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    WTB: Cheap Monitor and KVM

    I am trying to maximize my space by placing some folding systems into my rack, so this purchase is for a worthy effort. I'm looking for a cheap monitor in good condition around 15 - 17 inches in size and no more than $35 shipped. I am also in search of a 4 - 8 port kvm, rackmount...
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    Maxtor drive repaired itself?

    My 250gb drive which is no more than 5 months old decided to go freaky on me 2 days ago. So I ran the powermax software that Maxtor says you need to get a code to get a RMA. Well it coughs one up, deb04f000. Great I think, 200gb+ of data I have the possibility of losing. So I power the comp down...
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    Need Help to Get Windows XP Running Headless (Without Monitor)

    I'm trying to run a box headless with xp but it never wants to work. I try to login with RealVNC which is running as a service and it won't work. It doesn't even show up as connected in the attached devices on my router, but it will show up with a monitor attached, which leads me to believe the...
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    Need a PSU to power my new A64 rig

    The time has come to demote my current psu to backup squad. I'm not too sad, it has lasted me for a long time (Antec PP412x how I love thee). Currently I'm looking for something to power the current specs: A64 3000+ MSI K8N Neo Platinum 512MB Kingmax PC4000 5 HDD (2x160, 1x120, 2x80)...
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    WTB: Compaq Smartstart 5.5

    Like the topic says, I need Smartstart 5.5. Can't take anything above or below this version as the newer versions will not work right with the server I have and the older ones are outdated. Anyways make me an offer, the cheaper the better of course. :)
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    How long do you hard drives last for?

    I have a 20gb from IBM that is 4 years old and was still running when I took it out a few months ago. The rest of my drives are 2 years old or younger and are still going strong.