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  1. relapse808

    80% off Lego Millennium Falcon

    Its not tech but this is a really good deal for any of the Lego fans out there. 49.99 instead of 400.
  2. relapse808

    Very oldschool, help me remember the title

    I am trying to remember a game I played as a kid. I am pretty sure this game ran on a Tandy computer back in the 80's. It was a space game and a side scroller. There were parts where you were flying through space blowing stuff up and then these caverns would come into play. They were very...
  3. relapse808

    New SCUMM game

    I backed Broken Age and it turned out to be not what I wanted at all. I hope this new Ron Gilbert game can give me what I actually want. Its supposed to have a xfiles type theme. It good to see the old interface back to remember my days playing PC as a kid...
  4. relapse808

    wtf is wrong with my steam

    I have been out of town for a couple weeks. I have like 8 game updates and steam either just doesn't download or downloads in slow bursts stating the disk is busy. I haven't had this happen before and its taking forever to update because of this. Ran speedtest and I am getting 30Mb down. Help?
  5. relapse808

    Just bought DAYZ SA

    Go get em on steam while its hot.
  6. relapse808

    Rust Alpha

    If anyone has a key into this alpha I would more than happy to pay for it. PM me if you can help.
  7. relapse808

    Interstellar Marines

    This is now OUT on steam in early access form....didnt expect that as I thought this thing died long ago.
  8. relapse808

    Calling all scripters, need robocopy vss help

    I am going to be mirroring a server for work for replacement before going onsite. I have a script that works well but its without the vss writer causing issues with profile paths as well as some locked file. Here is the script I have now D: Cd \ Net use Y: \\XXXX-fp01\d$ Net use Z...
  9. relapse808

    Sacred 3 sounds like it has KILLED everything I love about sacred1/2 This sounds like terd. Console being the lead development platform? always on co-op with AI? Graphics that make sacred 2 look photo realisitic? Thanks for kiliing a brand I loved Deep Silver!
  10. relapse808

    Planetary Annihilation new RTS like total annihilation and supreme commander Big fan of TA and SC as well as sins. I like the largescale warfare RTS games and the concepts here to me look great. Too bad its not real gameplay.
  11. relapse808

    Gaming track ball mouse

    I have been using the "thumb" trackball(ball on side) for about 10 years and will never go back to anything else. I am wondering why no company has made a "gaming" version of this mouse. They make tons of regular gaming mice and I know its a niche market but I would love to see one with more...