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    Thoughts on how bad the monitor market will be effected by the pandemic ?

    There was a thread on this prior but things have rapidly changed day to day.. The world is basically shut down for a while(China even more so) no one is launching products outside of maybe Apple, MS, and Sony. Are we on hold for monitors for the rest of 2020?
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    360hz Asus Rog Swift Overkill or Necessary ?
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    APPLE devolving a 32" 6k display for release this year A glossy 6k 32" display would be gorgeous. I wonder if this is also an upcoming LG panel ?
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    DELL 32:9 U4919DW

    Dell announced their Mega Ultra wide panel today and it looks like the first 32:9 1440p monitor
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    Monoprice 32in 4K HDR IPS Monitor $399 is so cheap Hmmmmmm..... 4k IPS with HDR+IPS? I wonder who makes this panel...
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    Has the gaming monitor market become stagnant ?

    I feel like the PC monitor market has hit a point of diminishing returns lately. The last 3-4 years have been insane with monitor tech advancing so fast. As of the last year things have become stale and tech has slowed. Every body and there mom made an ultrawide and thats about it. Hopefully...
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    ASUS announces Swift PG27UQ 4K IPS 144Hz G-Sync HDR monitor
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    LG APPLE UltraFine 5K Display

    Tech Specs Display Size: 27-inch (diagonal) 5K display with IPS technology Resolution: 5120-by-2880 with support for billions of colors Brightness: 500 cd/m² Color Gamut: P3 wide color gamut Ports: One Thunderbolt 3 (input), three USB-C (USB 3.1 gen 1, 5Gbps) Power Delivery: Up to 85W over...
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    WTB: gears of war 4 code-$40

    looking for Gears code $40 if anyone has one PM
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    SLI x 1080's or single Titan X(2016 pascal)

    Obviously no benches yet, but this will be a big question going forward as the pricing is very close. (Plus I just ordered 2x1080's :p to replace 2 Titan X's :mad:) For close to the same money what do you think will be the better buy....
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    WTB: Acer XB270HU bprz or ASUS ROG SWIFT PG279Q

    Looking for either of these monitors (or even the updated Acer 165hz IPS) Paypal on hand, looking for one ASAP PM with offers :)
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    WTS: Samsung UN48JS9000 Curved 48-Inch 4K $897.00

    For sale: like new in original box and packaging. Bought last year, used as monitor. Upgrading to OLED Samsung UN48JS9000 Curved 48-Inch 4K $797.00
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    WTB: Acer XB270HU bprz

    looking for a cheap used $400-450 shipped to California Acer XB270HU bprz pm if you have one for sale
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    Asus 4k @ 144hz at Computex

    Looks like the Display port monitors will be showing up, finally 4k @ 144hz
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    anyone here having any luck getting REVIVE to work with the VIVE. I keep getting headtset not detected and controller issues :\
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    WTB: Oculus Rift CV1

    Anyone that has a Rift consumer version they want to sell PM.
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    Virtuix Omni VR treadmill

    Anyone else curious about this thing? Read some positive impressions on it and really curious about this considering the small room I have to work with.
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    WTS: Battleborn steam key $35

    selling : Batteborn steam key $35
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    WTB: The Division

    anyone have a $30 Division code PM $30 via Paypal
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    HTC Vive VR or Oculus Rift?

    So the Vive went up for pre order today, I pre ordered one and a Rift last month. Curious what [H]'s are leaning toward? Sounds like the Vive has somewhat of a screen door effect, but the RIFT has a narrower field of view? (Side note: where is the Hard VR subforum or is "Display's" where...
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    WTB: Rainbow six siege

    anyone that has an extra key for sale PM $25 for a steam or uplay key :)
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    WTB: Metal Gear V PC steam

    WTB: Metal Gear for $30, anyone that has extra key for sale:)
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    Anyone using one of these? Love small light mice, but reviews seem hit and miss. But apparently it has the greatest sensor out there and extremely accurate?
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    wtb: batman

    If Anyone has Batman AK for sale $15 PM :)
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    wtb: batman

    Anyone selling Batman AK for $20 PM please, will paypal ASAP :)
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    FS-Witcher 3 download code: $23

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    WTB: Far Cry 4

    anyone have a left over NVIDIA code or Steam/Uplay code please PM looking for Far Cry 4 for $35 PayPal :)
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    Apple 5k Display

    Looks like Apple announced their 5k iMac today (which I am assuming is using the same panel as the Dell 5k display?) Good news for anyone wanting a new Apple Cinema display. My assumption is we will see a new cinema display shortly, great for anyone who loves the aesthetics and high gloss...
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    WTB-Borderlands Pre Sequel

    Anyone have any codes to sell PM me ? looking for Steam code for to purchase for $35:)
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    Official LG Curved Ultrawide 34UC97 thread

    The Curved LG 34"ers are now hitting stores Just got mine in- Linus Youtube review- (says its fantastic) Hopefully some [H]er be crazy enough to do a curved surround set up :p...
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    Oculus Rift DK2

    Odd that there is no discussion on the Display forum for the DK2. It seems like the ultimate display, and although its in beta I would assume some [H]'s display whores would have them by now?(my has now shipped can't wait till next week!) anyone have one yet?
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    best keyboard with chiclet keys?

    My fingers hate mechanical keyboards(I can't be the only one?), so I am looking for a keyboard for gaming that uses high quality laptop style keys(Macbook Pro) Doesn't look like there are many options other than the Apple keyboard, Razer Ultimate, or Logitech?
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    WTB-COD Ghosts steam-$20

    looking to buy a steam copy of COD Ghosts -$20 if anyone has one for sale PM thanks :)
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    WTS-assassins creed black flag-$10

    got code with GTX780 don't want it $10 via paypal :) PM if interested,
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    Best 4k monitor availbe today?

    In the market for a 4k Panel now, but unfortunately there aren't many options nor many professional reviews of any of them. I am assuming the Dell is the best because of the wider color gamut? Seems like the options are- 32"-ASUS PQ321Q 32"-Dell UP3214Q 32"-Sharp PN-K321 24"-Dell...
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    WTS-Battlefield 4 download key from R290x

    Bought couple of the R 290x's but don't need the extra games. Selling Battlefield 4 key-$40 via paypal :)
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    Whats next-GTX790 or Titan Ultra?

    I am assuming NVIDIA will be releasing/announcing something this month to compete with R290x- Titan Ultra? GTX790? Anyone have any ideas on what...
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    WTB- Splinter Cell Blacklist -$20

    Looking to buy Splinter Cell code for $20 paypal PM if anyone has one for $20 :)
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    WTB-Bioshock Infinite

    looking for PC Bioshock infinite Steam code have $30 via Paypal ready PM :)
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    So no new NVIDIA cards until 2014?