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    Steam Weekend Deal: All 3 Hitman games for $10

    I doubt it is the band themselves, since Clutch are cool dudes, but the record label they were on at the time (Atlantic) causing the hold up. Sucks that the song won't be in there if they release it since it is probably my favorite song they've done.
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    Post your monthly bandwidth usage

    The 14th and 15th are pretty much blank because some genius decided it was a great idea to cut a tree down and drop it on the main cable box for our neighborhood. Here's hoping AT&T or Verizon come to my town so I can get away from this retarded Comcast cap I go over every month.
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    [WARM] Coolermaster 690 $73 shipped

    It was $30 last year but hasn't been anywhere near that for months and months, so this is a decent/good deal if you want this case.
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    Microsoft Live Club

    I just checked my live account and they shipped my X-Box 360 Controller to me. It should be here tomorrow from UPS. Sweet!
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    Post your UPS,surge protection, battery backup

    I like it, the LCD is pretty useful. You don't have to turn your computer on and look at the Powerchute software to get information like: load %, how many watts your system is pulling, and input & output voltage. It has 2 or 3 other things it displays on the lcd you can cycle through, but I've...
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    Post your UPS,surge protection, battery backup

    APC Back-UPS XS 1300 I have a dead Belkin 1500va sitting here next to me that is a POS and couldn't take more then 40% load when it worked. No more Belkin UPS for me ever again, APC from here on out.
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    Free Carabineer Sports Watch

    A free watch sounds good. Thanks.
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    Microsoft Live Club

    I just ordered my controller after 5.5 days, so hopefully I will get one and receive it before 2009. :)
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    Microsoft Live Club

    I hadn't seen anything clearing up if you could only do the 1000 points once or every day with Chicktionary, but found out you could yesterday. So in another 4 days I'll be ordering my controller, which hopefully I will get.
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    Microsoft Live Club

    I somehow missed this Live thing originally. Is it even worth starting now? I got my 1000 points doing Chicktionary tonight, and just want to get a 360 Controller or Zune. How long would it take to do those now?
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    Minimum upgrade for 1080p

    Things have gotten much better with compatibility in the past few months as people have figured out the correct settings to get hardware acceleration enabled on their encodes.
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    Minimum upgrade for 1080p

    The 8500gt is able to do h264 hardware decoding so that might fix the problem, even though a newer processor/ram/mobo wouldn't be bad either. CoreAVC isn't that great in my opinion when compared to Cyberlink's decoder, so try to get that if you can. What I've found that works for me for hardware...
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    Free Gillette Men's Body Wash Sample

    Thanks, can't wait to compare it to my Old Spice body wash.
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    Black Box Poster

    Got mine yesterday, looks pretty awesome.
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    Black Box Poster

    Thanks, looks like a cool poster for free.
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    Free Subscription: Motor Trend

    Thanks, this should be good for reading on the throne.
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    750GB samsung $108+ship

    I got one of these from Newegg awhile back for my new build and I like it so far. Little loud on the seek but I have sensitive ears. The speed is great, seems to run cool too if the sensor is right. I may have to pick up another one of these eventually.
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    Cooler Master RC690 Gallery

    What have you guys done about the side fan whine? I've put 2 fans in there and loosened the screws (read that here before, seemed weird and didn't work) and it still makes that annoying noise. I have it hooked up to a fanbus right now and it seems to go away at the 7v range, but I'd rather it be...
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    Enemy Terrtory: Quake Wars $9.98 clearance. YMMV as usual @ Target

    It is MP only. Just think about how RTCW:ET was and then merge that with Battlefield and you'll get this game. I've been playing this since beta and bought it for $40 and consider it worth the money, so for under $10 if you can get it is a steal. If you like big maps where team work is key and...
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    Which Mobo for E8400 Out of the Box

    You can add the IP35 Pro out of the box, I'm running an E3110 on it works fine. Has some weird voltage/temp things but a future bios should fix that.
  21. C down again?

    I've been having problems for a few days, which sucks. My boxes are either sitting idle or off. Boo I say.
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    Dell 1704 FP for $184 +tax

    I went in for one. I have another 17" Dell LCD I got at Christmas, so I should have a decent dually setup. 12ms on the 1704FPT, while the older one is 16ms. Not too shabby me thinks.
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    Free Magazines

    Excellent, now I'll have Maxim until 2007 and Stuff until 2011. I love free stuff!
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    An overview Comic book shelf Hail to the King! (My Pride and Joy) The best issue's I could pull out without pulling out my back (rimshot) I'm a big Wolverine fan if you haven't noticed. I have the entire run of the first monthly series, the Frank Miller mini-series and a few...
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    I see a Dark Phoenix Statue, Retro Cyclops Statue, Colossus Statue, Storm Statue, Nightcrawler Statue, the Clayton Moore Wolverine Diorama (Very Nice), and the Logan Statue. Did I miss any? I'm tempted to show off my collection. :)
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    What is the Most Unstable Operating System have you used So far?

    Win98, I couldn't keep it up more than a day without it crashing or being too sluggish to run.
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    Hit a UD milestone, post it here!

    727,000 points. 4 years, 105 days CPU Time.
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    Free Sleeve of Golf Balls - Bridgestone

    Free golf balls are always cool. Thanks.
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    Free 1 Yr Sporting News Subscription

    Should be a good read, thanks.
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    2005 Post Your Workstation

    That's GITS2 I'm pretty sure, as you can just make out Batou and his pony tail. I know a lot of people didn't like GITS2, but I loved the movie and the question it set forth: What is it to really be human?
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    Free 2 Year Subscription to Stuff & Maxim

    I tried Maxim and got 'Querry error.' everytime I did it. I tried 40 times to no avail, but Stuff worked on the first try. Here's hoping they tack 2 more years onto my subscription, which would put it at 2012 before they ask for a renewal. :)
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    fold-server development halted

    Oh boy didn't see this coming on Aprilius Foolem.... :rolleyes:
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    topping out at 150kb/s on dsl

    Transfer rate is just a fancy way of saying how fast you can upload/download. Have you tried plugging the modem straight into a computer? If it speeds up then it could be your router. This is doubtful but still try it out. If you're only getting around half of your promised speed I'd call SBC...
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    defragment pictures

    Worst I had was around 60%. That was the rar drive and that'll fragment a drive worse than anything.
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    Post Your Networkdiagram

    Hey, that's another layer between you and the big bad interweb. You might as well have it just for a little piece of mind. :)
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    Only some computers getting connection on my new switch, plz help!

    It sounds like the switch is pulling the one or 2 ip addresses your isp gives you, thus only 1 or 2 computers will work online at once. You need another router if you want to get it back working, since the router is what takes your 1 ip address and allows all of your computers to work off of it...
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    What do you guys use all your computers for?

    Firewall, workstation, file server, folding box, web/ftp server, and a laptop for goofing off. That's six right?
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    Which antivirus app do you like and why?

    AntiVir for me. Its worked nicely for me for a long time and its free.
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    Hit a UD milestone, post it here!

    I just passed 600,000 points. 700,000 here I come!