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    Best way to join together 3rca connectors to comp.

    I was wondering if there is a better way to connect my speakers to my pc as my current setup is a huge eye sore with unconnected cables branching out like trees. My current set-up is a pair of krk 6's matched with a energy s8.3 sub with a Auzen tech prelude soundcard. Right now i am using two...
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    Cheap bass to go with Rokit Krk 6

    ^--- Is there any bass out there that goesl with these set of bad boys. I tried using a splitter and hooking them up to my z-2300(yeah boo logitech i know) but there was a noticable delay gap and the muddiness becomes very fatiguing when listen to the clear details of the rokits. I also tried...
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    Static problems with my soundcard

    I recently bought a nice pair of krk 6 g2's. The first thing i hear when i plug them in to my sound card is a a pretty consistent, audible buzzing noise which i don't hear on my z-2300's. Initially i thought this was because of dirty power so i tried plugging the same speakers into my ipod and...
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    Paid Subscription

    I was wondering how long do you have to wait until the hidden threads show up, or is there somewhere i need to go?
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    Help on deciding which speakers

    Hi, i have been reading round the forums for a while now and decided to drop my old Logitech-z2300 for something better. I listen to a wide arrange of music (leaning a bit more torwards experimental classical and trance) properly ripped from original cds and encoded at least v0 Vbr for mp3s to...