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    Budget Tower Speaker Suggestion.

    Hey everyone, I was wondering what tower speakers would be the best bang for my buck. These will be for my dads living room because he needs new ones, the room is quiet large 20x20 at least and very open, thats not including the kitchen that its also open to. He listens to music sometimes while...
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    XPS One 27"

    I really love the look of this all in one and it can be used as a monitor with the HDMI in. Only downside is the GPU. I really think they could put a 7970m in it and it could be an amazing all in one. What do you guys think about it?
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    Did anyone buy the Razer Blade?

    Just wondering if anyone here threw down the cash to play with one. You can't deny its a great design, looks very nice. But that price is just insane. I guess they sold out of there first batch in 30 min some how. Maybe people were saving up just for one.
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    ASUS M4A88T-I Deluxe AMD 880G Mini ITX

    Wanted to start a new thread about this board. The answer to the AMD Mitx Enthusiasts wants for now. Great board here...
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    EVGA Mystery countdown to 11?

    Just got a link in my email to this, what does it mean?
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    Counter Strike Source not working after update

    So I have been trying to play CSS after the update but it keeps just going to a black screen and I have to restart to get back to regular. Anyone have an idea of how to fix it?
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    Error Code 80010006 while updating to 3.30

    Ok I have two ps3s, one 60gb and one 40gb that just got stuck with the error code 8001006. And now the video and audio wont work on the 60gb. And I cant get into the safemode for either of them. Can anyone help?!
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    Asus Motherboard Mayhem Flash Game Pretty fun! Haha, and the top 10 high scorers get prizes!
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    Overclocking a e6300/MSI P7N sli help please.

    So I just got the MSI P7N SLI Platinum and I tried overclocking it, opened up the bios and was just confused as to what I was seeing. :( Im a noob to overclocking really, so I put the fsb a little from stock 1066 and restart and the thing wont even post so I clear cmos and try a few little...
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    Halo 3 ODST Firefight Mode

    Went to the mobile gamestop tour thing in AZ and waited in line for 2 hours in 110 degree heat for ten minutes of the new Firefight mode, and it was well worth it! Didnt think it was gonna be this good. I really like the mode and playing as an ODST isnt as bad as it seems, didnt actually die as...
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    Trying to oc a e6300 in a Msi p45 neo3

    Ok so I just got this board and I have been trying everything to try and oc this cpu. I even tried like 2.4ghz again, which was my max OC on the f-i90hd. It just keeps crashing. :( I have tried putting one 2gb stick in, two of them, one 1gb stick and both of them. The system just keeps crashing...
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    GTX 285 for 99 bucks! Frys.

    Haha was looking at the ad and se that the GTX 285 is only 99 bucks! Think they would honor the price? Had to look at it a couple of times to believe it. :D
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    Weighted Companion Cube Plush

    Its back. Didnt know if anyone still wants one but they were very rare for a long time. Get em before there gone! :D
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    XB01 release date?

    Any one know when it is? And how much its gonna cost? Just got a 360, It was my friends and the video didnt work. Did the x clamp mod and gonna give him 80 bucks for the 360, controller, hdd, and all cables. But I hate how it looks, and how loud the drive is, its said that the xb01 is gonna make...
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    Antec Mini P180- 139.99 +SH.

    Heres the link. Great price. 20 bucks less than newegg. :D Great looking SFF case.
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    Opty overclock on eVGA 131-K8-NF44-AX NF4

    Can some one help me to oc this thing? I put in a Opty 144 recently to see how much oc i can do. But i put the cpu frequency to 300 and it just underclocks the cpu to 1.78 ghz. Is it just the cpu that can t oc or is it the mobo? I have a Gemini 2 on it.
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    8800gs sli or 9600gt

    Which should I get? I have an evga sli m atx board and it does pci express 8x sli. But the thing is that the 8800gs is only 120 ar for stock and 130 ar for oced. but then the evga 9600gt is 150 ar. Or buy two 8600gt off someone for 125? And oc them alot? I have a fx-60 I will be ocing once I get...
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    Airlink card on Xp Pro 64bit

    Well just installed new windows and I cant find any drivers for my airlink AWLH5025. Can anyone help?
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    XFX 8800GS Review

    Sorry if repost but no search button. This thing is a beast! The oc is very nice.
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    360 Drive

    Ok so my friend has this broken 360 and i guess it just that the drive burned out, so he took it to a 360 repair shop and they said that they couldnt fix it because the drives and motherboards and scaned or something to together( in sync). But i thought there was a way to buy another drive and...
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    xps m1330 Best one $1399 You save 799 dollars! Thats awesome! Looks nice too the video card might be able to play source, and its got a nice little screen. Some one buy it and tell us whats up.:D Also the best version of the xps m1530 is...
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    WARM-XFX 8800gts 320mb 210

