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    100% Adobe RGB least expensive options?

    I need a monitor with 100% Adobe RGB coverage for pre-print proofing of photographs with significant areas of highly-saturated colors outside of sRGB. Not ready to commit to high-end Eizo or NEC, I am looking for the least expensive options. Any thoughts about or experiences with the Lenovo...
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    HP Z24i, E241i, Z22i, E221i - differences?

    What are the differences in the panels of the HP Z24i, E241i, Z22i, and E221i (besides size, resolution)? Different anti-glare coatings? Also, PWM differences? The coating on the Z24i looks great at (second row, third...
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    Z24i vs. PB248Q - how to decide?

    Trying to decide between the Z24i and PB248Q. Is there anyone who has seen both monitors and can compare? My primary uses will be viewing scans of books, programming, and web browsing in a somewhat dark room. Some of the apparent benefits of the PB248Q aren't of interest to me -- faster...
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    z24i haze value?

    What is the haze value of the z24i? Thanks.
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    X79 mobo reliability? Asus P9X79 vs MSI X79A-GD45 Plus vs Gigabyte GA-X79-UP4

    I am looking for the most reliable motherboard for a non-OC 4930K that will run at 100% (all cores) nearly 24/7, cooled by NH-D14 in a Fractal Design Define R4. Would like five years of service. Will have 32GB or 64GB non-OC 1866 RAM, a low-end video card sufficient for running a 1080p...