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    FS: Red Dead Redemption (360) $42 shipped

    Near mint condition, finished it after about 1 month of play. Everything is included (slip cover, extra costume DLC code/soundtrack is unused). Heat is Lastblade. $42 shipped within USA.
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    FS: HTPC parts (Opteron 146, ASUS A8N-E mobo, 2GB PC 3200 ram, etc)

    I just upgraded my HTPC of 4 years, and have the following parts FS. I just disassembled them earlier this week, so other than a little dust, everything works perfectly (I have never overlock this CPU or the videocard). My priority is to sell these as a package, with the individual prices...
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    Cheap 360/DS/GBA/Gamecube games FS

    TERMS -I accept Paypal (confirmed address only), shipping is $5 for first game, $1 for each additional game for USPS Priority. - I have plenty of references on (Lastblade), (Lastblade), (kingoffighters) and heatware (Lastblade). Here are the...
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    Dirt Cheap 360 games

    All complete in good condition, shipping extra. Non-cc Paypal (confirmed address) only. NBA 2K7 + Madden 07 HOF edition $10 Import Tuner Challenge $12 Call of Duty 3 GOTY edition $12 Boundish (GBA) $6 Buy all for $35 shipped. Thanks! Heat = "Lastblade"
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    FS: Bioshock (360)

    The Regular edition for 360, in near mint condition. $40 + shipping. Paypal non-cc payment only. Heat is "Lastblade"
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    What's the point of Heatware?

    Seriously, I am trying to build my Heatware profile but the last several deals here, I left positive feedbacks to the sellers and they never bother to leave one back for me. This is very frustrating and if sellers do not like to leave feedbacks to others, then they shouldn't use it as a point...
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    WTB: XBLA Points (1600)

    If you got a spare 1600 XBLA points card, then I will paypal you $20. You can PM me the code :) Heat: Lastblade
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    Lastblade's Videogames (and system) Extravaganza

    TERMS - Paypal orMoney Order confirmed address only. Items will be shipped the following business day (weather permitting). - Shipping is extra and will be estimated based on the weight and your zip code. I only ship to continental USA and Canada. - I have plenty of references on...
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    Horizontal Tearing in ZP + Nvidia Purevideo (Radeon X850XT)

    I am at my wits end trying to eliminate this horizontal tearing whenever I play a DVD! I have an ATI Radeon X850XT, with Zoom Player Pro (4.51) + Nvidia Purevideo as the decoder. I have it render with VMR 9 Renderless, someone told me to set it to exclusive mode but I do not find this...
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    Transferring files between 2 XP computer

    This should be easy, but I am not having any luck doing it. I have 2 computers connected wireless through a router. Both have XP Pro SP2. I turned off the firewall on both so I can transfer files between them, I can transfer small files, but large files will crash the router. I have to...
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    My HTPC build (March 2006)

    I finally got all the parts last week and put everything together configuring it. It is alot of work to get everything working nicely, and I am still working on it (need to grab music covers, configure more emus and ripping movies to hdd), but here are the results. I am running the Meedio...
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    Seasonic S12 380w help!

    Ack! I should have read the specs more carefully, but I bought the Radeon X850XT card, it needs a PCIe power cord and I didn't realize that the S12 380w does NOT have the PCIe power cord. Is there a cable that I can buy to make this work? Or do I have to buy another PSU with the PCIe cable...