    I dont know if yall saw, but its at best buy for a xfx gts 320mb for 210, but its sold out for right now. Dont know if this is hot or not.
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    anyone know where to buy cheap 2 gig sets of ddr3 memory? Or more if its cheap. I wanna buy a Intel BOXDX38BT but its only ddr3.
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    BSOD Tried everything but no help

    Ok so i got my new 500gb hdd in and i install xp home and then i try to go to upgrade to my xp pro i have but when its about to install everything it gives me a bsod 0x000000e, and i tried taking out my vid card, using intergrated, taki9ng out wireless card, tried one stick of ram, tried...
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    New PS3

    So i just got a 80gig PS3, and i was wondering what games to get right now. I have it online so i wanna play online too, and i already have madden07 and motorstorm. I like fps and racing games, also a little rpg if its just right. And what accessories should i buy my baby? Also i just went to...
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    HD3870 vs 8800gt

    Ok i have a situation like others may but mine is kinda weird. I want to buy the bfg 8800gt at bestbuy cus its the cheapest one, and i have reward zone points(30 bucks) and then i have a 12% off for this weekend(33. something off) Making the price come to like 220. Should i buy that or a HD3870...
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    My WD 1600js just died because the sata port on the back got ripped out, have no idea how!:confused:, and now I need a new hdd, so which hdd do you guys recommend? Maybe a 150gb raptor? I can use my 30 dollars in reward zone bucks, then pay like 60 bucks and then have my mom pay for the rest...
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    Case parts

    Ok Im building a case in my shop class, and I was wondering where to get a mobo tray and a psu bracket? Is there only the lainli tray to buy and the psu brackets at frozencpu? Or are there more to buy? And How do i make a 5.25 bay cage for one and a 3.5 cage they will be on top of eachother. And...
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    Which LCD to buy?

    So I have been wanting a 32 inch lcd for the longest time now and im really wanting to get one with my new job coming up. So i have been looking at alot of them and it has come down to two brands, Olevia and Vizio. My price limit would be some where from 500-700(maybe 700). Should i buy this...
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    Bad Axe 2

    Ok well i have been looking for a new mobo so i can go atx, and i have chosen to go with a bad axe 2, so at they have it, they have the wrong specs, but the right pic, and price is what i was looking for, I went to...
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    HOTT SuperTalent 2x1gb

    did anyone see this!? 2 gbs of ram for 46.87? thats 4 gbs of ram for less than 100 bucks!
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    mobo help

    Ok so i just bought a RC-690, comes in tomorrow! But i decided to go atx now and imma sell my mobo cpu and some ram for 255 plus shipping, the mobo is a f-i90hd, cpu- e6300, and ram is super talent 1gb. do you think thats a good price to sell at? but back to wat i need help with, i can...
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    ABIT LG-95C

    Does anyone know about this board? On newegg they show it having two pci e 16 slots! So is that for like an extra lower card for physics? Or its just an extra slot? Please come with info quick.
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    what 360 to get

    ok im very excited cus my mom said she will pay for some of my 360! but i really cant decide which one i want. does the halo 3 edition look better in person? is it worth 400 bucks? is the elite really worth 450? or just go with a premium since they have hdmi now too? and also can some one...
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    new case suggestions

    Ok I'm thinking of buying a new case, I have a x gene mini right now, by b day is coming up so I will get some money. But what case do you guys think I should buy next? I wanted to wait until the p180 mini but I have no idea when it comes out. If you guys say a sugo(1 or 3) then I will need a...
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    CNPS9500 in a X-Gene mini

    well i finally got around to puting these pics in there own thread, jeez been a long time. lol wells heres the goodies. and these pics are older, so i have done alot better cable mangment! kinda dusty! lol i just got my rma board back! yay, and just ordered 2 gbs of ram, patriot epp...
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    F-I90HD help

    ok i was just disabling a couple of things in bios, like speed step and vandrpool or what ever, and i turn it on, everything turns on, all fans running and everything but no picture and the keyboard no light up and neither does the mouse. but if i unplug the keyboard or mouse then plug back in...
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    speedfan 4.32

    ok i was just wondering, on 4.32 is the cpu temp wrong? i heard it somewhere that its wrong, or is the temp of my cpu the core temps?
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    pc games on macs

    Ok so if i was to buy a mac, which i want a laptop, how do i run pc programs on it, games, and office and other things? Do i need a certain program to do this task or it will just do it by its self?
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    zalman 9500 in a xgene mini

    ok got my 9500 and had to mod the xgene mini a lil more, but it worked! the temps are 40 idle and 50 load on a e6300 @ 2.5ghz. Im thinking about getting the coolmaster 541, it has better ventilation. from this a long time ago to this