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    Overlord Tempest owners thread

    There seems to be a lack of an ongoing thread realting to this amazing monitor so I am creating one.
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    Cosmos 2 water cooling: This can be done (pics)

    This is my first time ever water cooling with a custom loop. I was able to fit a slim 360mm Black Ice RAD in the top with no hassle. Using 2 NF-P12 in pull (will add a 3rd in push at the end due to the mounting holes at the end being off slightly. i7 2600k OC 4.8GHz @ 1.35v w/ XSPC...
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    Is one 240mm RAD enough to cool 3x 7970s

    Is one 240mm RAD enough for 3x 7970s? I originally was thinking of a dual/triple RAD loop that included the CPU. But I am now rethinking my plan to only cool my TriFire cards in lieu of overclocking them. Would a single 240mm RAD be enough for this task? The RADs I have in mind are ...
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    Help Needed: building dual RAD setup for trifire 7970

    As the title says I need help building out a custom loop for my TriFire setup in my sig. Here is what I have so far please critique and let me know what I need for hoses, coolant, fittings etc. I am new to water so ANY help is appreciated. 3x EK FC7970 Water blocks 1x Black Ice GTX...
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    Help Needed: Eyefinity display issue

    Machine is in my sig: 3x DVI-D Monitors 3x HIS 7970 Here is how they are connected DP>DVI <-- Middle monitor DP>DVI <-- Left monitor DVI <-- Right monitor When I woke up this morning and took the machine out of hibernation, the left monitor is in standby. I rebooted and...
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    Which AMD driver for 7970 CFX?

    I am getting the new hardware installed. Which driver should I use?
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    Upgrade time!

    It's here! 8x Noctua fans - check 1x Asus Maximus Extreme Z - check 3x HIS HD7970s - check Uploaded with
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    Help me buld 3x GPU Water cooling

    I have 3x HIS 7970 coming next week. I have a corsair H80 for my OC 2500k. But I would like to build a custom loop for my 3x 7970s. The system is in my sig so you can see that I have ample room in my Cosmos 2 case. I need a list of the parts. IE: Water blocks, Pump(s), Radiator, Fans and...
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    *Phew* Just pulled the trigger on 3x HIS 7970s!!!

    Yep going from 2x 570 SLI to 3x 7970 Trifire!!!! Based on the reviews they scale amazingly. . . Damn the price was scary!
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    Tearing with Eyfinity on 3 monitors on 2x 7970 CFX?

    I had to shorten the title here a bit. I currently run 2x GTX570 in SLI to power 3x Planar SA2311W monitors in NVSurround. (The monitors are all DVI-D). I am looking to move to 2x 7970 in Crossfire to power my 3x 23" Planar SA2311W setup. But this would only give me 2 DVI connections...
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    Monitor stand for 3x Planar SA2311W Monitors

    I need to find a perfect desk stand that will allow me to attatch 3 Planar SA2311W monitors in portrait and landscape for my NVSurround setup. Does anyone know of the perfect mount? I would like to spend under $300 if possible.
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    BF3 Beta: How does it run on your rig?

    1900x1200, Ultra settings, 4x MSAA: I am averaging 59 FPS in the outdoor level and 78 - 80 FPS indoors. The game taps out my 2x 570 SLI. Seems to balance well and both are hovering around 95 - 98% utilization with the 280 drivers. I am not noticing the lag that everyone is yammering about...
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    Been a while: Best PSU Offerings 750W-1KW

    I lurk these forums all the time but never log in. first post in a LOOOONG while. I currently use the PSU in my sig, this is the best PSU I have ever owned other than my FSP Blue Storm from back in 2004. I thought that I heard something about PC Power and Cooling being bought out by an other...
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    Need help with monitor choice

    I want a large format monitor primarily for gaming, but will use it for other "basic" use like web browsing, RDP sessions and Visio Diagrams. But the big thing is gaming. I have a Samsung 205BW that I will run as a dual setup as the second monitor as well. I would like your input on these...