal out of the way: I ONLY accept Payapal, (unless PREVIOUSLY agreed) from VERIFIED sources. My Email: randerson1027 AT (paypal and otherwise) Heat: Mach5...
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    WTB/WTTF Motorola Surfboard Cable Modem

    Just like the title sez: A modding session went horribly wrong and now my modem, while still functional, looks like ass. Not to mention I found out I've been renting the damn thing lol, I'm sure they'll understand :D Anyway, I have a U.S. Robotics 100 Mbps wireless 802.11g pcmcia card I...
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    FS/FT 9800pro 512ddr k6550 linux box etc. look!

    Heat= mach5 (8) EBAY= mach-_5 (210) E-mail= randerson1027 AT I only accept paypal with a VERIFIED address for payment. I do not honor 'dibs'. whoever pays first, or establishes a true deal gets the goods. May seem harsh but too many instances of un-dibbing going...
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    WTB: PCI sound card, CD-RW

    Looking for an older pci sound card on the cheap. like for 7+ buxx or so Also looking for a 16x or higher cd burner for around 15+ buxx. Please post or pm or email me what ya got. randerson1027 [AT] LMK thanks, Mach5
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    WTT: XP1600+ for HALO

    Just like the title says. I have a oem 1600+ chip here thats doing nothing and I recently discovered the joys of halo (im a late bloomer, so sue me) lol. SO anyone interested? I have heat under mach5 i have ebay under mach-_5 i have beerology under mach5 LMK Mach5
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    FS/FT Athlon xp 2800+, Windows XP, GeForce 4

    Heat is under mach5 Beer is under mach5 Egay refs mach-_5 All prices shipped unless noted. Dibs don't count, first paid first served. It may seem harsh, but not as harsh as needing the cash and having someone un-dib you. I can be reached by pm or by email This...
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    9500 woes, help!

    I just bought a 9500 from a fellow [H]'r but it did not come with the power cable. It looks like a floppy connector could work but Im not sure. Anyone know the pin out voltage or a way I could rig this jig to work? Any and all help is mucho appreciado. Mach5
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    FS/FT athlon mobile 1800+ and laptop ram and win xp home+plus!

    All items are shipped, I have beer and heat under Mach5, and over 200 refs on egay under mach_-5. All sales are paypal only. Now I would like to trade for some things I need to build a linux/unix box for schoolin purposes, the list of stuffs I need are as follows: celery 500-667 or any combo...
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    Mobile AMD q's

    I recently rescued an amd 1800+ from a hp laptop and was wondering.....will this cpu work in a standard mobo, or are they so different as to only work in a lappy mobo? Thanks for any and all help. Mach5
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    FS/FT Windows XP home + PLUS

    For sale or trade is my Retail version of XP home, it is now innactive since I upgraded to pro. I am also including The plus digital media edition upgrade and also office xp tutorial program and a trial version of front page. All discs are origional discs NO COPIES! I would like either...
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    mac led mod?

    I remember seeing a mod that made a led gradually brighten and darken like on a mac but I can't find the link. Anyone have any leads, mooch us grassy ass Mach5
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    metal and plex q's

    1. If I were to slowly wet sand a piece of steel until it had a highly polished shine,(<---BARE METAL) is there some way of protecting the finish so it wouldn't lose its lustre? 2. What is the best thickness to use with a (acrylic or lexan) side panel window, opinions? thanks, Mach5
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    atx/clear case plans/ schematics?

    Search is Dead, and the faq doesnt mention it, but I am thinking of building my own acrylic case and was wondering if there are any links to some sort of plans or rough specs as to where everything should go, sizes, best way of joining the sides and tops, etc. ? Any and all help is greatly...
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    FS/FT ATI All In Wonder 128 PRO 32mb PCI